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Subject: Re: [BEL-R]How do I write for information in Pont- à -Celles?
Date: Sat, 19 Jan 2008 10:55:22 -0800
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Hi Ellen,
If Francois Molle was married in Pont-a-Cellers, Hainaut, Belgium that does
not mean he was actually born there it was where his wife was born (marriage
took place in her parish). It is possible marrying earlier his parents died
and the guardians raised him. I found other versions of the spelling for
Molle..such as Mollet, Mollez. You might try googling Pont-a-Celles and see
if you can mustard-up the address for the city hall.

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Subject: [BEL-R] How do I write for information in Pont- à -Celles?

Whom do I write for information in Pont-à-Celles, Hainaut, Belgium to find a
birth record around 1760? Francois Joseph Molle was underage when he married
in Obaix Jan 11, 1780, so I think this means he was under 25 years of age. I
looked at the LDS records but they do not go back this far. The marriage
record states he was from Pont-à-Celles. Also how much money do I send?

Thank You,


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