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From: Frank Bax <>
Subject: [BEL-R] 1770 BEL = Heist op den Berg, Schriek, Westmeerbeek
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2009 10:55:54 -0500

I wonder if anyone can help me find the marriage of Joannes Baptist
Smets and Anna Maria Keuls? I know that this couple had 11 children in
Heist-op-den-Berg between 1772 and 1796 (see below). Numerous baptisms
indicate Jan is from Westmeerbeek and Anna is from Schriek. I was able
to find baptisms that confirm this (see below).

I believe the microfilms in archives at Beveren-Waas are copies from the
LDS library and use the same film numbers. I have access to these films:

0293836 Westmeerbeek DTB registers 1611-1793
0293793 Schriek DTB registers 1731-1791
0293643 Heist op den Berg Huwelijken registers 1702-1793
0318990 Heist op den Berg Huwelijken registers 1615-1773

I cannot find the Smets-Keuls marriage on any of these films. I cannot
afford to order more films for other towns that are simply "guesses"; so
I am hoping that someone is able to help me by finding this marriage for me.

Met vriendelijke groet,


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1740-Mar-12 (Westmeerbeek: Vol 1, folio 9v) Joannes, z.v. Mathia Smits &
Maria Lambrechts.

1755-Aug-24 (Schriek: Vol 6, folio 137) Maria Cools, d.v. Adrianus &
Magdelena Vercammen.

Heist op den Berg (not all baptisms included here):

1772-8bris-29 Anna Catharina, d.v. Joannes Baptist Smets ex Westmeerbeek
& Anna Maria Cools ex Schriek.

1774-9bris-19 Joanna, d.v. Jois Baptista Smets ex Westmeerbeek & Anna
Maria Keuls ex Schriek

1778-May-29 Joanna, z.v. Joannis Bapta Smets ex Westmeerbeek & Anna
Maria Keuls ex Schriek

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