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Subject: DEPAUW;Belgium/Indiana;Frederick the Great
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 01:31:29 EST


I am searching for ancestors or relations with ties to the DePauw family of
Gent, East Flanders, Belgium. My fifth great grandfather, Charles DePauw, was
a boyhood friend of Lafayette and accompanied him to America to fight the
English during the Revolution. Charles was educated in Paris, but born in
Belgium. What I know now is that my DePauw family, though French in origin
migrated to Belgium in the 16th century.

An article I have says that Cornelius DePauw (1736-1799) Charles DePauw's
father, was "the private reader of Frederick the Great". At the risk of
sounding ignorant, what exactly is a private reader? Does it simply mean that
one was a "secretary" of sorts for another? I have tried searching several
sites about Frederick the Great with no luck as to definition for a "reader"
or mention of Cornelius DePauw. Might someone be able to enlighten me?

Also, I am aware of a book "Belgians in Indiana" which mentions the DePauw
family. If anyone has this book or access to it, I would deeply appreciate a
look up on this family.

Always willing to share what I have
Pam Clackler
cold and wet in Redding, California, USA

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