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From: "Marla Moore" <>
Subject: Birds in Barbados
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 21:10:23 -0600

Does anyone know where these Birds lived at later dates? I hope this helps

Barbados Records, Wills and Administrations, Vol. 1, 1639-1680, compiled by
Joanne Mcree Sanders
GEN 929.3 729981 Sand Vol. 1

p. 319. Scott, Michael, tailer. St. Philips Parish, 14 Apr. 1653, RB6/11, p.
To be buried in Parish church, William Ramsdon, planter, Mrs. Harrison, wf. Of
Edward Harrison, dau. of Michael Cornehill, servant Thomas Swise—freedom.
Signed, Michael X Scott. Wit: John Bird age 34, Thomas Robinson age 20.
Proved 15 Apr. 1653.

p. 243. Minor, John, Planter. St. Michaels Parish, 18 Mar 1664, RB6/15, p.
My now wife Jane Minor—4 acs. lying so. Of the Broad Path leading to the
Indian Bridge, John Bird’s land being west and George Walton’s south,
Alexander Seawell, son of Alexander Seawell of Bdos, bro. Thomas Minor in
England and his chn, friend Christopher Lyn—Exr. Signed John X Minor. Wit:
Sarah Connway, Em. X Steed. Proved 17 June 1665.

p. 4. Allen, William. 9 Sept. 1671, RB6/9, p. 301
Wf Joan Allen—land purchased of Gilbert Meason in St. Johns Parish in custody
of Richard Estwick, chn. Joane and William Allen, Xtrs in Trust—Thomas Beeble,
Henry Sweete Esq, Edwin Binny Esq. and Richard Estwicke. Signed Willialm X
Allen. Wit: Ricahrd Estwick, Edward Pratt, Benjamin Bird. Proved 13 Aug.

p. 355. Thorn, Lt. Col. Joseph, Gent. St. Josephs Parish, 24 Aug 1672, RB6/8
p. 499
Wf. Elvy Thorn—Xtrx, sons John Thorn, William Thorn, and Joseph Thorn, land
purchased of church wardens of St. Andrews Parish joining lands of James
Thorn, dec’d,. Dau. Elizabeth Hobbs, 4 chn. (gr chn?) Ann Hobbs, Elizabeth
Hobbs, Mary Hobbs and youngest unbaptised, gr. Chn John Boems, gr. Chn. Joseph
Thorn and Jabez Thorn, dau. in law the relict of son Joseph Thorn dec’d, sons
James Thorn, friends col. Sharp. And Capt. Henry Gallop—overseers. Signed
Joseph Thorne. Wit: Roger Games, Benjamin Bird. Proved 12 May 1673.

p. 322. Shahan, Daniel. St. Thoams Parish, 28 June 1679, RB6/9, p. 515.
Cousin Cornelius Shahan, my gossip Jone Donnas; cousin Dennis Dunnoho. Signed
Daniel X Shahan. Wit: William Bird, Morris Layne, Thomas Rogers. Proved 22
Aug 1679.

p. 235 Martin, John, chururgion, 5 Mar 1680, RB6/14, p. 201
Son John Martin, daus. Margaret Martin and Ann Martin. Wf. Mary Ann Martin
and friends Capt. Wm. Dymock and Lt. Thomas Downes. Xtrs. Signed John Martin.
Wit: Ralph Bond, John Wilson, William Bird. Proved 17 Mar 1680.

p. 269 Parnell, Thamar, late of St. Peters All Saints Parish, spinster. St.
Michaels Parish, 18 May 1680. RB6/14, p. 74.
William Battram late of St. Peters Parish did by deed of gift to me his God
dau., 5 ac. Now in possession of Xtr. In Trust Col. Symon Lambert; Peter
Christian and Barbary Christian, son and dau. of Francis Christian of St.
Michaels, John Campbell, son of Dennis Campbell of St. Lucys; cousin William
Price—xtr. In behalf of his wife cousin Margaret Price and chn. Signed Thamar
X Parnell. Wit: Richard Bird, James Vicars. Proved 4 June 1680.

p. 57-58, Bushell, John Sr. of St. Michaels Town. 1 Oct 1680. RB6/1/4, p.
Wf. Rebecca Bushell, dau. Rebecca Lane and gr. Chn. Anthony Lane and Rebecca
Lane, dau. Sarah Depay and gr. Son John Depay, dau. Martha Bushell at 20, poor
of Parish of Fradsame, C. Pallatine of Chester, England—money to be disposed
of by William Bird of London, friend Francis Bond Esq. and son in law Thomas
Depay merchant. Proved 11 Xber 1680.

p. 33. Byrd, Henry, merchant, departing for England 14th day of 6gh month,
called August 1679, RB6/14, p. 37.
Friend—Sarah Cowper of Bdos—jewels lately the goods of cousin Jane Williams,
dec’d, God son Henry Bishop, God dau. Elizabeth Elliott, God son Robert
Clarke, mo. Ann Byrd of Burrington, Co. Hereford—xtrx, friend John Milles of
Bdos merchant—xtr in trust. Signed Henry Byrd. Wit: Richard Adamson, John
Bailey, Richard Tudor. Proved 6 Apr. 1680.

Barbados Records, Wills and Administrations, Vol. 2, 1681-1700, compiled by
Joanne Mcree Sanders
GEN 929.3 729981 Sand Vol. 2

p. 288. Ramsey, George, planter, being very sick and weak. St. Philips
Parish, 20 Sept 1676, RB 6/40, p. 143. Servants, Alice Bird and Katherine

p. 102-103. Dyne, Edmond, planter. St. James Parish, 16 Nov. 1680. RB6/14,
p. 261
Wit: Geo: Morrison, Joseph Nicholson, Henry X Falls, Samuel Bird. Proved 1
Aug 1681.

p. 32. Bird, John Gent. St. Michaels Parish, 15 June 1681, RB6/40, p. 137
To be buried in the parish church yard; sons John Bird and Gabriel Bird;
plantation I dwell in; wf Margarett Bird – Xtrx. Signed John Bird. Wit:
Henry Sutton, Thomas Neele, Danielle Clancy, Joseph Bilclife. Proved 26 Apr

p. 76. Corley, William. St. Thomas Parish, 3 Jan 1681, RB6/8, p. 563
Son Henry John Corley at 21, daus. Ann Davis, Thomasin Thomas, Josian Corley
and Sophia Corley, John Davis, John Thomas, John Jeffers – xtrs. Signed
William X Carley. Wit: William Jefford, John X Bird, John Fitt. Proved 14
Jan 1681.

p. 319. Sherman, Richard 20 July 1681, RB6/14, p. 285
Amy Brooker, dau. of John Brooker of Christ Church, Elizabeth Bird, the dau.
of Benjamin Bird, John Brooker and Benjamin Bird – rs. Signed, Richard
Sherman. Wit: Abell Deane, Robert Whiting. Proved 8 Oct 1681.

p. 135. Glove, John. RB6/12 p. 270. Dep. 21 Feb 1682. Samuel Bird of St.
James Parish, Merchant: “ He was acquainted with John Glover of said Parish,
Planter lately dec’d, and being his neighbor he was with said Glover some time
before he died when he gave his nuncupative will: My eldest son Alexdr:
Glover—my estate and if he dies it goes to Edward Wills of Bdos Planter.
Proved 21 Feb 1682

p. 297 Richeson, John, Brasier. 24 June 1682, RB6/12, p. 79
To be buried in old church yard, friends John Bird Sr. and Richard Forde
Jr.—Xtrs. Dau. in law Sarah Bull at marriage or age 20, Alice Rawlinson,
friends John Piggott and Richard Forde, John Birde Jr.; George Brodgate owes
me money, my spoon mold and hammer. Signed John X Richeson. Wit: Henry
Miller, John Bird Sr., Gabrill Bird. Proved 4 July 1682

p. 348. Toyer, Katharine, widow. St. Michaels Parish, 1 Feb 1686. RB6/40 p.
Negro slave Dotio – Freedom. Signed Katherine X Toyer. Wit: Thomas Holland,
Richard X Bird, Ralph X Clay, John Hyatt. Proved 5 Apr. 1687

p. 146. Grimes, William. 15 Mar 1687, RB6/40, p. 366
Nuncupative Will: Sis in law Elizabeth Mayloyn Etrx and heir. Wit: Thomas
Dawson, Gabriel Bird, Peter Lillyman. Proved 4 Apr. 1687.

p. 300. Robinson, Edward planter. St. Georges Parish, 10 June 1690, RB6/41
p. 317
My son Edward Robinson at 21, my daus. Bridgett Robinson, Edith Robinson,
Katherine Robinson, Christian Robinson, Rachel Robinson. My wf Christian
Robinson – Xtrx; friends Capt. Miles Toppin and John Marshall – Trustees.
Signed Edward X Robinson. Wit: John Bird, Christopher Simpson, John X
Kilderine, John X Kand, Abraham X Peoans (court name Abraham Scoans) Proved
14 July 1690

p. 32. Bird, Henry. St. Josephs Parish, 12 Jan 1695, RB6/11, p. 319
Wf. Christian Bird, chn Henry Bird and Elizabeth Bird; sis Mary Middleton; the
sons of Francis Smith Jr. dec’d: Francis Smith, William Smith, Thomas Smith,
and John Smith; Xtrs – friends and kinsmen Alexander Parris, William Smith,
and John Smith. Signed Henry Bird. Wit: Mary X Wankinshare, Elizabeth X
Smith, William Jones Jr. Proved 6 Feb 1695/6

p. 25. Baynes, William chief gunner of St. James Fort. 11 Aug 1695, RB6/11,
p. 194
…land of Odain Barrs and William Dowdy formerly of Eleanor Bird decd, now in
the possession of kinsman Richard Baynes and bounding Margaret Barrott widow;…
Proved 3 Oct 1695.

Barbados Records, Wills and Administrations, Vol. 3, 1701--, compiled by
Joanne Mcree Sanders
GEN 929.3 729981 Sand Vol. 3

p. 311-312. Smith, Francis, planter. St. Josephs Parish 20 Jan 1710, rb6/5,
My son John Lucie Smith at 18, and 2nd son William Smith at 21, my wife Mary
Smith—xtrx; my bros. William Smith and John Smith, friends Lt. Col. William
Grant, Col. John Lucie Blackman. Robert Richards and Daniell Mackaskell—xtrs
in trust; my mo; my sis Christian Thompson; Henry Bird. Signed, Francis
Smith. Wit: Wm. Thomas, John Themoo, John Sherron. Proved 31 July 1711.

p. 314. Smith, Sarah, widow. St. Georges Parish, 10 Aug 1718 (sic in
original), RB6/35, p. 310
My dau. Ann Thorne widow, my gr dau Christian Thompson and gr dau Elizabeth
Bird the dau. of Christian Thompson; gr daus Ann Smith, Sarah Smith, Frances
Smith at 16, and Elizabeth Lewis widow, the daus of son John Smith; gr dau
Sarah Smith dau. of William Smith dec’d; gr dau Margaret Camil at 18 the dau
of James Camil; gr chn Edward Paris, Sarah Parris, Margaret Paris, John Paris
at 18, Thomas Paris at 18, Mary Paris, and Alexander Paris at 18 chn of son
Alexander Paris and dau. Elizabeth Paris his wf; money due me from the son of
John smith; my gr dau Elizabeth Martin at 16 or marriage the dau of John
Martin and gr dau Elizabeth Martin his wf; gr dau Jane Greenidge; son John
Smith and Susanna Smith his wf; son in law Alexander Paris – xtr. Signed Sarah
X Smith. Wit: Frances Grant, John Martin, William Smith, Alex: X Smith.
Proved 27 Jan 1714 (sic in original) Wm. Sharp, Recorded 27 Jan 1714.

The Complete Book of Emigrants 1661-1699 by Peter Wilson Coldham.
Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore 1988. 929.3 A173 CoLb. “A
List of Emigrants from surviving records in English Archives”

p. 64. 1664 May 1. Newgate prisoners reprieved to be transported to
Barbados. Middlesex: John Bird of St. Giles Cripplegate (PRO:C66/2071/2)

p.108. 1667 July 30. The following apprenticed in Bristol: John Bird to
William Hayman, 4 years Barbados. (BR)

p. 224-5. 1674 July 18. Newgate prisoners to be transported to Barbados:
London: Michael Bird (PRO:C66/3167/1)

p. 568. 1686 March 1. Western Circuit prisoners reprieved to be transported
to Barbados: Nicholas Burd alias Bird of Shaston (PRO:C66/3282/6)

p. 645. 1694, Oct 10. Newgate prisoners reprieved to be transported to
Barbados or Jamaica. Middlesex: Elizabeth Bird of Middlesex, spinster.

p. 688. 1698 Mar 12. Home Circuit prisoners reprieved to be transported to
Barbados or Jamaica. Surrey: Stephen Bird of St. Saviour, Southwork.

p. 29. 1701 Aug 28. Newgate prisoners reprieved to serve seven years in
Barbados on Jamaica. Middlesex: Martha Bayley of Shadwell, spinster, John
Bird alias Budd of Whitechapel. (PRO:C66/3420/3)

p. 30. 1701 Sept 1-11. Shippers by the Beginning sloop, Mr. Edward Bird,
bound from Bristol for Baltimore and Barbados: William Clark, John Becker

Original Lists of Person of Quality 1600-1700 by John Camden Hotten, Baltimore
Genealogical Publishing Co., 1986. GEN 325.108622. 0973 Hott

p. 328. Certificat of the Disposall of Captain Kendalls’ Rebels, Barbados, by
the Happy Return of Pool, Capt. Roger Wadham, Commander, Dec. 1685. John
Brown, servant to Benjamin Bird, Master.

p. 438, 448. Barbados. (No date) A list of inhabitants in and about the
town of St. Michaells. Benja. Bird and wife. Children: 2, Hired Servants:
1, Bought Servants: 0, Slaves: 1

p. 347, 353. Barbados. Tickets. A list of what have been granted out of the
secrtys Office of the Island aforesaid for the departure off this island.
July 1, 1679. Bird, Henry in the ship Amity for London. Benj. Grove,

p. 451. Barbados. (No date) A list of owners, possessors of land, Hired
Servants, Bought Servants, and Negroes in ye Parish St. Michaells. Jno Bird.
6 ac., 2 Neg.

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