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Subject: RE: [BDF] Whats up ?
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 15:54:44 +0100
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I think Jim's original query was more about why we need to have fiche
readers when we have computers.

The original census lists and parish records etc were mostly transferred
onto micro fiche and film to preserve them, by I believe the Mormons. This
was before computers came into use.

In order for these records to become available to us all via the Internet,
somebody has to read the details off the fiches and transcribe them onto the
web. These are then backed up for accuracy with a second reading and a check
that all the details are correct. Hence the need for fiche readers.(But as
Eve says, it's always best to check the original source yourself as well.)

The Free Census -UK Bedfordshire is one such project, and Mike Strange is
always needing volunteers. They have only managed to complete 4 of the 33
Bedfordshire districts for the 1891 Census.

Take a look at his site, it's really good and if you've got the time - and
access to a fiche reader, then perhaps you could volunteer.


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I think if you read the context of his remark it was referring to such
places as car dealers which due to the use of computers no longer use
fiche readers and therefore are a source of cheap readers.

Eve McLaughlin wrote:

> In message <000f01c26a3e$95ac2a40$>, Jim
> Armstrong <> writes
> >Did I miss something along the way ? What are we looking
> >for volunteers for that you need a Fiche Reader ?.
> >In regard to readers: They are now virtually outdated with
> >the advent of computers.
> That isa pretty daft remark - it is much, much faster to work with
> fiches, if you know what you are doing. CDs are fine if you don't and
> need help to locate a person. But there is so much available on fiche
> that it will be many years before fiche readers are obsolete. (Wish i
> could say the same about computers, which go out of style in months)
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