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Subject: Re: [BIGGS] Biggs Marriages----NC>USA
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 19:53:30 -0400
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Thanks to Dan. I also descend from Robert W. Biggs and Nancy Amburn, and
would be interested in any Bennett info. Nancy's parents were Job Scott
Amburn and Sarah Bennett, dau of William Bennett.
Max Ervin

On 3/18/07, <> wrote:
> Thanks to Dan Biggs for sending off for this info: (He also got a lot of
> the
> Bennett names when researching his Robert Biggs, so if anyone wants
> those,
> too........let me know)
> 02Apr1859 BIGGS, A J to Florah L MCKENZIE in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 23Dec1865 BIGGS, Absalom D to Prudence Ann LEWIS in ROBESON Co,NC
> 11Mar1862 BIGGS, Alexander to Delily GIBSON in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 23Mar1833 BIGGS, Alfred to Mary MCMILLEN in ROBESON Co,NC
> 28Apr1865 BIGGS, Amariah to Rose JENNET in CARTERET Co,NC
> 14Nov1846 BIGGS, Ann to John LITTLETON in CRAVEN Co,NC
> 28Nov1853 BIGGS, Anna to John STONE in ROBESON Co,NC
> 11Sep1848 BIGGS, Bethelda P to Robert A ATKINSON in EDGECOMBE Co,NC
> 03Feb1841 BIGGS, Bunting to Sally GLOVER in ROBESON Co,NC
> 31Jan1859 BIGGS, Catharine to Jackson ENNIS in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 01Apr1855 BIGGS, Clarky to Levi ENNIS in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 31Jan1850 BIGGS, Daniel to Olive COLLINS in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 27Apr1842 BIGGS, Daniel to Rose Ann RATLEA in ROBESON Co,NC
> 25Jan1835 BIGGS, David to Hester WATSON in CARTERET Co,NC
> 20Sep1832 BIGGS, Davis to Annie MORRIS in W.M.C. Co,NC
> ?????1781 BIGGS, Davis to Annie MORRIS in W.M.C. Co,NC
> 23Dec1849 BIGGS, Dolly to Waren MESSER in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 26Feb1823 BIGGS, Easter to William CHILDRESS in STOKES Co,NC
> 17Nov1856 BIGGS, Eli C to Martha STEPTOE in HALIFAX Co,NC
> 23Oct1858 BIGGS, Elijah to Susan MANGUM in GRANVILLE Co,NC
> 29Jun1843 BIGGS, Eliza to Uriah SHEPHERD in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 12Aug1845 BIGGS, Eliza F to Josephus FOREMAN in CRAVEN Co,NC
> 30Aug1828 BIGGS, Elizabeth to Young MACGEHEE in GRANVILLE Co,NC
> 05Feb1830 BIGGS, Elizabeth to Hardaman ABINGTON in EDGECOMBE Co,NC
> 03Nov1810 BIGGS, Elizabeth to Benjamin BENNET in STOKES Co,NC
> 21May1866 BIGGS, Elizabeth to Archibald T CLARK in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 02May1811 BIGGS, Elizabeth to Thomas ELLISON in CRAVEN Co,NC
> 05Jun1820 BIGGS, Elizabeth to William TOMAS in CARTERET Co,NC
> 08Oct1810 BIGGS, Elizabeth Sedgwick to Joseph WISE in CRAVEN Co,NC
> 14Mar1804 BIGGS, Fanny to John RIGGS in CRAVEN Co,NC
> 11Mar1817 BIGGS, Fanny to Samuel HARRIS in GRANVILLE Co,NC
> 29Jun1803 BIGGS, Frederick to Polly HOLLIS in CRAVEN Co,NC
> 11Jun1804 BIGGS, Fredk B to Elizabeth S NELSON in CRAVEN Co,NC
> 20Jul1854 BIGGS, Hansom to Eliza LEWIS in NASH Co,NC
> 24Jul1830 BIGGS, J to Betsy DAVIS in ROBESON Co,NC
> 12Dec1855 BIGGS, Jacob to Sarah PURSISE in ROBESON Co,NC
> 11Jan1851 BIGGS, Jacob to Helen RATLEY in ROBESON Co,NC
> 26Apr1814 BIGGS, James to Elizabeth FLOWERS in BRUNSWICK Co,NC
> 12Sep1817 BIGGS, James to Jane INGRAM in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 16Jun1860 BIGGS, James to Zelpha J THAYER in BRUNSWICK Co,NC
> 20Aug1851 BIGGS, Jane to H H HODGIN in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 23Dec1905 BIGGS, Janie to G H CAIN in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 17May1823 BIGGS, Jeremiah to Adelia LEWIS in NASH Co,NC
> 16Sep1851 BIGGS, Jincy to Wm F BOYKIN in NASH Co,NC
> 18Apr1844 BIGGS, John to Ann CONCE in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 15Nov1856 BIGGS, John to Martha FULLER in GRANVILLE Co,NC
> 28Dec1827 BIGGS, John to Catharine MCMILLAN in ROBESON Co,NC
> 01Feb1865 BIGGS, John to Rosy Ann PITMAN in ROBESON Co,NC
> 08Mar1857 BIGGS, John F to Mary WILSON in ROCKINGHAM Co,NC
> ?????1??? BIGGS, John Jr to Elizabeth BROOM in ROBESON Co,NC
> 12Sep1796 BIGGS, John Jr to Gilly FULSHER in CRAVEN Co,NC
> 09Feb1859 BIGGS, John M to Mittie D WHITE in CARTERET Co,NC
> 10Jun1863 BIGGS, Joseph D to Sarah F LATHAM in NASH Co,NC
> 06Oct1866 BIGGS, Louisa to Charles B CREEL in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 08Nov1856 BIGGS, Lovedy to Geo W HILLIARD in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 17Dec1812 BIGGS, Lovinah to Marmaduke BRADDY in EDGECOMBE Co,NC
> 07Mar1857 BIGGS, Margaret to John STONE in ROBESON Co,NC
> 22Aug1866 BIGGS, Margaret A to H W MCPHAUL in ROBESON Co,NC
> 19Dec1865 BIGGS, Martha C to William T CRAWFORD in EDGECOMBE Co,NC
> 22Sep1860 BIGGS, Mary Ann to William J CHATHAM in STOKES Co,NC
> 16Aug1864 BIGGS, Mary C to Charles A CAMPEN in CARTERET Co,NC
> 12Mar1851 BIGGS, Mary Jane to Abraham MORE in ROBESON Co,NC
> 20Feb1824 BIGGS, Nancy to Wyatt H PEEBLES in GUILFORD Co,NC
> 31Dec1865 BIGGS, Nancy to Elias PREVATT in ROBESON Co,NC
> 17Apr1810 BIGGS, Nancy to Henry Jr JOHNSTON in CRAVEN Co,NC
> 05Sep1866 BIGGS, Neill to Effie Mcphail SCOTT in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 03Jul1847 BIGGS, Patsey to James MOORE in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 08Jun1810 BIGGS, Polly to John PRIDDY in GRANVILLE Co,NC
> 12Nov1808 BIGGS, Polly to John ALLWAYS in CRAVEN Co,NC
> 28Aug1848 BIGGS, Precilla to Richard CLAMPITT in STOKES Co,NC
> 05Jul1796 BIGGS, Prunsia to Jesse LISTER in CRAVEN Co,NC
> 03Aug1852 BIGGS, Ransom to Sallie THOMPSON in NASH Co,NC
> 14Feb1797 BIGGS, Richard to Penny GREEN in WAKE Co,NC
> 22Jul1863 BIGGS, Robert W to Nancy L AMBERN in STOKES Co,NC
> 12Nov1823 BIGGS, Sally to Allen STEPHENS in STOKES Co,NC
> 31Oct1849 BIGGS, Samuel to Delisha GATLIN in ROBESON Co,NC
> 16Mar1784 BIGGS, Sarah to Edward CARRAWAY in CRAVEN Co,NC
> 25Feb1857 BIGGS, Sarah Ann to Wm J WILLETS in BRUNSWICK Co,NC
> 26Feb1857 BIGGS, Sarah Ann to Julius WILLETS in BRUNSWICK Co,NC
> 05Jan1869 BIGGS, Sarah Jane to Henry JOHNSON in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 05Jan1869 BIGGS, Sarah Jane to John Henry JOHNSON in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 28Nov1831 BIGGS, Sena to John OKELLY in ROBESON Co,NC
> 28Nov1831 BIGGS, Sena to John OKELLY in ROBESON Co,NC
> 02Feb183? BIGGS, Warren to Mahala WINBORN in NASH Co,NC
> 03Dec1867 BIGGS, Washington to Ann Eliza SKIPPER in BRUNSWICK Co,NC
> 16Nov1818 BIGGS, William to Fanny CARRAWAY in CRAVEN Co,NC
> 10Jun1857 BIGGS, William to Lucy Mrs COGHILL in GRANVILLE Co,NC
> 10May1822 BIGGS, William to Catharine GLOVER in ROBESON Co,NC
> 13Jul1848 BIGGS, William to Eliza HILLIARD in CUMBERLAND Co,NC
> 31Jul1822 BIGGS, William to Eliza PARKER in EDGECOMBE Co,NC
> 01Nov1809 BIGGS, William to Eleanor PHELPS in CRAVEN Co,NC
> 06Oct1806 BIGGS, William to Anna SMITH in CRAVEN Co,NC
> 16Dec1850 BIGGS, Willis to Mary GLOVER in ROBESON Co,NC
> 02Mar1819 BIGGS, Winifred to William HARRIS in GRANVILLE Co,NC
> 15May1780 BIGS, Benjamin to Abigail FRAZER in ROWAN Co,NC
> 09Dec1829 BIGS, Rebecca to Wiley PAUL in ROBESON Co,NC
> 14May1833 BIGS, Zaccariah to Precilla DIMOND in STOKES Co,NC
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