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Subject: Saraphine/Seraphine/Saraphin
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 21:26:28 -0600
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Cyndi I have been following this thread too and below you will find a response from my cousin in Belgium. He and another source have indicated there is no connection between the names and they suggest a check of the birth certificate to look for other given / birth names. If your gmother's birth notice show other given names, none being Josephine, the question goes on. Two others have relatives called Josephine or Joseph in the USA but having given names Saraphine/Seraphine/Saraphin.

I wonder if the interviewer at Ellis Island took the liberty of assigning the Josephine/Joseph name or if he followed some naming
proceedure at Ellis Island. I have seen other examples of names being "americanized" but usually with some connecrtion.

Chuck Van Den Eeden
Lombard, Illinois
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Seraphine or Saraphine is not a translation to Josephine.

Saraphin is not a translation to Joseph.

In our country it is custom to have 2, 3 or 4 birth-names ... especially in the older generations.

For example, my first name is René but my second name is Jean ..... Jean is coming from Jan-Baptist who was my godfather.

Another example .... Paula's brother has 4 firstnames i.e. Raymond - Romanus - August - Antoine.

Now it happens that in some families there is a preference to name a person with his second or third birth-name.

I suppose it's the case in your question .... that Seraphine her second birth-name is Josephine or Joseph being her godfather or godmother. To be sure you have to go to the birth-certificate.

Hopely you can understand my clarification.

Luc and Rene

Does Seraphine / Saraphine translate to Josephine?

and does Seraphin / Saraphin translate to Joseph.


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