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Subject: Stewart Co.,TN records
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005 01:24:15 EDT

Stewart County Deed Book 1 (typed 1921 version of Deed Books A [1803-1804] &
B [1804-1806])

Robert SEARCY and Robert William SEARCY (Mero District) to James BIGGS
and Nathan DAVIDSON (Philadelphia, PA), their ½ acre house lot in Franklin,
Williamson Co., TN; also 2 acre lots in Nashville (#17 & #147); also 160a on
Richland Creek near Nashville (whereon William KINNEY lives); also 640a in
Wilson Co. on Pond Lick Creek (NC grant #2472 to George WALKER); also 640a in
Wilson Co. including the Pond Lick (conveyed 19 Sep 1798 to SEARCY from Samug
HOGG); also 428a in Rutherford Co. on the E fork of Stones River near the mouth
of Aceralls Creek; also 188a in Montgomery Co. on McAdoo Creek (adj. John
DRAKE, Jonathan DRAKE’s heirs, Robert WEAKLEY); also Dyers Island in Stewart
County on the Cumberland River (NC grant #227 to SEARCY); also 640a in
Williamson Co. on the eastern waters of the South Harpeth (adj. Duncan STEWART and
granted by NC #3417 to SEARCY); wit: Robert WHYTE, W. SEARCY; 29 Feb 1804

Stewart County Deed Book 4, 1810-1813
232 Henry PUGH to Asa BIGGS, 60a in 3 tracts for $120: #3185 (30a where Henry
KING lives, on a branch on N side of Saline Creek), #3186 adjoining #3185
(10a), #3188 (20a near BIGGS’ house); 3 Feb 1812
301 Henry KING to John BIGGS, 100a on BRITTON’s Fork of Saline Creek, adj.
William KING; wit: Robert WARD, Asa BIGGS; 9 Mar 1810
400 John STANCIL to Saline Baptist Church, 1a on S side of Saline Creek for
$1, including a spring, adj. the land where the Meeting House stands (donated
by FERRELL); wit: John FERRELL, Robert WARREN, John BIGGS; 14 Nov 1812
Stewart County Wills and Settlements, Volume C
51 widow's dowry set aside for Mrs. Henry L. Wall (widow of Charles
King): land on Britton’s fork of Saline Creek, adjoining lands of heirs of
John Biggs; commissioners Robert Walker, John Biggs, Etheldred Wallace,
Henry French, William W. Cherry; 20 Apr 1830
305 widow’s dowry for Martha Manning, widow of William M. Manning,
by John Lee, Henry L. Wall, John Biggs, James Biggs, Armsted Taylor; 29 Oct
363 sale of the estate of Ader Bogard by George W. Vickers; buyers
include George Vickers, Hester Bogard, William Carr, Sarah Bogard, Delaney
Aldrige, Charles Bogard Jr., Zachariah Bogard, Joel Biggs, Anderson Taylor,
Joseph Bogard, Wesley Pryor, C. B. Wilcox, Armstead Taylor, William R. Atkins,
William Williams, William H. Cherry, John W. Blakely, Martha McGee, Thomas
Roberts, William Cross, John Clary, David Weatherspoon, Uriah Tomlinson, Henry
Francis, William H. McGee, Solomon K. Volentine, Alfred Boyd, Samuel Elam; Aug
464 sale of the estate of Jesse Reams by administrators Mathew
Morgan and David Moore; buyers include James Wyatt, Nathan Winters, James Collier,
Mark Weaks, Benjamin Daniel, Thomas McGee, Samuel Lockert, Jesse Collier,
Anderson Andrews, William Alsop, William Weaks, James Hogan, William Moore,
William Yarborough, James Lowery, Allen Barnes, Hugh McMillan, T. Moore,
Nicholas Bailey, Henry Webb, Polly Wyatt, Robert Wyatt, William West, John Lewis,
Mathew Morgan, William Parker, Joseph Lockert, William Mobley, Elisha Pinner,
Mrs. Wyatt, Charles Crosswell, Kader Biggs, Polly Robbs, David Craig, John
Yarborough, Mrs. Meacham, Alexander Robbs, John Hagler, William Robbs, Gordon
Brown, Benjamin Suiter, John Ford, Woody Reams, James Brigham, Jesse Jackson,
John Forsythe, Collins Wyatt; returned Nov. term 1835
Stewart County Settlements and Bonds, Volume D

6 inventory and sale of James Read; buyers include James Locke,
Merideth Walton, David Biggs, Jethro Bass, Paton Stubblefield, R. W. Clausel,
Samuel Downs, R. W. Wells, Marvil Olive, Bazzel Wilson, John S. Wilson, Mathew
Locke, John McMahon, B. H. Sanders, Manuel Cox, William Lassiter, Robert
McDugal, Daniel McClure, Phillip Herndon, Martin Ross, Lazarus Lassiter, Joel
Underwood, Simeon A. G. Noel, John Locke, Brittain Lassiter, Elizabeth Futrell,
Norfleet Bass, John T. Bailey, George Locke, Elijah Herndon, Thomas Futrell,
Charles Brandon, Trassey Hubard, Isabella Futrell

82 inventory and sale of Lazarus Lassiter by administrator William C.
Jones; buyers include David Biggs, widow, W. Lankford, David Futrell, Josephus
Outland, Caleb Noel, Eppy Everett, Felix Garland, Brittain Lassiter, Elias
Hicks; March term 1837

109 inventory and sale of Jesse Reams by administrator Mathew Morgan;
buyers include James Wyatt, Benjamin Suter, David Moore, Kedar Biggs, James
Brigham, Jesse Jackson, Thomas Hadon, John Foresith, William A. Barnes, Gilly
119 will of John Biggs: wife Nancy, son Joel Biggs, son Davis Biggs,
daughter Elizabeth Miller, daughter Penelope Champion, Hannah Ferrell;
executors are wife Nancy and son Joel; wit: Henry L. Wall, Zanty McKinney, James H.
Manning; written 23 Jul 1837
120 Joel Biggs, Henry L. Wall, administrator’s bond for John Biggs; 4
Sep 1837
123 Henry L. Wall, Philander Priestly, Joel Biggs, guardian bond for
Elizabeth King; 4 Sep 1837

123 Henry L. Wall, Philander Priestly, Joel Biggs, guardian bond for
Mary King; 4 Sep 1837

135 sale of the estate of John Biggs by administrator Joel Biggs;
buyers include Joel Biggs, John Wallace Jr., William H. Clark, Godfrey Stancill,
W. W. Wilcox, W. Howell, William Ellis, James Stalls, James Wallace, Elisha
Stalls, Inman Rogers, W. B. Cherry, John E. Wallace; 8 Oct 1837

168 sale of the estate of Henry D. Bird; buyers include Charles A.
Bird, Clary Bird, W. H. Felts, Gib Wyatt, Benj. Collier, James Blount, Hiram
Warwick, M. Vickers, John Milam, John Marshall, N. A. Winters, Thomas Gately,
Wiatt Tuggle, Uriah Tomlinson, Mark Weaks, William Cook, R. Broadway, H. D.
Fowler, Cader Biggs, William Kay, Roly Phips; 14 Dec 1837
274 Joel Biggs, Joseph Pinner, Orvill Champion, administrator’s bond
for Joseph Champion; 5 Nov 1838
284 sale of the estate of Joseph Champion by administrator Joel Biggs;
buyers include Marvel Bruton, Albert Brigham, Benjamin Champion, Penelope
Champion, B. H. Saunders, widow Champion, Martin Wilkinson, William B. Holland,
Albert Bird, Nancy Biggs, W. Boswell, Samuel Bruton, Aaron Culbertson, Orvel
Champion, Rachel Champion, James Cook, William Bailey, William C. Bird,
Tilman Sexton, Ira Olive; sale 17 Nov 1838
385 sale of the estate of Richard Tayloe; buyers include Allen Barnes,
Benjamin Norrid, Henry L. Atkins, Hymon Tayloe, William Emming, William Bell,
John Bristow, James R. Randle, Nathan A. Winters, William Williams, Seth
Outlaw, Abner Johnson, John McGlawn, Wyatt Tuggle, James Wyatt, Edmond Barnes,
Thompson H. Johnson, Eli J. Stavely, William Little, John H. Clark, William
Kay, John Downs, Abithel Wallace, William Norrid, Mark F. Mitchell, Thomas D.
Mockbee, Roary McAuley, William Hornberger, Charlotty Tayloe, Williamson
Williams, Peyton R. Atkins, John McClish, David Daniel, Benjamin Collier, Isaac
Griffin, William Bufford, James Biggs, Tillman Sexton, Zachariah Broadway,
Joseph A. Collins, Elisha Dawson, Aaron Winters, Benjamin D. Bird, Walter Davis,
William Largent, James Yarborough, Aquilla Groom, Mark Weaks, Warrick H.
Felts, Hardison Daniel; sale on 28 Oct 1839, returned Dec. term1839
397 will of Mathew Morgan: wife Elizabeth Morgan, son Joseph Morgan,
daughter Martha Marshall, Elizabeth Mero(?), wife of William Mero(?),
daughter Sarah Lee, daughter Jane Milam, daughter Mary Biggs, daughter Patience
Smith, daughter Agnes Chambers, daughter Levina Gately, stepson Robert Parker,
stepdaughter Patsy Parker; mentions farm bequeathed to wife Elizabeth; executor
is friend Benjamin Herndon; wit: William Fuqua, Isaac Moss; written 17 Oct
1839, proven Dec. term 1839

402 inventory and sale of the estate of John Biggs; buyers include
William Carr, Joseph Pinner, Joel Biggs, B. Degrafenreid, James Ross, Alexander
Cobb, Richard Hendon, John Wallace, John Pinner, James Hester, Allen Elliott,
David Griffin, William B. Martin, W. H. Ellis, Jonathan Elliott, Edmond
Whitehead, James Keeton, Margaret Fletcher, A. J. Carr, Samuel Kenady, George
Wall, Oren Tucker, James Wallace; sale 12 Dec 1839, returned Jan. term 1840

404 inventory and sale of the estate of Matthew Morgan; buyers include
Cader Biggs, Thomas W. Gately, Elizabeth Morgan, Mary White, James Williams,
A. Brigham, James Barnes, William Fuqua, J. B. Geurin, Walter Boswell, Martha
Marshall, Benjamin Herndon, Orvil Champion, William Bruton, Benjamin
Champion, Asa Scarborough, Jethro Bass, James Caldwell, J. T. Bailey, Ira Olive,
John Whitford, John Gardner, Charles D. Fuqua, Elizabeth Futrell, Aaron
Culberson, Joseph Morgan, James Chambers, James Cook, Willis Morgan, A. Phillips,
James Blount, John Milam, Samuel Bruton, George Gatlin, Robert Parker; returned
Jan. term 1840

413 additional return of Joseph Champion by administrator Joel Biggs; 3
Feb 1840

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