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Submitted by Mrs. Dot Wilson Duncan

Taken From "Family Puzzlers", #873, July 12, 1984, pp. 17-19:

Mr. Kenneth L. Kirkland, 2948 N. Pine Grove Ave., Chicago, IL 60657 has
contributed a copy of a Bible now owned by Nona Lowry Allen, Route 3, Box
670-S, Whitney, TX 76692. The Bible was published by A.J. Johnson and Son,
1877 in New York, and is "Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis of the Holy
Bible". Notes in parentheses are by Mr. Kirkland.

O. F. Lowrey borned Sep. 7th 1857 (Obediah Fowler Lowry)
Emma J. Lowrey Borned May the 2nd 1859
W.C. Lowrey Borned Sep. The 14th 1861 (Willie C. Lowry)
Flora A. Lowrey Borned Apr. 11th 1863
Sarah L. Lowrey Borned Aug. The 19th 1865 (Sarah Luvenia "Venie" Lowry)
Nancy E. Lowrey Borned May the 3rd 1868 (Nancy Ellen Lowry)
Mary E. Lowrey Borned July the 14th 1869 (Mary Eliza Lowry)
Dock C. Lowrey Borned Aug. 21st 1870 (Doctor Clark Lowry)
Mary E. Meador Borned Jan. 22, 1877 (Mary Elizabeth Meador)
Thomas J. Lowrey Borned March the 8th 1872 (John Thomas or Thomas John Lowry)
Ora J. Meador Borned May 12, 1882
Minnie B. Lowrey Borned Oct. The 14th 1874 (Minnie Belle Lowry)

Nora F. Lowrey Borned Apr. The 15th 1876
J.O. Lowrey Borned Nov. the 6 1877 (James Oscar Lowry)
G.W. Lowrey Borned Feb. the 16 1880 (George Washington Lowry)
Mitie C. (crossed out)
Mirtie C. Lowrey Borned June the 29 1882
Lula F. Lowrey Bornd Dec. the 31 1883

Children of D.C. and Mary Elizabeth Lowry
William Vinson born March 19 1897
Richard Lawson born Sept 17 1899
D. Roy born Nov. 20 1901
Raymond Brooks born June 27, 1906
Nona Elizabeth born Oct. 29 1912

W. C. Lowrey and Mary F. Crew were married Nov. 2nd 1856 (Smith Co., TX;
marriage register says 11-6-1856)
Venie Lowry and R.W. Foshee (Robert Wiley Foshee) were married Dec. 6th 1884
O. F. Lowry and Hattie Arnold (Harriet Permelia Arnold) were married Dec.
30th 1886
Ellen Lowry and G.W. Musselwhite (George Washington Musslewhite) were married
May 3rd 1887
Liza Lowry and I.F. Acker (Isaac Franklin Acker) were married Feb. 12th 1891
Dock Lowry and Lizzie Meador (Mary Elizabeth Meador) were married Dec. 25th
Tom Lowry and Ora Meadors were married Dec. 3rd 1896.

J.O. Lowry and Mittie R. Neill (Mittie Reancy Neill) were married Jan. 1st
Lee Smith (Robert Lee Smith) and Nora Lowry were married Dec. 23, 1897
H.B. Lyon (Harrison Boyd Lyon) and Minnie Lowry were married Jan. 5, 1899
C.I. Maris (Charles I. Maris) and Mirtie Lowry were married Apr. 24 1900
G.W. Lowry and Maudie Owens (Maude Mae Owens) were married Dec. 25 1901
(Two lines erased; had been repetition of Lee Smith and Nora Lowry entry.)

Willie C. Lowrey Died Sep. 18th 1864
Flora A. Lowrey Died Sep. 29th 1864
Emma J. Lowrey Died Aug. 1st 1865
Lula F. Lowry Died Nov. the 3 1885
W.C. Lowry Died Jan. 29 1902 (William Chappell Lowry)
Mary F. Lowry died July 19, 1903 (Mary Frances Crow Lowry)
Ellen Lowry Musselwhite died June 29 1929
O.F. Lowry died June 23 1942
Sarah L. Lowry Foshee died Feb. 22 1948 (Venie)
Ora J. Lowry died Feb. 14, 1950
Mary Elizabeth Meador Lowry died Aug. 11, 1952
J.T. Lowry died April 19 1954 (Thomas John or John Thomas Lowry)
Liza Lowry Acker died Dec. 21, 1954
J.O. Lowry died May 27, 1955
Nora F. Lowry Smith died Jan.26, 1956
Minnie B. Lowry Lyon died Aug. 24, 1956
George W. Lowry died Dec. 26, 1956
Doctor Clark Lowry died Jan. 20, 1963
Mirtie Lowry Maris died Oct. 31, 1963

W.C. Lowrey (William Chappell Lowry) was borned June the 10th 1830
Mary F. Crow was borned May the 6th 1840

Inside front cover, too faded to photocopy:
Russel Lowrey was borned April the 29th 1812
E.R. Lowrey borned February the 16 1818
Minnie Lowry.

Notes by Mr. Kirkland: Mary Frances Crow and William Chappell Lowry lived in
Smith Co., TX about 8 miles SE of Tyler in the Bascom community, and are
buried in the Bascom Church Cemetery. All the marriages listed took place in
Smith County, as did the births of their children.
Dock Lowry recalled ca. 1959 that Mark, Russell, and Lawson Lowry were first
cousins of his father William Chappell Lowry.
W.C. was born in AL, his parents in GA, and seems to have lived in MS
sometime before moving to TX.
Mary Frances Crow was born in TN, and her parents in SC or TN, according to
the 1880 and 1900 federal census records, respectively.

Wayne Duncan
USGENWEB Census Project
National Census Lookup Volunteer Coordinator
USGenWeb Census Project Coordinator for GA, NC and NM


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