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Subject: [BISSETT-L] Bissets of Lessendrum 1251-1894 a weekends reading.
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 14:00:55 +0000

Hi all,
Here as promised is the Bissets of Lessendrum geneology.
I'm sure some of you will find this interesting. It has cousins marrying
cousins, people assuming the name, etc.
I'd love to here anybodys views of the information within and if anybody
can add to it feel free, {Selena??}
I hope the text appears o.k. in your browser, it was compiled in Wri.
format and I sent it to myself a couple of times to check it's appearance
and discovered problems sure enough.
If anybody would like me to send it as an attached file I will do so. Just

There follows an account of the Bissets of Lessendrum from 1251 to 1894.
It is from a book entitled the "Thanage of Fermartyn" by the Rev. William
Temple, M.A., F.S.A. Scot. of St. Margaret's, Forgue.
"The Mansion house of Lessendrum is finely situated. Considerable
alterations and improvements were made by William Bisset soon after his
accession to the property. The entry door is a Norman Arch, and the
staircase leading to the apartments is very fine, while the ceiling of the
dining room is enriched with the arms and quarterings of various members
and connections of the family.
There is a fine collection of paintings, many of them representations of
the great English family of Mordaunt. The Admiral Lord Howard of
Effingham, who commanded Queen Ellizabeth's fleet against the Armada, may
be seen, and many other historical characters inherited by the Bisset
family through their descent from the Mordaunts, Earls of Peterborough."

1. Walter Byset of Aboyne d. 1251. >uncle of>
2. Thomas Byset of Aboyne, &c. >probably father of>
3. Walter Byset of Aboyne and Lessendrum. circa 1304.
4. Thomas Byset of Aboyne &c. circa 1340. >father or near relative of>
5. Walter Byset of Lessendrum. circa 1355[]1379. >probably father of>
6. Patrick of Lessendrum circa 1387.
The next to be found also bears the same name.
There is no doubt that others intervene here as there is a gap of nearly
eighty-two years between the two dates; but they have left no trace in
history of their existence, not even "umbra nominis."
7. Patrick Byset circa 1492. d.1503. m.Isobel Lindsay. 4 children:
1. A daughter m. Alexander Gordon of Tillytarmont.{died at the Battle of
Pinkie in 1547}
2. Beatrice m. to William Leslie, second laird of New Leslie.
3. A daughter m. William Leslie, first laird of Crichie.
4. Patrick, his successor.
8. Patrick Byset of Lessendrum. m. Catherine Gordon, daughter of William
Gordon of Tillytarmont. 4 children.
1. Patrick, his successor.
2. William who married the daughter of Patrick Leslie of Craigtoun
> 1 son, John.
3. Bessie, m. Robert Forbes of Ballinghame.
> Patrick, John, Alexander, Margaret, Isobel.
4. Elizabeth m. Alexander Thomson of Disblair,
> 1 son, Alexander Burgess of Aberdeen. [a]
9. Patrick Byset of Lessendrum d. at the battle of Pinkie 1547 m.?Murray
daughter of ?Murray of Cowbairdie. 3 children.
1. Patrick.
2. Janet m. John Byset of Aberdeen
> James, George, Patrick. {Patrick m. the daughter of Gilbert Byset of
Pilmuxton, Mair of Fee of Aberdeen.}
3. Margaret m. the nephew of Walter Baird in Banff.
10. Patrick Bisset of Lessendrum m.? 1 son.
1. George b. 1551
This Patrick, with the Earl of Huntly, rebelled against Queen Mary and fell
at Corrichie. His sword bearing the date October 22, 1562 is at Lessendrum.

11. George Byset of Lessendrum. b. 1551 d. 25 January 1623. 1 son
1. Robert Bisset of Lessendrum.
George was called in family tradition "the restorer" as the estate of
Lessendrum was forfeited by his father for rebelling against Queen Mary.
The charter dated 16 March 1611 is to George and his son.

12. Robert Bisset of Lessendrum. d.1646{note spelling change.}m.?Gordon
daughter of James Gordon of Merdrum. 3 children.
1. Alexander
2. Helen m. Robert Crichton of Bainshole sometimes called Drumdollo. who
died not long after the marriage, she later married Alexander Gordon of
Birkenburn, 3 sons.
3. Isobel.
Both Isobel and her father were excommunicated from the church for adhering
to the Roman Catholic faith and refusing either to attend Kirk or sign the
Solemn League of Covenant.

13. Alexander Bisset of Lessendrum d. 1693 m. in 1650 to Anne daughter of
Robert Gorden. 6 and more children.
1. Robert. b. 1651
2. William, a major in the army, who had a son, Dr. Alexander.
3. George.
4. Charles, died 1742.
5. Lewis.
6. Alexander and others.

14. Robert Bisset of Lessendrum. d.17?? m. in 1681 Agnes of Abercromby of
Birkenbog. 5 children.
1. James.
2. Alexander, accidentally drowned.
3. Jane, m. in 1730 to James Gordon of Cocklarachie.
4. Margaret.
5. Ann, m. in 1706 Peter Gordon of Ardmeallie.{from whom the Hay Gordons
late of mayen are descended.}

15. James Bisset of Lessendrum. d.1748 m. Anne, daughter of Dun of Tarty,
commonly called Bonnie Ann of Tarty. Her portrait is in Lessendrum. 9 and
more children.
1. Robert, baptised Oct. 14 1723, died young.
2. Alexander, baptised Jan. 27 1734.
3. Anne.
4. Agnes, baptised Nov. 22 1726.
5. Mary, m. Rev. Mr. Abel minister of Drumblade.
6. Jean, baptised April 1728.
7. Margaret, baptised Dec. 24 1730.
8. Elizabeth, baptised June 20 1732.
9. Catharine and others.

16. Alexander Bisset of Lessendrum. d.1795.
He was unmarried, and entailed the estate of Lessendrum, after the death of
his sisters, on Muarice George Bisset, the son of Dr. Alexander Bisset, and
grandson of Major William Bisset.
Succeeded by his sister,

17. Anne Bisset of Lessendrum.
Her name may be seen on a chalice bequeathed by her to the Episcopal Church
of Parkdargue, Forgue, 1802, and remodelled in 1866 by the Venerable
Maurice George Fenwick Bisset of Lessendrum.
Anne, Agnes, Margaret and Mary or Abel were all succeeded by their kinsmen.

18. Maurice George Bisset of Lessendrum. b.1757 d.Dec.16 1821.
Dr. Alexander Bisset, the son of Major William Bisset, the second son of
Alexander Bisset(13.) m. Jane, the daughter of General Bockland of Knighton
Isle of Wight.
and had 7 children.
1. Maurice George Bisset.... who succeeded to Lessendrum.
2. William, D.D., Lord Bishop of Raphoe, who succeeded to Lessendrum and
Knighton Isle of Wight.
3. Alexander, m. Catherine Bagenal and had 1 child , William, who
succeeded to Lessendrum.
4. George, D.D., who m. The Lady Catherine Howard, daughter of the Duke
of Suffolk.
5. Henry, killed at sea.
6. Elizabeth, m. Willaim Fenwick of Lemmington and had 3 and more children.
1. William.
2. Robert.
3. The Venerable Maurice George, who married his cousin, the
heiress of Lessendrum; and others who died in infancy.
7. Sophia, m. Sir Robert Brownrigg, Bart., d.s.p.

Maurice George Bisset of Lessendrum m. Harriot, eldest daughter of John
Mordaunt, Earl of Peterborough. and had 2 children.
1. Jane Harriot.
2. Anne who died in 1879.

19. Right Rev. William Bisset, D.D., of Lessendrum, Lord Bishop of Raphoe.
d. Sept. 4th 1834 aged 75. m. Jane, daughter of the Rev. Christopher Erle.
no children.

20. William Bisset of Lessendrum, d.1858. m. Lady Alicia Howard daughter of
the Earl of Wicklow. 1 duaghter.
1. Jane Francis. she first married William Gilland, secondly in 1881 to
Rev. Robert Bisset Earlington., vicar of Lower Brixton, Devon.

Here the succession reverts to Jane Harriot eldest daughter of Maurice
George Bisset of Lessendrum.

21. Jane Harriot Bisset of Lessendrum. d.1866. m. her cousin the Venerable
Maurice George Fenwick, son of William Fenwick of Leamington, by Elizabeth
Bisset , his spouse. Archdeacon Fenwick on his wife succeeing to the
property of Lessendrum assumed the name of Bisset. They had 3 children.
1. Mordaunt, b. 1826.
2. Janet, who succeeded her brother.
3. Harriet.
Mrs. Fenwick Bisset died in 1866. her husband died August 6,1879 aged 82.

22. Mordaunt Fenwick Bisset of Lessendrum. d. 1884. m.1851 to Susan,
daughter and heiress of Francis Popham of Bagborough.
He inherited the fine property of Daunsey in Wiltshire from his grand uncle
the Earl of Peterborough. He was M.P. for West Somersetshire.
Succeeded by his sister.

23. Mrs. Janet Earlington Bisset of Lessendrum. m. to J. Faviere
Earlington, LL.D., Q.C. they had 4 children.
1. Rev. Charles Earlington. d, Dec.12 1888.
2. Maurice,
3. Rev. Robert Erlington.
4. Isabella. be

James Hughson Bisset. b. 1964.
Edinburgh, Scotland.
55 North, four seasons in a day.
{Same latitude as Moscow, but tilting south .........ever so slowly}

James Hughson Bisset. b. 1964.
Edinburgh, Scotland.
55 North, four seasons in a day.
{Same latitude as Moscow, but tilting south .........ever so slowly}

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