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From: Carol Vass <>
Subject: Re: [BERRY] Samuel Berry b. ca. 1770-1780 Va.
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 13:56:11 -0700
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On Aug 27, 2010, at 12:00 AM, Peggy Gilkey <> wrote:
> Hi Berry Researchers,
> I am searching for information to document parents of Samuel Berry b. ca 1775 VA d. April 1830 Roane Co., Tn. married Nov. 19, 1795 Washington Co., Va. to Nancy Crow dau of Robert Crow.
> I have found a lot of conflicting information on line.
> I need to know who Samuel Berry's parents were?
> I have James Berry b. 1740 Washington Co., Va. d. 17 Feb. 1804 Bowling Green, Ky. as father of Samuel. Is this correct?
> Is it true that James a Rev. War Soldier?
> Who was the mother of Samuel?
> Does anyone have documentation for any of this? We are trying to finish a application for SAR and need this information to complete it.
> Any help would be appreciated
> Peggy Gilkey

Samuel Berry/Nancy Crow are not my ancestors, but I have spent quite a bit of time researching them. I see that someone replied to you that Samuel's parents were 'a' William Berry/Mary Unknown. I don't have any information about that but do hope that someone has identified Samuel's parents -- this is a long standing puzzle in the small world of BERRY research. I wanted to speak to your original question about James Berry who d. 17 Feb 1804. This James Berry was b. ca 1740 in ??(poss. PA) and d. 17 Feb 1804 in Montgomery Co, TN after having lived in Augusta (ca 1745-ca 1770) and Washington (ca 1770-1798) counties, VA. His wife's name was Elizabeth McCUTCHEN. His father's name was Thomas Berry Sr (1718-1799). Many Berry/Crow researchers had believed that Samuel Berry (ca 1775/80-1836) was a son of 'this' James Berry, but believed the mother's name was Jane Doak.

I have been researching the Augusta/Rockbridge/Washington BERRYs for many years and have spent an enormous amount of time, in particular, researching James Berry/Elizabeth McCutchen as well as James Berry/Jane Doak. You can find extensive "documentation" for both couples on this website:
Genealogy of the Berry and Associated Families
Part 1: The First Four Generations of the Scotch-Irish Berry Family in Augusta, Rockbridge and Washington Counties, Virginia

Scroll down to locate the link to {A.2.a1.} James Berry (ca1740-1804) m. [1] Elizabeth McCutchen; [2] Martha Wilson
You will see that James Berry/Elizabeth McCutchen did have a son named Samuel, but he was born 27 Jun 1780 (Washington Co,VA) and died 10 Feb 1855 (Menard Co, IL). He married [1] Anny Weir in 1803. [Documentation for Samuel Berry/Anny Weir is not yet posted to the website, but I can provide it.]

Scroll further down to locate the link to {B.3.b} James Berry (ca 1757-1809} m. Jane Doak.
The estate settlement papers of 'this' James Berry shows that he did NOT have a son named Samuel Berry.

More than the documentation to be found on our website, DNA results prove that Samuel Berry (m. Nancy Crow) was NOT related to any of the Augusta/Washington BERRYs. The Berry Surname Y-DNA project has three men who are well documented direct descendants of James Berry/Elizabeth McCutchen. Go to this link at the DNA project:
The first set of color-coded match is the Augusta/Washington BERRYs, ID#37, #131, and #173 are direct descendants of James Berry/Elizabeth McCutchen, with #37 and #173 being direct descendants of their son, Samuel Berry/Anny Weir. This entire group of about 22 participants is extremely well matched.

Scroll further down this page to find the "Benton County BERRYs" -- color coded bright yellow. ALL of these men are descendants of Samuel Berry/Nancy Crow and they are excellent matches to each other. They are in different Haplogroup from the Augusta/Washington BERRYs, so their genetic distance is quite extreme and shows that Samuel Berry (n. Nancy Crow) was not a descendant of ANY of the Augusta/Washington BERRYs.

To see the direct male lineages for any of the Augusta/Washington BERRYs, go to:

To see the direct male lineage for any of the Benton County BERRYs (Samuel Berry/Nancy Crow descendants), go to:

I'd be happy to answer any questions about the documentation for James Berry (ca1740-1804), his two wives and 10 children, and/or James Berry (ca1757-1809) and his wife, Jane Doak. I'm the co-administrator of the BERRY DNA project and would do my best to answer any questions about the DNA results. I have not heard anything about a solid confirmation on the parents of Samuel Berry (m. Nancy Crow), but I sorta stopped working on them once the documentation for James Berry/Elizabeth McCutchen and James Berry/Jane Doak was completed and then completely stopped when the DNA results confirmed that there was no genetic relationship.

Carol Vass
Kent, WA

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