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From: "Beernaert Ivan" <>
Subject: Translation Help Please (latin)
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 09:52:10 +0100
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hi Gene,

I cannot read all of it ... therefore it is helpfull if one can read the
whole page (or pages)
in order to compare the writing of letters in different words. Every priest
has his own handwriting and his ways
and the us of abreviations.

I am sure of

cent: (not sure) m(atri)monium in vim rubri siggilli 10 iuni
p(ese)ntibus Leonardo (followed by the same name of Mathias) et Petro PSmit

"cent:" is strange to me, I expected "cont:" (abreviation for cont(ractus)
or cont(raceerunt)
engaged in marriage xxxx 10 iuni
present Leonardus ... and Petrus ...


Ivan Beernaert

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Van: Gene Leckie [mailto:]
Verzonden: vrijdag 16 december 2005 23:53
Onderwerp: [BEL-R] Translation Help Please (latin)

I have a church marriage registration in Latin. I am unsure of the Latin
following the names other than the date of 10 June. I can make out the
names of the witnesses. Is the latin "Cent or Gent: Morium in vim rubri
sigilli" does it mean "under the power of the red seal" and if so what does
this mean?
Registration can be seen at:,%20Mathias%20an

Thanks to all

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