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From: Imarc Training Skramstad <>
Subject: [BEL-R] Belgian Cookie Iron source
Date: Fri, 08 Dec 2006 16:05:26 -0600
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I would recommend purchasing the lukken maker from Dan Verkindren's website

The reason is Dan imports his lukken irons from Belgium. A local hardware
store tried to get some cookie irons from Dan because of area demand, but
Dan was not willing to sell to the local retail store. This store found a
manufacturer from out East in the United States to use to stock the lukken
irons but word of mouth in our community indicates the lukken irons the
hardware store sells are not the same quality and do not perform as well.

There is a tradition in my family that the Mother or Mother-In-Law always
gifts a new bride in the family with a lukken iron and family recipe. The
lukken irons I bought from Dan work very well.


On 12/8/06 8:50 AM, "" <> wrote:

> Tried a google search ... lots of recipes but only one lukken maker. The
> website address is:
> Hope this helps.
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