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From: Patricia Patteson< >
Subject: Surnames
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 07:49:55 -0700 (PDT)

I just got back from a 5 day Memorial Day trip and enjoyed reading all
the discussion on the origin of the term Black Dutch. All my life I
have been told that our family was Black Dutch. My great aunt Essie was
the one who spoke of our American Indian heritage. She was the only one
who ever "admitted" to it. Everyone else, to this day, still just say
that we are Black Dutch. My surnames on the "Black Dutch" side are:
Allred, Alldredge, Malaby, Gossett, and a woman named Sarah from TN that
no one has ever been able to find a last name for. I suspect that Sarah
may have been American Indian. Lemuel Allred (son of Thomas Allred and
Margaret Alldredge) b abt 1795 in Randolph Co, NC married Sarah ? in TN
abt 1815 and they moved to Blount Co, AL. Their son Charles b abt 1835
married Mary Malaby (another person that I have not been able to find
much info on) in 1860. Their son John b abt 1866 married Isabelle
Gossett b 1873 (father Ephram Gossett - mother unknown) in 1888. As you
can see, I can trace the Allred men back to the 1700's but the women
they married remain mysteries other than Margaret Alldredge who married
Thomas in 1794 in NC.
I suspect that most of them were at least "part" American Indian and
that the family went to so much trouble to cover this fact that their
true heritage is probably lost forever. I'm still looking but don't
expect to find much, unless I stumble on it purely by accident. Pat

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