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From: "Katherine Southard" <>
Subject: Re: [BERRY-L] The name Berry
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2000 19:01:59 -0500
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I read this with a LOT of interest.... my Berry line is spelled Berrey and
the family legend is that it's origins were French.... and that the name was
orginally pronounced Ber-ray (like the little french hats). Also, the
family has been extremely diligent about the spelling of the name, almost
fanatical.... there
have been numerous cases in this line of children being disowned because
they changed the spelling to Berry.

Have you ever seen anything on a different spelling for these French Berrys?

Katherine (my genealogy site)

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Subject: Re: [BERRY-L] The name Berry

> To add to the last writer; the Berry family in France is an old royal
family. The
> family crest is red and white and I believe that there is a Berry family
> that might be open to visitors. There is a current Duke de Berry who is
said to
> be in line for the French throne, part of the family that was deposed
during the
> French revolution in the late 1700's.
> There is a famous painting of General Montcalm dying on the battlefield
after the
> battle of the Plains of Abraham above Quebec city in 1759 and the person
who is
> holding him is supposed to be the Duke de Berry.
> My Berry family which came to Canada from England in the early 1900's was
said to
> be of Dutch Huguenot origin. The only thing I know of Huguenot's is that
> were French Protestants who were persecuted in France for being Protestant
> therefore I think it is reasonable to assume that they originally came
> France.
> wrote:
> > I once saw an article in the Portland Press Herald in Maine years ago
> > the Berry coat of arms and a description. In the article it stated that
> > was a Norman name and meant borough or place of safety. There is a
> > in France called Berry. Sami in GA
> >
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