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Subject: Re: Rhyme and D'Have / Verhasselt Ancestors
Date: Mon, 19 Dec 2005 10:44:03 -0800
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My grandmother used to sing a song to me when I was sad. She was Belgian, but my grandfather was Norwegian -- so it might have been his rhyme. It went (with MANY apologies on phonetics!):

All-e up the dumpkin keck, dumpkin keck, dumpkin keck
All-e up the dumpkin keck, and zoor a leer a lahden.

She would shake her thumb back and forth, pointed up. She told me it meant smile and get out of the dumps, but I would love a full translation. I tried the Norwegian website, without results. Any takers?


Also seeking relations of Sara Rosalie D'Have, b.17 Feb 1882. She married Joe (Saraphin?) Verhasselt, also of Eekloo, and immigrated to Montana/Wyoming, USA prior to 1915.

Sara's sister Marie C. D'Have married Joe's brother, Jules Verhasselt, and immigrated about the same time. Many Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

Sheila Andersen (gdaughter of Sara Rosalie D'Have of Eekloo, Belgium)

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