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The pressure cooker sounds like a fabulous idea. My mother always used one
for beef dishes -- still does -- and the meat is SO VERY tender.

What I love about a dish like this is that there are endless variations and
no true right or wrong way. Rather like a pot of chili in the US. No two are
alike and most are delicious.

Deanna Peters Denk
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TO: Deanna Peters Denk
Thank you for this and I shall try it no later than tomorrow. It does look
more sophisticated - and hence different in taste - than what I am used to.
My family recipe is very simple : 2 tablespoons lard and 1/2 pound of bacon
cut in small strips go in the pot first, at medium temperature. Then add the
meat and brown it a bit. Add a pinch of thyme, a bay leaf, salt, pepper and
half as much sliced onions as there is meat, plus 250 mil (a big cup) of any
beer at hand. My real secret is the pot : I use a pressure cooker, medium
heat, and from the minute the valve starts turning, or hissing, depending on
the brand of pressure-cooker, lower the heat a bit (just as long as the
valve does continue turning or hissing) and count a maximum of 15 minutes.
The meat is ALWAYS tender. I shudder at the thought of today's busy women
having to mind this preparation for several hours, not to forget the
required wooden-spoon-expertise, lol. Don't have a pressure cooker? OMG,
this is the busy woman's saviour for all those delicious preparations that
otherwise take hours and hours of braising time.

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