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From: María Gabriela LencinaDen Dauw<>
Subject: [BEL-R] Vlaamse pioniers in Argentina, For chuck Van den Eeden
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 09:05:02 -0300 (ART)
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hello Chuck:

Well, we hope this coming year to make some changes in the webpage, because the one
that's actually on line it's just to have a presence on the internet, but we're gonna
keep your words in mind in case we could make also an english translation.

Happy new year, and Kind regards

--- Chuck <> escribió:

> Gabrielia - any chance for an english language version?
> chuck van den eeden
> Lombard, IL
> My name is Gabriela Lencina Den Dauw and I had just join the list, I would
> like to know
> if there is people interested or related in some way to flemish colonists
> who immigrated
> from Oudenaarde to Villaguay in Entre Rios province in Argentina starting on
> 1882.
> A lot of descendants of the following surnames can be easily found now a day
> here:
> Schepens, Berra , De Clercq, De Langhe, Dubuisson, Devetter, De Velde,
> Lagneau, Van
> Hauwaert, Van Humbecq, Willems, Ghyselinck, Creteur, De Meyer, Verbauwede,
> Verhaegen,
> Musschet, Hoflack, Beaurain, Hoet, Lambert, De Graeve, Van dem Broucke, Van
> Derdonckt, De
> Vos, Beauvais, Van Haezevelde, Verryt, Van Cauwenberghe, Van Dem Brande, Den
> Dauw, Van
> Opstal, De Brabandere, Van Devoorde, Van Den Doorne, Thiers, Van De Velde,
> Aelvoet,
> Kaelvoet, etc.
> Spelling of the surnames has been in some cases modified here, others
> surnames had been
> lost or dissapeared through the years.
> Recently on January 13 of 2007, We celebrate the 125 anniversary of the
> Belgian
> Colonisation in Villaguay. The Belgian ambassador for Argentina, koenraad
> Rouvroy, has
> been here to that ocation, with many other personalities and also a
> documentary film
> about the history of the old belgian colony has been showed to the public.
> I would like to get in touch with people interested on this, besides you can
> visit our
> website that is also translated into flemish and
> where you can
> find some more info about this immigration history.
> Vriendelijke Groeten!
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María Gabriela Lencina Den Dauw
Alejandro Germán Müller

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