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From: "Lane Alexander" <>
Subject: [BLAIR-JACOB-L] Web sites and Listservs
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 02:47:13

Hi everyone,
The MyFamily web sites and the BLAIR-JACOB-L listservs are two very
different things albeit both are now owned by the same company i.e.,

We have used the the Jacob Blair web sites hosted by MyFamily (a subsidiary
of for almost 2 years now and have a lot of photos and other
information stored there. Matter of fact we had so much that we had to have
two web sites. There was a proposal back then that Ancestry/
would charge for anything over 10 mb but for whatever reasons they dropped
that proposal. I understand that Ancestry/MyFamily has proposed charging a
rate for space over so many mb but don't recall what the amount was off the
top of my head. Frankly, I'm very surprised that they haven't done this
sooner...servers, space on servers and their care and maintenance is

Concerning your note about not getting e-mail. I'm assuming that you are
talking about the notices that are sent whenever someone posts something to
the web site(s)? I haven't noticed any problems but if you continue to
experience problems you might want to contact the technical support group at

A word about the beginning when Rootsweb was not owned by you could pay a fee to Rootsweb to 'host' a listserv. A
listserv is simply a way to distribute e-mail to a group of people who
subscribe to that particular 'listserv'. In our case John Blair paid a fee,
set up the BLAIR-JACOB-L, we subscribed (or he subscribed you) and the rest
is history. (Some of us can remember when he was snail mailing the
newsletter out!) Most, but not all of us subscribing to the listserv are
also able to logon to the Blair web sites. Likewise, there are those that
have access to the web sites but are not subscribed to the listserv.
I have not heard of any plans to charge the listserv administrator a fee but
I'm sure when John gets back he can fill us in. Again, if they do this it
is to try and recover their costs...listservs also reside on servers.

In the two years that we have been associated with Ancestry/MyFamily they
have been terrific. They have also experienced a lot of growing pains and
we have suffered along with them when their servers have been down. Let me
add that I'm not affiliated with them in any way. We are certainly free to
find other free web sites but I'm not certain that we will find the service
to be any better and as costs rise I believe that the days of 'free' web
sites will eventually cease to exist.


>Did you read my posting on the matter? It is about charging
>administrators. I guess everyone is looking for a new place so we can
>communicate with each other. I have sent several messages on my sites, but
>not one of them have shown-up on my email box. I think they are watching
>our posting news. If you know of a site which is not charging, please let
>me know. Connie
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