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From: Tom Donnelly and Sharlotte Neely <>
Subject: [BELL-L] family photos--Neely, King, Bell, McClelland, Downs, & Glisson
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 09:52:58 -0500

Below is the message I've sent out to other genealogists looking for
information on my daddy's family (Neelys & Kings). Also, just wanted to

let you know about family info and photos (Neelys, Kings, Bells,
McClellands, Downs, & Glisson) now up on county genealogy pages at:
Chatham County, GA:
Bulloch County, GA:
Bryan County, GA:
DeKalb County, GA:

I hope you're looking for a good mystery because I have one regarding my

Neely (Neeley/Nealy) family. My most important question about the
Neelys is: Was Joseph E. Neely (born 1862 in North Carolina) a son of
Edmond (born about 1823 in Horry County, SC) and Elizabeth Nealy from
Columbus County, NC? Here's what I think was going on, but I need
someone to confirm this:
(1) Eligha (born about 1776) and Winneford Nealy moved from Ireland to
North Carolina.
(2) One of their sons, Edmond Nealy, was born in Horry County, SC but
was in Columbus County, NC when he served in the Confederacy. In 1860
he, his wife, and children were living in Columbus County, NC. His wife

was Elizabeth and their known children were: Dalmon (Datmon), J. H.,
Lester, Richmond, and Louisa. Was Joseph E. also one of their
children? After the war the 1870 census shows Elizabeth with her son
Dalmon (Datmon) in Horry County, SC.
(3) Joseph E. Neely (Neeley/Nealy) was born in North Carolina in 1862.
He married Charlotte (Sharlotte) A. Lee (born in 1853) from Horry
County, SC, and they had three known children: Joseph Bowden Neely, Sr.

(1888-1928), Ada C. (born 1892), and Ruthie B. (born 1894).
(4) Joseph Bowden Neely, Sr., my paternal grandfather, married Nettie
King, and they moved to Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia where all
their children and grandchildren were born.

My Kings are an even bigger mystery. They come from along the border of

Carolina and North Carolina. My most important question about the Kings

is: Were Lonnie O. King and Nettie King truly the children of George
Edward King and Margaret Elizabeth Turnage King?
(1) Eddie (probably George Edward) King (born about 1869 probably in
Chesterfield County, SC or somewhere along the border of the Carolinas)
married Margaret (maybe Marguerite) (probably Margaret Elizabeth
Turnage) (born about 1870 probably in Chesterfield County, SC). One or
both of them supposedly had French ancestry. They had at least three
Lonnie O. (1890-1931), Pauline (born 1894), and Nettie King (1896-1958).

After Margaret's death, Eddie probably remarried, probably to Alma
Cauthin Kelly.
(2) With his first wife, Lizzie Huggins, Lonnie O. King (1890-1931) had

at least two children, Pauline King (married name unknown) and Rembert
Lonzo King (1909-1969). By his second wife, Mary Margaret Chappell
(1896-1977), he had a daughter, Helen Chappell King (born 1928), who
married Jesse Lewis Greene (1923-2000).
(3) Rembert Lonzo King married Nina Lee Bristow, and they had at least
two children, Ramona King (married name unknown) and Marion Douglas King

(1928-1998). In 1936 Rembert Lonzo King lived in Hamer, Dillon County,
SC. His son, Marion Douglas King, married Mina S. (maiden name
unknown), and they had at least three children.
(4) Lonnie King lived in Saint Paul's, Robeson County, NC when he died,
and he is buried near Raeford, Hoke County, NC. Meanwhile, Lonnie O.
King's sister, Nettie King (1896-1958), my paternal grandmother, married

Joseph Bowden Neely, Sr. (1888-1928), and they moved to Savannah,
Chatham County, Georgia. They had two sons who survived infancy, Joseph
Bowden Neely, Jr. (1923-1974), my father, and James Robert Neely, Sr.
(born 1927). Joseph Bowden
Neely, Jr. married Kathleen Bell (born 1922), and they had one daughter,

me. James Robert Neely, Sr. married Betty Douglas (born 1927), and they

had two sons. I have spent years tracking down just this little
information. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
Thank you.
Sharlotte Neely Donnelly

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