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Subject: Re: [BEL-R] Indexing Belgian Records about to be launched
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 13:00:42 -0800 (PST)
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Not sure what you were looking for...
If it's the information about the indexing, It's under News Archives.
Title: Genesis Project Begins : August 15, 2007
Then you should click on "download cover letter"
It's long...

"deMattos, Nancy" <> wrote:
Regine, I clicked on to and couldn't find anywhere to click
on and find information on this subject. I AM VERY INTERESTED, as I hope to
Go to Belgium in 2009 and would love to find my father's birthplace, his
siblings, and parent's also. Please, how to contact the correct person(s)
To facilitate this???

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Subject: [BEL-R] Indexing Belgian Records about to be launched

Hello Everyone!

Some of you already are aware of this and you may have already responded to
the call.
I hope you will not mind my interrupting your research queries here as this
could be a major development in the way we all do research.

I believe George Picavet would approve of this message as he has always
promoted cooperation and what he called synergy and I really think this could
generate exactely what he was hoping for.

The LDS Church and the Belgian Government reached an agreement back about
digitizing all of their civil records collection and for some time a
prototype had been in the testing mode through the FamilySearch Indexing

Some of you may already be participating and have seen that but have not
been able to download pages to index from this project.

There is a reason for it. This project is still being babied and so if you
want to participate you need to contact the person who manages the project
directl so he can sign you up, provide you a username and password etc.

How does it work?
The best way I can tell you about it is to describe my own experience with

Up until now it has been limited to Courtrai/Kortrijk (West Flanders) Death
Records but within the next couple of weeks this project will be expanded to
include all of Belgium, and will have a Flanders option as well as a Wallonie
Now, just because you choose Flanders does not mean you will get Dutch
records and the same goes for Wallonie... sometimes, you will find Dutch
records in Wallonie.
Remember Belgium is not a simple place...

Can you imagine 30,000 rolls of microfilms all indexed and made available,
images and indexes online to all researchers!?

I am unsure at present how the government will release the images but I
know for a fact that part of contract makes it that regardless of how the
Owner of the archive chooses to put the images online, they will be available
for free through Family History Centers.
For more information about this I would reocmmend you read the information
on or contact a representative who can explain this in
better details.

Ok... back to MY experience...
After you sign up, you have to download the free software that you will
need to work with. A high-speed access is better but you can manage with
dial-up, believe it or not!

Download 1 batch at a time at first.
This 1 batch consists usually of 3 images in the Courtrai/Kortrijk records.
before starting you will be reminded that each project has its special set
of instructions which can be printed for future reference. It's always good
to read over these. Simple things like adding y for "years" for an age may
seem obvious but we can easily be overlooked.

Each image holds 6 records.
The records have been handwritten.
Nothing typewritten on those I have worked on. So it is best if you are
comfortable reading old cursive hand writing. Especially because it is in
Dutch or in French and the information is scattered in the text as you most
likely know if you have used these records before.
Type in the information as requested, one field at a time.
Field-by-field instructions are provided to help remind you of the project

The computer remembers things and so once you have entered a last name, it
remembers and pressing "Tab" on the keyboard dittoes the information so the
typing process can be very fast, for places too...

18 names later... you are done... can you believe it?!
Mind you, you can stop at any time... You can walk away. You can save
your work on th e computer you are working on so you can go back to it later,
or save it on the server and your computer so it can be retrieved from
anywhere and finished from anywhere, or even work offline if you are in
commute!!! Download 2-3 batches and put your time to good use on the train!

So... 18 names later, you click, submit, and you are asked to review your
After review your work (squiggly lines show up for things that are not in
the current database - don't mean they're wrong, just means you need to be
sure), your work is sent directly to Salt Lake.

Another person does the exact same page as you do.
A third person serves as arbitrator after the computer matches the entries
and enables the arbitrator to decide which is right or if a third
interpretation should apply...

As you can see, a lot checking goes on to ensure that the product is good.
If you are curious about the results, please go take a look at what is
already available at
Click on Record Search and see what FamilySearch indexing has already
The number of volunteers is increasing daily - they come from everywhere,
of all faiths, because they see the great value this will have to all of us.

We are SO lucky that Belgium is one of the first countries to be
participating in this project.
Will you help!?
Erik Develter and Jean Huysmans would love to find 1,000 volunteers.
If you are interested please contact me and I will forward your mail to him
or visit the Current Project page at
and email him directly!

You can really make a HUGE difference!!!
I hope you choose to!

Take care,
Regine Brindle

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