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From: "Belinda Dettmann" <>
Subject: [BINNS] Keitly Binns in Jamaica
Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 18:44:19 +1100

Some time ago I mentioned that there might have been a connection between the Binns of Jamaica and the town of Keighley in Yorkshire. Apparently Keighly is pronounced 'Keithly' and some Jamaican Binns used the middle name Keitly. I think Christopher Ridings asked what was the first record of Keitly Binns in Jamaica. I've just been going through some Jamaican parish registers, and this is the first record I came across:

Hanover Registers, Jamaica, vol 1.
106. Marriage in the parish of Hanover, Jamaica 1801.
Binns, James Keitly, Bachelor and Sarah Houghton Leigh, Spinster, both of this parish were joined together in the Holy State of Matrimony 1st day of Sept 1801 by me Sigd Simon Little Rector of Hanover.

131. Binns James Kittly died the 18th Dec 1810 and was interred in the Burial Ground of Houghton Court Great House attended by the Hanover Regiment of which he was Major and by the lodge of Free Masons.

1804 Baptisms
Binns Edward Son of James K Binns and his wife Sarah H Binns born on the 23rd day of June 1804.

The Almanac of 1821 lists landholders:
Binns, Sarah H Ware Park 17 [slaves]

The Hanover census of 1823 has the following Binns entries:
Binns SH (fem) 45 White Lucea
Binns, James K 21 White Lucea
Binns, Edward 19 White Lucea
Binns, Samuel 14 White Lucea

I've also found some earlier records, almost certainly for the same family.
1784 Almanac Militia
St James Regt
Captains: Edward Binns

1790 Almanac Foot
Hanover Regt
Captains: Edward Binns, en. seconde.
Hanover Regt
Ensigns James K Binns

Jamaica Manumissions [freeing of slaves]
17 Jun 1823 Phillis & Mary Binns 160 pounds 10 shillings by Cathe Wilder & al
12 Mar 1824 Eliza Dias, Jane McKerry, 10 shillings by Sarah H. Binns

This particular Binns family was white, owned plantations, and owned and freed slaves. They also provided senior officers for the local militia, hence they were gentry.

Most of the Binns families who stayed on in Jamaica had some African heritage through their descent from slaves. Many rose to responsible positions in the administration of Jamaica and some were talented sportsmen. Alfred Phillip Binns (b 1929 Kingston, Jamaica) played Test Cricket for the West Indies.

Belinda Dettmann in Australia

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