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From: Luc Matthijs <>
Subject: [BEL-R] Logo of the "Belgium-Roots Project"
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 2003 19:19:55 +0200


One of the remaining items on my 'To do' list as web master of the
Belgium-Roots site was our logo. It's now done . I've created the _first_
version of the logo for our project.

Some months ago I did ask to submit proposals for a logo. I thank all
those who have submitted their ideas. But when reviewing them I did realize
that the logo is closely linked to the house style of the site.

So I've finally decided to design myself the logo, after I was sure what
would be the 'definitive' style of the site. I wasn't able to create the
logo that I wanted, because of lack of experience with Paint Shop Pro
8. So if anyone could do that, I would be grateful (see the logo page for
more details).

A short history of our previous banners can also be found on:

The logo will be used on all pages that I've revised from today on

And you can use it to link to our project site.


Why a "Mercator projection" as background for the definitive version ?

Because Mercator is a famous Belgian emigrant, although he didn't leave the
XVII Provinces of the Low Countries.
And a world map symbolizes the Belgian emigration to all countries from
1600 on. Ex: New Amsterdam, Acores, ...

Gerard Kremer (Gerardus Mercator in Latin) (1512-1594) was a resident of
the XII Provinces (mainly Flanders, Brabant and Cleve).
His towns of residence now belong to Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.


A special mention for the following page: (Dutch)

Mainly because it's part of a site concerning the periodical in Dutch "Ons
Volk Ontwaakt" (1912-1915) (very recent compilation by Pros
Robaer 2003-06-30 )

Many articles (all in Dutch as written around 1910), but also a whole group
of images: (Dutch)
It's very possible that some among you will be able to read this Dutch
better then the modern version.

BTW Jules PERSYN, main author of that periodical, is a distant relative of
me (same generation of my grandfather).
He was the main editor of "Dietsche Warande en Belfort".

A big thank you for Pros Robaert.


Luc Matthijs
Evere (Brussels, Belgium)

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