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From: Andy Blackard <>
Subject: Chamberlain Hudson family data: VA->Granville Bute/Franklin NC->Sumner TN->Livingston KY->Franklin IL
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 04:07:32 -0500

Here's some misc data that seems to support my hunch that the Blackards and
Chamberlain Hudson
family were following some of the same paths and also places them on Drake's
Creek where William Blackard
appears to have lived. Then Chamberlain II/III? went to Franklin Illinois
but he and his brothers seem to
have been in Livingston KY briefly in between.

You may recall that Chamberlain Hudson and William Blackard were close to
each other on the 1790 Orange tax list and
Chamberlain was near William Beeker in 1791 in Orange. Next they both appear
on Drakes Creek in Sumner Co TN. I think
if we can find another data point showing that they were travelling together
then 1791 William Beeker might really
be our William Blackard.

Our Charles Blackard I was first recorded in NC in 1755 close to
Chamberlains brother Isaac Hudson. Job Self's wife
was Ann Hudson. Blackard, Hudson and Self were recorded very close together
continuously 1755-1778.

I'm still not sure if the Hudsons in Dickson County near John Humphries III
and Charles Blackard II were from this
line or another (but probably related) Virginia line.

This is good news because that name Chamberlain Hudson is easy to spot so
where we find him, we should look nearby
for our William Blackard if this idea pans out.

Merry Christmas everyone.


Isaac Hudson first appeared in Edgecombe in 1755 in the same spot as Charles
Blackard I.
Previously he was in the Lunenburg VA tax lists.


Chamberlain HUDSON
ABT. 1720 - AFT. 1795
BIRTH: ABT. 1720, ChesterfieldCo Va l
DEATH: AFT. 1795, Sumner Co TN l

1754 NC Granville-Thomas Blanchet in NC Militia
Thomas Blanchet served in Capt Daniel Narris Company of Militia in 1754.
#75 Thomas Blanchett
#76 Wm Cooper
#78 John Hudson
#79 Chamberlaine Hudson
#80 Henry Hudson
#81 Isaac Hudson
-Louise Fuller

1770 Bute deeds naming Chamberlain, John and William Hudson

1771 NC Bute Tax List
Wm Person's List (now Warren)-
p#1 Henry Hudson
p#2 Chamberlain Hudson and son

Jethro Summers List-
Soloman Alston
Jos John Alston

Thomas Turner list-
Job Self
James Sainsing
Isaac Hudson
John Hudson
Wilobough Self
Peter Blanchet
Thos Blanchet, son Hudson
-Louise Fuller


In 1778 Isaac, John and William Hudson were all neighbors of Charles
Blackard II on
the Tar River in Franklin Co NC.

The last record of Chamberlain there that I've found was around 1770. I
lose him between 1770 and the 1790 Orange tax list.

DB-3, page 33. 1 November 1768. ROBERT ALLEN(ALLIN),JR. to WILLIAM HUDSON,
both of Bute Co. 25 Pds. "good & lawfull money" for 100 A. in Bute Co. on SS
Tare River, Buffiloe Creek, adj. ROBERT ALLEN,SR. & JOHN HUDSON.Wit: JOHN
Court 1770, BEN McCULLOCH, C.C.Reg: 4 August 1770, by WILLIAM JOHNSON, P.R.


Sumner County, Tennessee - Record of the Taxes for the Year 1794
Chamberlain Hudson


25. Snelling 8 Ellis (Robert 7 , Robert 6 , Cadwalader 5 , Cadwalader 4 ,
Moris 3 Elis, Elis 2 John, John of 1
Llanycil) was born Virginia ca 1785. Snelling died ca 1829 Sumner Co., Tenn..
He married Margaret "Peggy" Hudson Sumner Co., TN, November 14, 1810.
Margaret was born Sept.
20, 1794. Margaret was the daughter of Chamberlain Hudson Jr. and Margaret
Gwin. Margaret died
1851-1853 Vernon Co., MO, at 56 years of age. Married at age 16.

1811 Livingston Co KY Tax List

Hutsons and similar names on early Liv. Co Tax lists--seeking info on HENRY
HUSTON (sic) from 1806 tax list, I believe land on Caney Creek. Also William
HUSTON (sic) first on 1809 list. Moses HUTSON, 1810 tax list, on Sandy Creek
by 1811. I believe Moses Hutson is father/close relative of my John Hutson
(1793 NC - 1871 Liv. Co KY). Also a CHAMBERLAIN HUTSON appears once, on 1811
tax list, on Hurricane Creek.


Children of Robert and Sarah Ellis:
Elanore Ellis b. Virginia. m. Henry P. Noel July 22, 1820 in Gallatin. 1.
Jesse Ellis b. March 14, 1783 Culpepper Co., VA. m. Mary Lewis Maun. He
served in the
war of 1812.
Snelling Ellis b. ca 1785 in VA. m. Margaret "Peggy" Hudson, November 14,
1810 in
Sumner County. He served in the war of 1812. Lived on 200 acres of land on
the North
Drakes Creek. He died in Sumner County ca 1829.
+ Isaac Ellis b. 1788 in VA. m. Mary "Polly" Hudson in Gallatin on March 19,
1810. Lived
on 200 acres of land on North Drakes Creek. He served in the war of 1812.
Isaac died in 1864
in Sumner County.
Elizabeth "Betsy" Ellis b. ca 1788 in VA. m. John Hudson (son of Chamberlain
January 20, 1808 in Gallatin.


732/753 Chamberlain Hudson 73m NC Farmer 800
Anice 67f NC
H.C. 22m IL farmer 300
Narcissa Rooks 11f IL


Chamberlain HUTSON, one of the early pioneers of Franklin County, and by
occupation a farmer and horse trader.


Chamberlain HUTSON, was one of the early pioneers of this country, and was a
native of North Carolina, born about 1779. At the beginning of the present
century, he first located in Hardin County, Ill, and in 1815 in Franklin
County, where he was a prominent farmer and stock raiser.


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