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From: "O'Brien, Carter" <>
Subject: RE: [BLACK-IRISH] Black Irish Definition
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2006 08:17:15 -0500

The Chicago Sun Times ran an article a few months ago (no longer
available on line) where the columnist, Andrew Greeley, said Black Irish
refers to Irish and who are very dark and those Protestants who were
planted in Cork. He said that he got this info from a book called The
Irish Rm by Sommerville and Ross. This appears to be a larger set of
books, I saw some on eBay but given the copies were all overseas (and
shipping is considerable), and I wasn't sure exactly which particular
book was the one in question, I didn't pursue it.

Mr. Greeley is the only person I have yet to hear who claims that the
phrase originates in Ireland, every other source I've found says it's
purely an American phrase.


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