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From: Dennis Bell <>
Subject: Re: [BELL-L] Bell Governors of New Hampshire
Date: Wed, 05 Apr 2000 18:12:26 -0700
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Hi Ginny:

Here's some stuff that might help from "Bell Family Records, " By J.
Montgomery Seaver, published in 1929. You can get a complete copy of the
book for less than $10 from the Bell Family Association. The first two
below are from a list of American Colonial Army officers named Bell, in the

Bell, John (N. H.). Colonel New Hampshire Militia, 1777.

Bell, Frederick Mordaunt (N.H.). 1st Lieutenant 2nd New Hampshire, 23d May
to -- December, 1775; Captain 8th Continental Infantry, 1st January, 1776;
Captain 2nd New Hampshire, 8th November, 1776; wounded at Stillwater, 19th
September, 1776, and
died from his wound 9th October, 1777.


MATTHEW BELL was born in Kirk Connell, on the river Nith in the
northwestern part of Dumfrieshire, Scotland. He emigrated to the northern
part of Ireland in the latter part of the seventeenth century and was in
the city of Londonderry when that place was besieged in 1689. Sons: Matthew
and John.

JOHN BELL, the youngest son, was born in Ballymoney, County Antrim,
Ireland, 1679; married, about 1712, Elizabeth Todd. He came to America, as
is supposed, in 1719, landed at Boston and spent some time in Andover,
Mass., before he settled in Londonderry, N. H., in 1720. He held a number
of town offices, and died July 8, 1743, "about sixty-four years of his
age," as his tombstone says. He had nine children, of whom six left
1. LETITIA BELL, born in Ireland, married George Duncan of Londonderry.
2. NAOMI BELL, born in Ireland, married William Duncan of Londonderry, who
was a captain in the militia.
3. SAMUEL BELL, born September 28, 1723, removed to Cambridge, N. Y. He
married Sarah Storrow. Before Bennington battle he was taken prisoner by
the British with his two sons, John and Matthew; his sons escaped but died
soon after. He died in Cambridge, Mass., about 1803. His sons Samuel and
Ebenezer are supposed to have left children.
4. ELIZABETH BELL, born December 28, 1725, married James Duncan of
Haverhill, Mass.
5. MARY BELL, born January 25, 1727-8, married George Duncan of
6. JOHN BELL, born August 15 or 26, 1730, continued to reside in the house
built by his father, till his death, November 30, 1825. He married,
December 21, 1758, Mary Ann Gilmore, and had twelve children, of whom the
following left descendants: Susanna married John Dinsmore; John, born July
20, 1765, died March 23, 1836, married Persis Thom, was of Londonderry and
afterwards of Chester, N. H., governor of New Hampshire, 1828; Samuel, born
February 9, 1770, died December 23, 1850, governor of New Hampshire,
1819-23, United States senator, 1823-1835; Mary married Captain William
Anderson of Londonderry.

JOHN BELL: son of Samuel, governor of New Hampshire; physician; born
1800; died in La Fouche, La., 1830; grad. at Union College, 1819; studied
medicine in Boston and Paris and received diploma from Bowdoin in 1822;
professor of anatomy at Univ. of Vermont; editor of New York Medical and
Surgical Journal.

SAMUEL BELL, governor of N. H.: born Londonderry, N. H., 1770; died
Chester, N. H., 1850; his family emigrated from Scotland to Ireland, whence
his grandfather, John, came to New Hampshire in 1722; graduated from
Dartmouth, 1793; admitted to the bar, 1796, where he attained distinction;
elected to legislature, 1804; during his last two terms was speaker; in
1807 he declined office of attorney-general and sat in the state senate for
a year; member of executive council, 1809; judge of state supreme court
1816-19; served five successive terms as governor, 1819-1823; from
1823-1835 was member of the U. S. Senate; he had five sons who became

SAMUEL DANA BELL, jurist: born Francestown, N. H., 1798; died Manchester,
N. H., 1868; graduated at Harvard, 1816; practiced first in Meredith, N.
H.; removed to Chester, N. H., 1820, Concord, 1830, and in 1839 to
Manchester; member of legislature about 1825, and for several years clerk
of that body; solicitor for Rockingham County 1823-28; in 1830, 1842, and
1867 was commissioned to revise the state statutes; justice of the superior
court; justice of the supreme court, 1855; chief justice of supreme court,
1859; received degree of LL.D. from Dartmouth, 1854; one of the early
members of the N. H. Historical Society; leader in establishment of
Manchester public library.

SAMUEL NEWELL BELL: son Samuel Dana, lawyer; born Chester, N. H., 1829;
graduated at Dartmouth, 1847; member of the 42nd and 44th Congresses;
appointed by the governor and council chief justice of the superior court,
1874, but declined.

Hope this helps,

dennis in b.c., canada

Rinehart wrote:

> I descend from a sister of two Bells who were governors of New
> Hampshire.

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