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Subject: [BLAIR-L] Re: Blair's of SC
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 12:20:14 EST

Dr. Jack Weaver of Winthrop College in SC found the following information and
forwarded it to me. Was not of any help to me, however it may be to someone
on the list. My Blair's are listed below also.

Guy H Thomas
Houston, TX

I found some Blair materials in the Winthrop Archives, as I suspected I
might. Bell's ULSTER NAMES says "in Ireland very few live outside Ulster
where over half are from County Antrim and most of the remainder from
Counties Derry and Tyrone. It is a Scottish name, common in Ireland since
the Plantation" and derived from Scots "Blair" or Irish "blaris" for
"dweller on a plain" or in an "exposed place." More specific data follows.

(1) Winthrop Archives has a manuscript letter from Elizabeth Jennings of
Box 222 Timmons or Timpson, Texas (dated 28 Sept 1930). Letter was mailed to
Arthur Cornwall of Chester, SC (Box 278) asking about Alexander R.
Jennings and Jacob Jones but mentioning Nancy Elizabeth Blair as wife of
Alexander Benton Jennings. Ms Jennings her Blair ancestors as  Thomas Blair
(1762-1840) who was married to Margaret Hussey (1784-1853). They settled at
Blair's, SC (once Blairsville & in York County) and may have come from
Virginia. Their son William Blair (1819-1882) married Sarah McConnell
(1819-1859) and their daughter Nancy Elizabeth married Alexander Benton
Jennings and they produced John Davis Jennings, whom Elizabeth identifies as
her grandfather. She wonders if her Blair's are connected to James Butler
Blair, who helped found William and Mary College, John D. Blair the first
Presbyterian minister of Richmond, Va., and or Samuel Blair, educator. The
file does not contain Cornwall's replies, if any.

(2)Chester County, SC, furnishes a will for James Blair, said will being
dated 7 August 1812. It identifies his wife Margret, sons James and William
and daughters Martha and Sarah, as well as son-in-law R. Ryte. I assume
William was the oldest son, since he was listed as co-executor with Margret.

(3)Chester County furnishes the will for Thomas Blair, said will being
dated 14 Sept 1795. The will identifies wife Rachel Blair and daughters
Eleanor (m. John Fellers), Margaret (m. James McCormick), and Martha (m.
William McConnell).

  (4) Gina White, Asst. Archivist at Winthrop, tells me her mother was a
Blair. She also suggested that I look at the Bullocks Creek Presbyterian
Church History in Blair's, SC, church being established in 1765. Written by
HOMES OF BULLOCKS CREEK, SC has some dozen brief references to Blair's and
another ten to Blairsville. The references are slight but might be of use:
(a) Samuel G. Blair, Civil War veteran, is buried at Bullocks Creek; (b) A.
Blair and S. BlairJr., in Broad River Light Infantry 1861; (c) S. Blair
and Andrew Blair were members of a Vigilant Association (i.e., anti-Negro);
(d) John and Samuel Blair were Postmasters at Blairsville, 1815 and 1829,
respectively; (e) Captain John Blair was owed $10,000 by Thomas E. Suggs,
Connecticut clockmaker; Blair leased Plaxico Plantation and Pinckneyville
Plantations to Suggs in January 1844 for the sum of $1; (f)Letita Blair,
granddaughter of Major William Hardwick (died of smallpox in 1863), was the
daughter of Mildred Ann and Samuel Blair. She was born October 1862 and died
February 1863, also of

If your ancestors came over after 1840, Irish records may be plentiful.
Before that, such records are scarce and often non-existent. If I go back to
Ireland this next summer, I'll try the Public Records Office in Belfast for
you. Or, you may write to the Curator there. The number is some 66 Balmoral
Avenue, BT9 6NY, Northern Ireland.


Looking for these SC families.  Would appreciate any help and am willing to
trade information.    

Guy Thomas    
Houston, TX    
281 444-1366    
FAX 281 893-3475    

Blair, George and William, I am searching for information on George (b 1750)
and William Blair (b 1739) in Ireland.  Arrived Charleston South Carolina in
March or before 1766, possibly Sept. 1765.  They were Irish Protestants
(possibly Presbyterians) that came and received Bounty Land in Belfast
Township of Granville Country, now Edgefield South Carolina.  Have copies of
original land grants dated March 1766.
George Blair b 1750, d 1787
+ Barsheba                                                            
        Children    Christopher  b 1780 d 1829 Edgefield Dist., SC
        + Sarah                                                            
            Children    G W (Washington)  b1808 SC, d 1849 MS
                        Hazle              SC
                        Elizabeth         SC
                        James             b 1814 SC
                        Pulaski (P L)    b 1849 SC
                        Sarah               SC
                        Christopher       SC
                        Columbus b1824   SC

        G W (Washington) went to Scooba, Kemper County, Mississippi
                Children    Hasle (Hayes or H. H.) b 1833 SC
                            Nancy    b 1837
                            Sarah     b 1839
                            James    b 1841 AL
                            Mary      b 1843 AL
                            Martha   b 1848 MS

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