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I forgot to ask.  Is there a way to make the external drive on the desktop
available if the desktop computer is not on?  It is plugged by USB into an
external USB port that is connected to the computer.  Currently when the
computer goes off the external drive goes off and so doesn't the USB port. 
At least, I'm thinking they both go off .  I'd have to crawl under our desk,
but I think both the drive and the port have their own power supply cord.

I may be asking something that's electronically impossible.  If so, just let
me know gently, please.  :-)  Or, is there some way to make an
external drive available to both computers without both being on?

Thanks, Patty

You need what is called NAS (Network area storage) device. It uses your
home network to connect the storage to all the PCs.

For an example of one.

Another network device is a network printer which allows all your PCs use


Just got a catalog in the mail and they have a wireless USB hub for $29.99
See http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/58-14255


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