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Okay, here's installment #2, there is actually more here than I realized so
it may take another installment or two. Hope this helps someone.

this is still from page # 129


David Benge, the oldest child of Thomas Benge, Sr. and Susannah Lews, was
born in August 1763 in Albemarle Co. VA. he married Lucretia Perry, born
c1770, died c1845. In 1790, they moved to Madison Co. KY and later to Clay
Co., KY. David was listed in the 1850 census of Clay Co. KY. He died 3 March

David benge was nicknamed "King David". He served in the North Carolina
Militia from Wilkes Co. during the Revolutionary War, and fought at the
Charleston and at King's Mountain. During the War of 1812, he served in
Company A, 7th Kentucky Volunteers and fought at the Battle of the Thames.
(See page 132 for more about his military service.)

1. John "Jackie" Benge, born c1795 NC, married Philadelphia Hart 9 January
1817. "Delphia" was born c1799, and was the widow of Hardy Hart.
Known children:
A) James "Crow" Benge, born c1840, married 15 July 1858 to Eliza Benge,
born c1843 (his 2nd cousin).
a) David Benge, born 1861
b) Betties Benge, born 1863
c) Margaret Benge, born 1865
d) Samuel Benge, born 1867
e) Nancy Benge, born 1869

-Page 130-

B) David "Smiling Dave" Bente, born c1818, married 4 February 1841 to
Nancy Lynks, born c1821, a daughter of
Frederick and Nancy Hayes Lynks.
a) Frederick Benge, born 1842
b) Sally Anne Benge, born 1845
c) John Benge, born 1847
d) Barton Benge, born 1849
e) Evaline Benge, born 1851
f) James W. Benge, born 1853
g)Ann Elizabeth Benge, born 1855
h) Elizabeth Benge, born 1858
i) Martha Benge, born
j) Lena Benge
k) Susan Benge
l) David Benge
m) William Benge
C) Martha "Patsy" Benge, m/1 James Robinson, m/2 19 January 1855 to
James "Bar Creek Jim" Bowling, son of Eli and
___________ Anderson bowling.

D) Eliza Anne Benge, m/1 David R. Biggs, 1 July 1849, m/2 3 June 1858
Adam bowling, son of Bar Creek Jim Bowling
and his first wife, Mahala Wilson.

E) Jennie Benge, born c1843, m1 26 February 1866 to Granville "Peg-leg"
Philpot, and had 1 child:
a) Boone Philpot
m/2 Buck Bowling, and had 2 children:
b) Jessie Bowling
c) David Bowling

F) Lucinda Benge, married Jesse McWhorter.

G) Evaline Benge, married 4 September 1849 to William Martin, son of
Thomas Martin.

H) Melvina Benge, born c1836, m/1 6 July 1852 to William Bird; m/2
Gilmore House, son of James House.

I) Lydia Benge, married 8 May 1843 to James "Tippy" House, son of John

J) Nancy Benge, married 26 December 1848 to _______ Bird.

2. William "Bugger Bill" Benge, born 1797, m1/ 3 March 1818 to Catherine
Wilson; m/2 17 August 1832 to Mary "Polly"
Bowling, born c1805, daughter of "Black" Bill Bowling.
A) Lucinda Benge, married Benjamin Franklin Johnson 10 January 1845.

B) Adeline Benge, married 17 May 1848 to Elisha Stivers, a son of
George and Leaty Tuders Stivers

C) Mary D. Benge, married Elijah McGee 14 January 1851

D) Zelphia Benge, born c1836, married Robert Stivers 9 September 1851

3. Lewis Franklin Benge, born 8 July 1805, married 17 August 1831 to
Margaret Cornett, born c1804. (see page 131)

4. Anne Benge, married William Bunch 28 January 1812.

5. Lucinda Benge, married Minion Abner 7 October 1829.

6. David Benge, Jr., born May 1816, married Mary ________, born c1821.
A) Elizabeth Benge, born 1840
B) Eliza Benge, born 1842
C) Richard Benge, born 1843
D) Franklin Benge, born 1844
E) Lucinda Benge, born 1845
F) Mary Benge, born 1854
G) Richard Benge, born 1856
H) Lynn S. Benge, born 1859
I) Theophilious Benge, born 1861
J) Margarethea Benge, born 1865
K) George M Benge, born 1868
L) Susan Benge, born September 1869

7. Thomas Benge, born c1820, m/1 23 February 1842 to Anna Chestnut, born
c1823; m/2 _________ Bates. Thomas killed
a man (a Porter) in Laurel Co. KY, was tried and found not guilty. He
moved to Iowa.
A) William Benge, born 1842
B) Theophilious Benge, born 1844
C) Catherine Benge, born 1845
D) Benjamin Benge, born 1846
E) Jane Benge, born 1849

-Page 131-
8. Joel Benge, born, 1784, married Jennie Barnett.

9. Sarah Benge, born 1786, married George Freeman

10. Elizabeth Benge, born c1790


Lewis Franklin Benge (son of David Benge and Lucretia Perry), was born 8
July 1805 in Madison Co. KY, and died 26 September 1900. He married 17
August 1831 in Clay Co. KY, to Margaret "Peggy" Cornett, born c1807 Clay Co.
KY, died after the 1880 Census. both are buried at Benge Cemetery, Byron,
Clay Co., KY. Margaret who was 1/4 Cherokee Indian, was the daughter of
Robert (Robin) Cornett and Charlotte (Lotty) Callhan.

A) Grace Benge, born c1832, died young.

B) Isaac Benge, born 16 January 1832, married Sarah McWhorter 28 October
Known Children
a) Mary
b) Robert
c) Lucy
d) Susan
e) Elizabeth
There were perhaps others, that info not available.

C) Susan Benge born c1834 married William Hayes 11 October 1874

D) William "Black Bill" Benge, born c1835, married Mary E McWhorter 26
February 1857.
a) Louisa
b) Margaretha
c) Henry
d) William
e) David

E) Henry Benge, born c1837

F) Nancy Benge, married a Mayfield (?)

G) Sally Ann Benge, born c1839, married Pleasant Philpot 24 March 1865.
a) John
b) Susan
c) Margaret
d) Jerry
e) jenny
f) Annalise

H) Robert Benge, born c1840, married 11 March 1867 to Mary Brewer, born
c1847, daughter of James Brewer.
a) Molly
b) Tilford
c) Susan

I) Braxton Benge, born c1842, married Alabama Philpot 19 June 1872.
a) Sidney born 1873
b) Frank Henry born 1874
c) Isaac born 1877
d) James born 1879
e) Robert born 1881
f) William born 1883
g) Joseph born 1885

J) Jeremiah "Jerry" Benge, born c1844, married Margaret Hayre 8 November
a) Margaret born Mar 1883
b) Susan born June 1884
c) Millie born Sept 1885
d) James born Dec 1886
e) Mandy born Aug 1888
f) Ollie born June 1890
g) Sally born Mar 1892
h) Lottie born Sept 1894

K) Daniel Benge, born c1846, married Mary Stivers 30 June 1872. (See below)


Daniel Benge (son of Lewis Franklin Benge and Margaret Cornett), was born
c1846 in Clay Co. KY. He was married 30 June 1872 in Clay Co. KY to Mary
Stivers, born c1857 Clay Co. KY, daughter of Robert Stivers and Zilphia
a) Lucinda Benge, born Sept 1873
b) Artimicia Benge, born 5 January 1875, died 11 November 1959, married
Solomon York 15 May 1900 (see page 134)
c) Ellen Benge, born Sept 1877
d) Robert Benge, born Sept 1878
e) Kate Benge, born Sept 1880
f) Henry Benge, born Apr 1882
g) Dink Benge, born c1886
h) Emma Benge, born Oct 1889
i) Daniel Benge, born May 1895
j) Dora Benge, born May 1895
k) Thomas Benge, born Aug 1898

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