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Subject: RE: [BEL-R] Where can I find details re an address in Belgium from 1940?
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 09:22:33 -0700
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Thank you for the information. It is relevant to all of our research.
Anne McEligot

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Subject: Re: [BEL-R] Where can I find details re an address in Belgium
from 1940?

At 12/05/2004 20:40 -0400, Sarah Lasry wrote:
>We are wondering if it's possible to trace back to the address in
>in 1940; to see who lived there. (According to the postcard, the
>who lived in Belgium and was the recipient of the postcard, was living
>care of someone else; we assume that this family was either related
>or close friends, and we'd like to find out and be in contact with
>if possible, or with their descendants.)
>Perhaps if we could find someone living nowadays at this address in
>Brussels, the residents there could possibly help us trace back to
>previous residents; then, hopefully we could find our cousins!!
>How would any of the above be accomplished?
>Are there city directories for Brussels, the year 1940, available?


We do have in Belgium each 10 years a census, certainly from 1847 on for

all municipalities. From that census a population register was compiled
the civil clerc of each municipality. And from then on updated with
change, until the next census. Some of these registers have been

The census years and the related population registers:

Example of a transcription:

Access to these data is limited by the privacy laws (100 years mainly).

Brussels is our capital city, and did have specific registers for some
cases on the federal level. The population registers before 1900 can be

accessed freely at the city archives for the city of Brussels. Access
1900 must be asked and paid (active archives). It's not cheap, as for
big cities.

For the city of Brussels you should contact the "Department
Explain what you want to have, why and give the details.
Very important to indicate the relationship.

If your relatives didn't have the Belgian nationality, then they have
also registered at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I don't know how to
access their data. And if these data are still available.

If you want to see what did happen with the house within the Brussels
Region (19 municipalities), you can go to URBIS street map database:

The cadastrial maps can be accessed through: (language -> cartes/kaarten)
or (can change)
The CP (code postal) must not be given.

Old city directories do exist, but I doubt about the quality for the
1939-1946 period.


Luc Matthijs
Evere (Brussels, Belgium)

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