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Subject: Re: [BEL-R] DEMEUSE/LECOCQ, Sart-Walhain > Kewaunee Co.
Date: Wed, 9 Jan 2008 21:52:56 -0500 (EST)
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Jacques Joseph Demeuse's wife, was Jeanne Masset, b in 1813 in Orbais.To
find his parents I would order the microfilms at your local FHC.
I could only find reference to Walhain-St-Paul, Brabant, but I bet it's
the right place. Let's see if someone here can confirm.
These microfilms here should help:
(Births) Geboorten 1796-1812/ (Marriages) Huwelijken 1796-1812 on
microfilm 1123407
Geboorten 1813-1860 microfilm#1114614
Huwelijken 1801-1860 Microfilm#1114615
Check this link for more:*%2C0%2C0&titleno=270819&disp=Registers+van+de+Burgerlijke+Stand++

You might also try to contact the Yahoogroup for the Brabant in Belgium.
There is a group for the Walloon and Vlaams Brabants both.
They have experts who could guide you there too.

Wish I had those films here but I don't... Sorry...
For dates prior to 1796, you will want to check the parish records.

Have fun!
> Jacques Joseph DeMeuse (b. 25 Apr 1813 Sart-Walhain, Brabant, Belgium d.
> 12 Sep 1880 Kewaunee County, Wisconsin) was a passenger on the David
> Hoadley in 1856. According to "Our Marchant Relatives", or so I've
> gathered, Jacques Joseph DeMeuse is listed as having both Jean Baptiste
> Lecocq (b. 1798) and Josephe Lecocq (b. 1799) as step parents. This
> doesn't seem plausible as Jean Baptiste Lecocq would be 15 and his wife
> 14 when Jacques was born. In addition, according to passenger records of
> the David Hoadley, Josepha is listed as "Lecocq (Debauche), Josepha" which
> would make it seem that her maiden name was Debauche and not DeMeuse, as
> you would expect.
> What I'm most concerned with is finding Jacques Joseph DeMeuse's real
> mother and father's names. If anyone can shed light on any of these
> issues, it would be much appreciative.
> Dave DeMeuse
> Algoma, Kewaunee County, Wisconsin
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