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Subject: [BIBLE-RECS] New Posting (Meadows Family Bible Records)
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 22:44:20 EDT

Many thanks to my genealogy "mom" (Dot Wilson Duncan) for forwarding this
record for inclusion in the list.

SOURCE: :"Descendants of Joseph Jr. & Lucinda (Gwinn) Meadows" Compiled by
Richard F. Legg. Kith & Kin of Boone County, West Virginia, VOL XIII, 1986,
Boone County Genealogical Society.

Much of the information on this family was obtained from the family Bible of
Joseph Jr. & Lucinda (Gwinn) MEADOWS. Upon the death of Lucinda, the Bible
was passed to her daughter, Laura (Meadows) Burgess, who was my grandmother.
When Laura died the Bible passed to my aunt, Betty (Burgess) Ray, who now
lives in Covington, Va.

The Bible is in very poor condition with several pages missing from the
front section. "JOS. MEADOWS" is written on the inside of both the front and
rear covers. The title page at the front ofthe Bible is one of the missing
pages but there is a title page at the beginning of the New Testament. This
title page indicates that the Bible was published by the American Bible
Society, New York, in 1886. Since most of the children were born prior to
this date, the entries were recorded at some later time. Most of the entries
are in fading ink in beautiful penmanship but not always in correct
spelling. The majority of entries are on the special "Family Record" pages
that are loose and inserted in the Bible immediately following the New
Testament title page. All entries are presented as they appear including
spelling and punctuation.

An entry at the top of the title page:
--Mark Wyett Meadows died Sept 16th 1899.

Entries on the reverse side of the title page:
--Ella Meadows & Ben Leftwich was married Dec. 27th 1898.
--Ben died July 10th 1905.

--Ella Leftwich and Clarence H. Miller was married Sept. 1st 1906.

--Lucinda Meadows died June 23rd 1926.

Entries on a "Family Record" page titled "Births" :
--Isaac W. Meadows born Oct 7 - 1869
--Olive E. Meadows born May 16, 1871
--Thomas E. Meadows born April 1st 1873
--Mary Souisn Meadows born Feb. 10 1875
--Jos. Blackburn Meadows born ------ 6, 1876 (illegible)
--Floyd Lee Meadows born Nov 1st 1878
--Eler. May Meadows born April 27, 1880
--Elizabeth Meadows born August 3rd, 1882
--Mark Wyett Meadows born June 14 1884 Coal Mont.
--Laura W. Meadows born Feb 15th 1887
--Infant baby boy born April 8th 1890

Entries on a "Family Record" page titled "Marriages" :
--Joseph Meadows was married to Lucinda Guin June 18th 1867.
--Elizabeth Meadows, wife of Jo. Meadows dide June 23, 1874.
--Joseph Meadows son dide June 1st 1881.
--Francis Millard Meadows was born Sept 16 1890.
--Thomas E. Meadows and Sally Gay was married Sept 15 1892.
--Sally Meadows age 17 1 4 92 <<<<<<<<<<(What does this mean????)

Entries on a "Family Record" page titled "Deaths" :
--Floyd L. Meadows dide June 26 1879
--Elizabeth Meadows dide August 6 1882
--Jos. Blackburn Meadows dide Oct 8, 1886
--Isaac Wm. Meadows dide Oct 17 1886 age 17 years 10 days
--Joseph Meadows was born January 1st 1830, dide January 5th 1897, age 67
years, 4 days

Entries on the reverse side of page 883:
--Reed (?) Smoot dide August 30th 1853
--Ella May Meadows and Ben Leftwich was married Dec 27th 1898
--Mary Susan Meadows and Jo. Bowman was married June 1st 1893
--Olive Eureka Meadows and Wm. Trainer was married March 18 1894
--Lucinda Meadows was married age of (15) years. Was married 30 years June
15 1897 age 45, 60 - 1914, Jan 1st

Entries on a blank page:
--Thomas E Meadows 1892
--Miss Sallie Meadows 1892
--Sallie Gay age 17<<<< (could the above "17 1 4 92" be her age and then the
date? 1-4-1892)
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