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Subject: Re: [BK] a Couple of Questions
Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 08:00:18 -0500

The database you want to back up must be the one that is active at the time you select BACKUP in the BK program.

Is your problem you can't get "Pop as #1" open?

Remember the backup file name will be the same for any data base and its up to you to label the CD or diskette properly.


<> wrote:

>  Hello James  , I`ll start by saying this , I have deleted all 5 copies of
>previous mail you sent with your message ! ,  you mention Back Up , In which
>lies the problem , BK does not recognize that I am now using pop as # 1 as
>my primary database ,   It will only back up my ' a_bk '  database ,
>Forcing me to do a subsequent back up with  my OTHER back up utility program
>,  Which is a bit sloppy ! , I therefore need to make my a_bk data base a
>copy of the pop as #1 database , WHICH by the way contains ALL or the people
>in a_bk , THE ONLY Difference is , my father is number one , AND NONE of the
>100s of pix or text files is included  , Opening a data base IS NOT the
>problem , DOING a back up correctly is what I want ,  Phil
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