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From: "Lane Alexander" <>
Subject: [BLAIR-JACOB-L] Elizabeth and John Chaney
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 17:37:52 PDT

Correction. Even tho Elizabeth Blair Chaney filed a complaint against
her husband (and John Kizer, who owed them money) I can find no
evidence of her ever filing for a divorce. The complaint states that
John Chaney deserted her and her children leaving her (Elizabeth)
destitute(1844). I can find no evidence that she ever filed for
divorce. Divorce records of that time are very distinct. Another
reason I do not believe she did because if she had she would never
have been allowed to sell her interest in the land that she sold to
Ezekial S. Counts(1856). I also believe that John was dead by that
time because again, she could not have sold that ground had he still
been alive.
However, I have not finished going thru all of the Russell county
court records and there may still be some other actions that I am not
yet aware of, only time will tell.
Also, William Preston married Malinda Sword daughter of John and
Rebecca (Ratliff) Sword (Note: Rebecca Ratliff is related to
Sandi's Ratliff clan so we are double cousins!). This couple's
picture is on the Jacob Blair myfamily web site. William & Malinda
did not migrate to Minn. with the family because he had been captured
during the war and was sent to prison. After his release he most
likely served in Missouri on the side of the Union. Wm. and Malinda
lived for a time in Missouri, they then went back to Kentucky before
eventually joining the rest of the family in Minnesota in April 1877.

>Dear Cousins,
> Here's a summary of the Chaney family, many missing gaps, but
Cousin Lane
>and Janet have spent much work here, and myself included! Elizabeth
>Chaney married John Chaney, they were separated (not sure if an
>divorce) and possibly come back together as have info where John may
>died. Have 2 sons, Jacob who married Anna Hutchins and William
Preston who
>married a Sword. Jacob and Mom both left Buchanan County roughly
>1867 and headed for Meeker Co. MN....William Preston showed up in the
>1870's. There were 2 other brothers in this family and though I
>haven't seen it proven believe they are Charles and David who settled
>Pike Co. Elizabeth and son Jacob both died in Meeker Co. in 1878.
Much of
>the family came further out to Washington State. Have alot of data
on the
>2 sons, but need much more lineage on the 2 Pike Co. sons as well as
>the names of the 4 girls.....I have looked and looked and looked and
>same for the other Chaney cousins! These girls probably married
Russell Co.
>men and because we can't seem to find them, it is a very good
>they moved completely from the area! So needs lots more research on
the is
>family....Next will be a Rollcall on the Ball family. We have an
>amount on the McClanahans' due to the work and help of cousin Charlie
>Clevenger. Charlie, if you want to do a roll call on that please go
>and all the rest feel free to add or correct anything that passes by
>screen! Cousin John
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