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Subject: Re: [BEDSAUL] Birdsalls
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2001 08:28:25 -0500
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Thanks Sue. I did find the following marriages some time ago. They are from
Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, Vol.
22, page 10:

Jacob Birdsall, Burlington, and Elizabeth Coles of Burlington-- 4 Apr 1730

Nathan Burdsall, Monmouth, and Abigail Willness of Monmouth-- 13 Dec 1752

Elijah Burdsal, Burlington, and Mary Wills of Burlington-- 18 Jun 1765

Joseph Burdsell, Monmouth, and Hannah Cox (no place given)--20 Nov 1783

It's clear there were individuals with names like Birdsall, Burdsal,
Burdsell, in the Monmouth and Burlington areas of NJ from 1730 to at least
1783. And there is an Elijah who is closely associated in the Bible with
Elisha. So, it seems reasonable to wonder if there isn'a an Elisha Birdsal
there in that area. I suppose I'll have to try to dig deeper into the NJ
records. I did find that a number of the lines that later merged with
Bedsaul originated in the NJ area in the 1600s. They include Brown, Scaife,
Penton, and Edwards.


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> Hi
> all you Bedsaul's I don't know much about the line past John Lowery
Bedsaul. But I found this and I know some of you Bedsaul will know more
about it.than I do . Sue Hearon
> Re: Quaker Birdsalls (1728 Dutchess County)
> Posted by: Grady Loy Date: June 24, 2000 at 18:40:19
> In Reply to: Re: Quaker Birdsalls (1728 Dutchess County) by Sarah
of 383
> Thanks for your response.
> To the best of my understanding at this point I am trying to find the
descendants of Nathan son of Henry. Nathan apparently had another son Nathan
and either the son or the son and the father went to Long Island, NY. The
younger Nathan had children who ended up in Burglington County New Jersey.
One of these was a Jacob Birdsall or Burdsall who married an Elizabeth
Coless. I am trying t determine if he had an Elisha among hisa children (or
if an Elisa born ca 1720 NY? NJ? appears anywhere in this family in fact)
> We have a Quaker ancestor named Elisha Bedsaul (spelled various ways) who
appeared in North Carolina ca 1750 married to Mary and who I believe was
asscoiated with Cane Creek Meeting until he went to Fincastle County
Virginia following the Battle of Alamance. Daniel Bedsaul was a common name
in this family (I think Nathan may have been used as well) and they were
asscoiated with a Quaker family named Reddick or Ruddick.
> Have tried family search and they have no evidence of a connection, but
their IGI records on these individuals are apparently based more on what
people have reported (family files) than on transacription of official or
church records. (I generally have better luck where the IGI in question are
based on transcriptions of original official or church records but we must
be appreciative of what is available).
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