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From: "Beernaert Ivan" <>
Subject: RE: Translation Help Please (latin)
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 11:23:06 +0100
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Hi, Gene,

indeed the whole copy of the page gave more solutions to your text

cont(raxerunt): m(atri)monium in vim rubri siggilli 10 iuni
p(ese)ntibus Leonardo (followed by the same name of Mathias) et Petro Schmit
"cent:" - sure about contraxerunt because the priest begins every sentence
with te same words
Why it look like "cent" when it must be "cont" is due to the writing

"in vim rubri siggilli" is to compare with "cum rubro sigillo" and stands
"previi proclam(atis bannis)" and "previus 3 bannis" meaning "before the
banns where pronounced"

"rubrum siggillum" can be translated as "red seal"
therefore I think that the meaning of "cum rubro sigillo" must be "with a
red seal", meaning something like: that the banns where not
pronounced and there was an agreement from the bisshop (on paper with "a red
seal") to contract in marriage without (all) the
neccessary banns
Leaving the exact translation of "in vim rubri siggilli" ?? I do not know

Petro Schmit , the "sch" can be compared with another and better written
"sch" on the same page


Ivan Beernaert,
Brugge, Belgium

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