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From: "Nena Smothers" <>
Subject: [BERRY-L] Strother-Berry-Ashby (ZEN)
Date: Sun, 03 Aug 2003 12:27:28 -0700

Does anyone have any information on the Berry, Strother and Thornly
To wit (I've been reading wills again!) Margaret Berry Strother who was
mentioned in mom's will written in 1755 in King George County,Virginia?

Mom was Grace G. Unknown. She died before June 1757 since thatis the date
her will was proved in court. There are at least two theories for Grace's
husband and Margaret's father that I have come across. The first says that
Grace G. Unknown was actually Grace Powell. In the King George County,
Virginia marriage bonds (1715-1787) which was typed from the original
records by the Genealogical Society of Utah in 1937, Grace Powell married
James Berry 28 May 1723.
I've seen the typed list but not the original records. The timing seems
right but I have my doubts about them being the parents of Margaret

The other candidate for the hubby of Grace G Unknown is John (what an
unusual name!) Berry. Grace's will lists her son-in-law, Joseph Strother,
his wife and her daughter, Margaret Strother and a grandson, John Thornly.
information suggests that John Thornly was the son of Mary Berry and Aaron
Further UNDOCUMENTED information suggests that in 1720 Mary Berry Thornly
sold land to Joseph Strother which she had inherited from her father John
Even more UNDOCUMENTED information states that this John Berry was the
likely son of Henry Berry, who died circa 1677 in Old Rappahannock County,
- -------------------------------------------------------------
So, to review, facts from the will of Grace G. Berry

It is on page 63/64 of Will Book 1, King George County, Virginia-written on
20 Jan 1755
It was proved in court 2 Jun 1757-Executor was Joseph Strother
Heirs listed:
Son-in-law, Joseph Strother
Daughter, Margaret Strother, his wife
Grandson, John Thornly
Witnessed by:George Smith Judith F. Johnston
- --------------------------------------

Zen.....maybe..MAYBE I can shed some light....Strother's md into my Ashbys
and they were in Fauquier Co Va.....also, I have read also, that the
Strother family is Huguenot. I believe Grace was a POWELL and md to JAMES
BERRY....see below notes.

*SOME* but not all STROTHER(S) families in NC/VA/KY/TN/WV *may* belong to a
group of fascinating people called Melungeons, as this surname is considered
to be common among them. You can find a complete list of common surnames at
this site:

ck this out:
STROTHER Source: fr: Wayne Greene
Subject: Berry & Strother of Fauquier I would appreciate help clearing up
confusion on the Berry and Strother families of King George.
Some of these families settled in Fauquier.
The below looks more like a BERRY family genealogy than a STROTHER
I was able to sort out the people from the documents below. Here's what I
think is going on (but no proof yet):
Samuel Kendall married Mary Wolfendale
James (Robert) Kay married Elizabeth Strother (daughter of Elizabeth Berry
and Robert Strother)
Grace Berry. Her children
Margaret Berry married Joseph Strother **heres yr Berry and Joseph Strother
Elizabeth Berry married Robert Strother
Mary Martha Berry married James Stigler
Joel Berry
Henry Berry

The Strother family genealogy (Genealogies of Virginia Families, from
Tyler's Quarterly, Volume III Pinkethman - Tyler, pg. 376)
states that James Berry died 6 Jan 1739 and Grace (Powell) Berry died 29 Oct
1739. **yr POWELL

The documents below dated 1750 for **Grace Berry** giving Negro man to
grandson Nicholas Strother and her Inventory/estate for Grace Berry dated
1757 show that she was still living past 1739.

Documents don't lie so I think the Virginia Genealogy might be a little
mixed up on the Berry Family.

February 1748 - Inventory/estate for David WILLIAMS, King George, VA.
Witnesses: James STIGLER, Wm HARRISON, Joel BERRY, Timothy LYON, Henry

1749 - Will of Joseph BERRY, King George Co., VA, shows James STIGLER signed
a security Bond for Five hundred pounds with Joseph Berry and Benjamin Berry
(sons of Joseph Berry).

1749 - Inventory/estate for George HARRISON, King George, VA. Witnesses:
James STIGLER, Samuel KENDALL and Benjamin STROTHER.

1750 - Bill of sale for **Grace BERRY**. Gave Negro man to her grandson
Nicholas STROTHER. Witnessed by James STIGLAR.

1757 - Inventory/estate of **Grace BERRY**, King George Co., VA. Witnesses:

1764 - Indenture for James STIGLAR and Martha his wife, King George, VA.
Giving land to their son Samuel STIGLER that adjoined lands of Joseph
HARRISON, Robert PECK and Capt. Joseph STROTHER. Indenture was signed in
presence of Joseph HARRISON.

1765 - Will of James STIGLER, King George. Executors: Joel BERRY
(brother-in-law?) and Robert STRINGFELLOW (son-in-law, married Catharine
Stigler, 1762 King George).
Witnesses: Mary HARRISON, **Jos. (Joseph) STROTHER** and N. (Nicholas)
(Niece and Nephew of our Mary Martha Stigler?)

a site for Berry/Ashby>STROTHER

Henry Berry(20) was born about 1660 in Virginia. He died about 1748 in King
George Co., VA.
He was married. Children were: Rose Berry, Joseph Berry .
Joseph Berry(20) was born about 1691 in Virginia. He died about 1748 in
Virginia. Parents: Henry Berry.
Reuben Berry(4)
He was married to Sinai Ashby on 20 Feb 1794 in Mercer Co., KY.
Rose Berry(4) was born about 1684. She died after 1752 in Frederick Co., VA.
Parents: Henry Berry.
She was married to Thomas Ashby Sr. about 1706 in Fauquier Co., VA.
Children were: Capt. John ("Rufus") Ashby, Benjamin Ashby,
Stephen Ashby, Thomas Ashby Jr., Henry Ashby, Elizabeth Ashby, Sarah Ashby,
Rose Ashby, Ann Ashby.
**Robert Ashby, **my ancestor>was married to Mary Elizabeth Farrow about
1735. Children were: Nimrod Ashby, John Ashby , Benjamin Ashby, Ann Ashby ,
Winnifred Ashby, Mary (Molly) Ashby, Thomas Enoch Ashby.<my ancestor md
Sarah Henley [her parents were George Henley and SARAH STROTHER.

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