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Subject: [BLANKENSHIP] American Blankenships
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 21:07:39 -0400

Hi E-Pals,

Just wanted to list the unconnectd lines again so that everyone has a copy
of the ones we need to connect or find ships for.


American Blankenships

i. Ralph2 Blankinship, Sr., b. 1662, prob., Cumbria, England; d. 1714,
Roxdale Estate, Henrico Co., VA; m. Martha ?, Abt. 1690, VA; b. Abt. 1660.

Notes for Ralph Blankinship, Sr.:
1. . Ralph Blankinship, Sr. was born 1662 in probably Cumbria, England, and
died 1714 in Roxdale, Henrico Co., VA. He married MARTHA (last name unknown)
about 1690 in Henrico Co., Virginia. Charles and Hannah were neighbors of
Ralph Blankenship who lived just north of Conjurer's Neck and Swift Creek,
Virginia. This same Hannah Wilson later married another neighbor Edward
Stanley following her first husband's death. After Hannah's death Edward
Stanley married Martha Blankenship in 1716 following the death of her first
husband Ralph Blankenship who died in 1714.
2. Blankinship first arrived in Henrico Co., VA in 1686/87
3. "We know that on June 16, 1714 Ralph BLANKSHIP was named as headright of
Capt. Henry Harrison & Philip Ludwell for land they claimed in Surry and
Isle of Wight. (Patent. 10:165).
The Isle of Wright, Virginia is a small village 17.5 miles WSW of Newport
News, VA. Surry is another village 17.5 miles NNW of Isle of Wright. It is
very close to Jamestown and is about 32 miles from where Ralph BLANKINSHIP
first homesteaded in Henrico County, VA. The Isle of Write is about 45 miles
southeast of Ralph's original homestead. The legal court document shows that
Ralph was being claimed as a person whose sea transportation from Europe
(England) was paid for by Capt. Henry Harrison and Philip Ludwell. The
Virginia colony law at the time allowed anyone who paid for the
transportation of another person to Virginia could claim the right
(headright) to possession of 50 acres of land as their reward for bringing
that person to America. If this claim for land was valid, and not a
fraudulent claim, it would mean that Capt. Henry Harrison and Philip
Ludwell, had, in fact, paid for Ralph's return voyage from England to
America. Did Ralph sense that his death was imminent circa 1713 and want to
make a trip to his homeland just before he died? Did the debt Ralph incurred
near the time of his death result from his having to pay for one leg of his
voyage to Europe. No one has ever answered this question which I now leave
for you. " Don

Notes for Martha ?:
1." We don't know when Martha (wife of Ralph Blankinship the immigrant) was
born as there has never been a birth record found. We also don't know her
parents. It is possible she was born about 1660 and that she was the
daughter of Charles Clay (1636-1686) and Hannah Wilson (1642-1706) but it
cannot yet be proven. This information is based on the fact that two of the
Clay brothers who also were children of Charles and Hannah appeared on the
death inventory and will of Ralph Blankinship and Martha's second husband
Edward Stanley. This would have been properly done to protect Martha's dowry
if her brothers had been witnesses to Martha's husband's wills or death
inventory. It's only circumstantial evidence, but its certainly possible. If
this was the case then Edward Stanly would have married Hannah Wilson (the
mother) after Charles Clay died in 1686, She married Edward Stanley in 1690
and died 16 years later in 1706. Edward Stanley then remained a widower
until 1716 when he married Martha, the former wife of Ralph Blankenship.
Just conjecture based on circumstantial evidence. This Clay family lived
right next to Ralph Blankenship just north of Swift Creek." Don
2. "Book 12 page 15: Martha Blankenship 250 acres on South side of James
River, bordering land of Henry Walthal for 20 shillings and importation of
one person 9 Jul 1724" Betty Carson

iii. Unknown Blankinship, b. Abt. 1700; m. Anne ?; d. Abt. 1763, Marion,
Plymouth, MA.

Notes for Anne ?:
1."Colonel Blankenship says in his book "Blankenship Family History" that he
became aware of an oral history of Ralph Blankinship's daughter Anne in
which it was told that she became pregnant out of wedlock and was
subsequently banished or that she went away from her parent's home in shame.
A man named Gordon was said to have been the father of Anne's child. The
love child of Anne was named James and he was born 27 October 1720 in the
hamlet of Marion, Plymouth County, Massachusetts. Nothing more is known of
the man named Gordon. It is presumed that following Anne's banishment from
her parent's home she probably departed Henrico County, Virginia and
traveled to Massachusetts in the early summer of 1720 during her second
trimester of pregnancy."
2. Other Then the Colonel's tale. There are no known facts to place Anne as
Ralph's daughter. Most Genealogists today, be live that her line is
independent of the Ralph's. For a starting point, I have set her up as the
wife of an unknown Blankinship. Assuming that she gave her son James his
fathers last name. That gives use several things to look for.
Was unknown and Anne married? Did they get married here in America? Did
they get married else were and travel here? (passenger lists) Was she a
local gal that married a sailor? Was unknown a member of a crew that made
regular stops in Massachusetts? Lots of possibilities.

iv. John W. Blankenship, b. 1770; d. July 16, 1849; m. Nancy ?; b. 1783.

Notes for John W. Blankenship:
1. This line from Arthur H. Frazier

v. Andrew Blankenship, b. Abt. 1780; m. Hannah Rankin.

Notes for Andrew Blankenship:
1. This line from Martha

vi. Elam Blankenship, b. Abt. 1780; m. Elizabeth ?.
vii. Glanus Blankenship, b. Abt. 1784; m. Mary Tribble, October 23, 1809,
Halifax Co, Va.

Notes for Glanus Blankenship:
1. Posted by Tom Cargo
2. "A published record of marriage for Halifax Co. indicates a wit: Naum
Blankenship & Surety : Bery. L. West. If I am following some old information
sent to me, a tax list of counties was used as a supplement to the 1810
census. Under Robert Hurts's list is Maum Blankenship, [this must be the
same person that was a witness above] and Wyatt Blankenship. Are
Glennis/Glanus, Naum/Maum & Wyatt Blankenship related in some way?" James R.
McMichael <>

viii. Rowland Blankenship, b. Abt. 1786, VA (poss. Bedford Co.); m. Jane
Couch, December 20, 1815, Knox Co., TN; b. Abt. 1800, NC.

Notes for Rowland Blankenship:
1. This line from Nolene
2. Rowland and Jane were married in 1815 in Knox County, TN and moved to
Madison County, Al about 1817-18. An Edmund Blankenship was living in
Madison Co. at the time and they lived on adjacent property. Edmund
remained but Rowland and family moved to White Co., TN about 1828 . If
anyone has a connection to any of the above, I would like to hear from you.
We know that both Edmund and Rowland lived in Bedford County, Va. before
moving to TN and AL. We have been unable to connect them to any of the
Blankenships in that area that have been mentioned on the list.
3. From Knox Co. TN Records, compiled by Miss Kate White of Knoxville, TN
1920. Reuben Blankenship to Jane Couch, December 20, 1815.
4. "Rowland (Roland) Blankenship's service in War of 1812. BLANKENSHIP
Rose Williams

ix. Noah Blankenship, b. 1786, N.C.,; d. October 03, 1870; m. (1) ?, Bef.
1826; m. (2) Anna Storey, July 08, 1827, Washington Co., MO; m. (3) Evaline
Perkins, March 23, 1847, Oregon,,Mo; b. 1813.

Notes for Noah Blankenship:
1. This line from Charles Kinser
2. This line from Beverly Blankenship
3. This line from Jeanna Macklin

x. Henry Blankinship, Sr., b. Abt. 1789, VA; m. Drucella ?.

Notes for Henry Blankinship, Sr.:
1. This line from DeNise Clemens

xi. Unknown Blankenship, b. Abt. 1790.

Notes for Unknown Blankenship:
1. This line from Janet Jensen
2. First name might be William

xii. Isham Blankinship, b. Abt. 1795.

Notes for Isham Blankinship:
1. This line from Richard Vick < >

xiii. Josiah Blankenship, b. 1796, VA; d. Abt. 1875; m. Matilda ?, December
21, 1820, Madison Co., AL; b. 1805, NC.

Notes for Josiah Blankenship:
1. This line from Frank Blankenship

xiv. Caleb T. Blankenship, b. May 22, 1797, VA; d. September 12, 1853,
Warren Co. MO; m. Rachel M. Hunter, August 25, 1828; b. Abt. 1804, VA; d.
July 17, 1882, Montgomery Co. MO.

Notes for Caleb T. Blankenship:
1. This line from Jeff
2. Census: December 14, 1850, TN Fayette County 1st Civil District roll 877
page 365

xv. Thomas Blankenship, b. 1798, Halifax Co, VA; m. Permilia ?; b. Abt.
1796, VA.

Notes for Thomas Blankenship:
1. This line from Della M. Shafer
2. This line from Susan
3. Father's name was John

xvi. Woodson Blankenship, b. 1799, SC; m. Mahala Onstat, July 03, 1828,
Pike Co. MO; b. 1813, Iowa.

Notes for Woodson Blankenship:
1. "1830 Ralls Co. Mo Census - Woodson Blankenship (100001-0001)also a
Charles and Thomas
1836 - Des Moines Co. IA Territory Census- Woodson Blankenship
1840 Marion Co. MO Census- Woodson Blankenship 101001-13001
(There is another interesting marriage in Ralls Co. 1832 - Mahala
Blankenship to Jesse Carnell - is she a sister?)" Carson, Betty

xvii. Henry B. Blankenship, b. March 24, 1799, Christian Co., KY; d.
November 07, 1896; m. Sarah Ann Mason, April 21, 1836, KY; b. August 20,
1821, VA; d. January 09, 1896.

Notes for Henry B. Blankenship:
1. This line from Wanda < >

More About Henry B. Blankenship:
Burial: Goshen Cem., Todd Co., KY

More About Sarah Ann Mason:
Burial: Goshen Cem., Todd Co., KY

xviii. Bennett Burnet Blankenship, b. Abt. 1800, VA; d. Aft. 1880, Algood,
Putnam Co., TN; m. (1) Catherine Huddleston, September 07, 1819, Halifax
Co., VA; b. Abt. 1803, Halifax Co., VA; d. Aft. 1870, White Co., TN; m. (2)
Theodosha Hooper, July 30, 1872, Sparta, White Co., TN; b. May 02, 1825; d.
June 12, 1892, Lake Co., TN.

Notes for Bennett Burnet Blankenship:
1. This line from Pattie Cochran < >

More About Theodosha Hooper:
Burial: Church Grove Cem., Newbern, Dyer Co., TN

xix. Elisha Blankenship, b. Abt. 1800, VA; d. 1854, Franklin Co., MO; m.
Elizabeth ?; b. 1801, VA; d. Abt. 1861, Franklin Co., MO.

Notes for Elisha Blankenship:
1. This line from Muriel Murray
2. This line from Donna (Bell) Broome

xx. William Blankenship, b. Abt. 1801; m. (1) Martha Branham, October 16,
1834, Warren Co., GA; m. (2) Nana Irana Boyd, December 18, 1842, Forsyth
Co., GA; m. (3) Ann Rouse, July 03, 1845, Forsyth Co, GA.

Notes for William Blankenship:
1. This line form Pam Jennings < >

xxi. Pleasant Blankenship, b. Abt. 1808; d. 1851; m. Amanda Moore
Blankenship, 1840; b. 1812; d. April 27, 1916.

Notes for Amanda Moore Blankenship:
1. Her mother died when she was 5 years old, and she was "bound out" to John
Hartman who lived near Roanoke.
2. From Tammy "She retained her faculties until her death
and often hoed in her garden when she was past the century mark. Her
stories of the happenings in the early days of the county were thrilling!
She recalled the days when deer, bears, wolves, and panthers were often
seen, and told of having run from a bear which was killed by John Hartman.
In her childhood there were no doctors and no stores within many miles of
her home. The only medicines were the herbs, which grew in the gardens.
The limited wheat crop was cut with reap hooks and threshed with flails.
Clothing was home made from home-grown flax, cotton, and wool. Buckskins
were plentiful, and were used for making breeches and moccasins. She was
grown before she saw a conventional shoe. There was no postal service that
reached within miles of her home. Pewter dishes, wooden bowls, and wooden
spoons were generally used"

xxii. Richard Blankinship, b. Abt. 1808; d. Abt. 1849; m. Susannah Miller,
September 12, 1829, Greenup Co., KY.

Notes for Richard Blankinship:
1. This line from Joyce Blankinship Hightower < >
2. Listed in 1840 Greenup County, Kentucky census.
3. In the 1850 census, Susannah is listed as head of household with all
their children, the youngest being born in 1849

xxiii. Ezekial John Blankenship, b. March 09, 1809, OH; d. October 12,
1851, Fleming Co., KY; m. Lydia Ann Peachy, April 04, 1828, Kentucky; b.
October 08, 1808, KY; d. August 1861, Quincy, Adams Co., IL.

Notes for Ezekial John Blankenship:
1. This line from Sue B.

xxiv. Elam Blankenship, b. Abt. 1810; m. Minerva Elam, April 05, 1831; b.

Notes for Elam Blankenship:
1. This line from Charles A. Blankenship Roanoke, VA

xxv. Thomas Blankenship, b. 1810; d. March 1879, Laurens Co, GA; m. (1) ?
Unknown; m. (2) Eliza Sutton, January 30, 1849, Warren Co., GA; b. 1832, GA.

Notes for Thomas Blankenship:
1. This line from Calvin Blankenship, Jr.
2. This line from Nancy Turner Anglin

xxvi. Eli Blankinship, b. 1811, GA; d. 1861, Glascock Co., GA; m. Serena
Coxwell, July 28, 1835, Warren Co., GA; b. 1811, Warren Co., GA.

Notes for Eli Blankinship:
1. This line from Debbie Crews
2. This line from Nancy Turner Anglin
3. censuses; 1840 and 1850 Warren Co., 1860 Glascock Co.( cut from Warren
Co.), Serena is in the 1870 Glascock County census as a widow.

xxvii. Elijah Blankenship, b. 1812; m. Elizabeth Barnett.

Notes for Elijah Blankenship:
1. This line from Rodney Veitschegger

xxviii. John Vinson Blankenship, b. 1813, VA; m. Ester Woody.

Notes for John Vinson Blankenship:
1. This line from Karen < >
2. They were in Madison County, Alabama in 1850. In 1860, they had settled
in Limestone County, Alabama.

xxix. Joseph Blankenship, b. Abt. 1814; d. KY; m. Eleanor Nelly
Blankenship, February 26, 1841, Tazewell Co., VA; b. Abt. 1821, Tazewell
Co., VA; d. Morgan , KY.

Notes for Joseph Blankenship:
1. This line from Bob Williams

More About Joseph Blankenship:
Date born 2: January 04, 1817, NC

Notes for Eleanor Nelly Blankenship:
1. This line from Bob Williams

xxx. Albert Blankenship, b. Abt. 1818, Virginia; d. Abt. 1862, KY; m. Mary
Waits, 1842, Trimble Co., KY; b. KY.

Notes for Albert Blankenship:
1. This line from Mary Daniels

xxxi. Thomas Blankenship, b. Abt. 1818; m. Nancy Lowe.

Notes for Thomas Blankenship:
1. This line from Bob Baker

xxxii. Peter Blankenship, b. 1823; d. 1863; m. Miriah Jane Hood, February
11, 1842, Franklin Co., VA.

Notes for Peter Blankenship:
1. This line from Sonya Sharkey

xxxiii. Nancy Blankenship, b. 1825, AL; d. Bef. October 22, 1852; m. James
H. Epperson, Sr., October 20, 1843, Coosa Co. AL.
xxxiv. William Wilkie Blankenship, b. 1826; d. 1886.

Notes for William Wilkie Blankenship:
1. This line posted by Glenn Hennessee August 06, 2002

xxxv. Benjamin Franklin Blankenship, Sr., b. 1828, NC; m. Mary Arnold; b.
1830, SC.

Notes for Benjamin Franklin Blankenship, Sr.:
1. This line from Shirley Bennett <>

xxxvi. Thomas Blankenship, b. Bef. 1829, VA; m. Sarah Humphreys; b. TN.

Notes for Thomas Blankenship:
1. This line from Helen

xxxvii. Conley Blankenship, b. Abt. 1830.
xxxviii. John W. Blankenship, b. Abt. 1830.
xxxix. Francis Marion Blankenship, b. February 27, 1831, Rolls Co., MO; m.
Susan A. Bryant.

Notes for Francis Marion Blankenship:
1. This line from Jane Little McEndree
2. "He enlisted in the 18th texas regiment, company d. in bell county texas
undr Capt Bameron Nov 1862. He was a prisoner of war in the Chicago Prison
for the several months" Carol Fitzpatrick <>

xl. David Blankenship, b. April 04, 1833; m. Diaz Elizabeth Moore,
September 07, 1856; b. July 07, 1838; d. March 28, 1880.

Notes for David Blankenship:
1. This line from Susan Hensley Yelton
2. This line from Jewell Poole Snedeker
3. "He enlisted in the Confederate Army July 15, 1862, in the 64th Regiment
of the North Carolina Volunteers. He was captured by the Union Army on
September 9,1863, at Cumberland Gap, and held prisoner for 22 months. David
was 29 years old at the time of his enlistment. He was discharged on June
16, 1865" Jewell Poole Snedeker
4. "His dicription was: dark complection, dark hair, grey eyes and 6 feet
tall" Jewell Poole Snedeker

xli. William O. Blankenship, b. 1834, KY; m. Amandarine Hedges, September
13, 1855, Clinton Co., Mo; b. 1840, MO.

Notes for William O. Blankenship:
1. This line from Edith Ann Blankenship
2. Williams family lived in the Lathrop / Excelsior Springs Area. I have
looked extensively but have not drew any solid conclusions as to who
Williams parents were. Since Amandarine was born in Mo. and her parents came
to Mo. from Fayette County Ky. I'm thinking that maybe Williams parents
traveled to Mo. about the same time as we see so often in genealogy.
Amandarines parents were James and Nancy (White) Hedges. They were both born
in Ky. and they were married in Fayette County Ky. Aug. 12, 1822. They had
10 children, # 4 was born in KY in 1832 and #6 was born in Mo. in 1836

xlii. Miriam Blankenship, b. Abt. 1835, IL.
xliii. William Riley Blankenship, b. 1838, Kentucky; d. 1890; m. Eliza Ann
Rice, Abt. 1858; b. 1838, Kentucky.

Notes for William Riley Blankenship:
1. This line from Thurman Blankenship
2. This line from Beth Campbell Stemple
3. "The June 1,1880 census Lawrence County Kentucky list two more children
of W R and Eliza Blankenship Hezekiah 17 and Elizabeth J. 14. Do you have
any info on Elizabeth. I am 95% she is my great grandmother. She married
John Gallion but we can not find when or where." Lee Jameson
4. The 1890 census W.R.'s military records he died in 1890. He was a Private
in the 14th KY Inf.

xliv. Charles E. Blankenship, b. July 23, 1839, Chesterfield Co., VA; d.
August 24, 1892, Manchester, VA; m. Susan Elam, Abt. 1855, Chesterfield Co.,
VA; b. May 24, 1833, Chesterfield Co., VA; d. October 02, 1901, Manchester,

Notes for Charles E. Blankenship:
1. This from Bob Newsome

xlv. Elijah Joe Blankenship, b. Abt. 1840; m. Sarah Jane Harris.

Notes for Elijah Joe Blankenship:
1. This line from Edna Clark
2. Elijah had a brother John that testified on the behalf of Sarah

xlvi. Unknown Blankenship, b. Bef. 1844, Virginia; m. Virginia Peters; b.
Virginia; d. Abt. 1900.

Notes for Unknown Blankenship:
1. This line from David C. Blankinship, New Madrid, MO

Notes for Virginia Peters:
1. Last name may be Watson

xlvii. Elijah P Blankenship, b. Abt. 1844; m. (1) Elizabeth Fanny English,
1867; d. 1881; m. (2) Margaret Knipp, Aft. 1881, Callaway Co., MO.

Notes for Elijah P Blankenship:
1. This line posted by Jeff Knipp
2. Enlisted in the 57th Va Infantry I believe and fought at Gettysburg under
General Pickett. He was the only Confederate soldier to cross the Union line
and survive.
3. In 1867 he migrated to Callaway Co., MO

xlviii. W. B. Blankenship, b. 1847, TN; d. November 17, 1913, AL; m. Mary
Jones, Abt. 1878; b. 1857, TN; d. February 21, 1901, AL.

Notes for W. B. Blankenship:
1. This line from Deborah Lovell Durham as posted on Blankenship Family
Genealogy Forum

xlix. Floyd Blankenship, b. Abt. 1850.

Notes for Floyd Blankenship:
1. This line from Teresa (Blankenship) Bowers

l. George M. Blankenship, b. Abt. 1850; m. Frances Pack.
li. Joseph C. Blankenship, b. Abt. 1850; m. Myrtle Johnson.

Notes for Joseph C. Blankenship:
1. This line from Patricia Sargent < >
2. "I guess I should add a story to this family line. My grandfather
apparently had a farm in Missouri, and a hired hand apparently not satisfied
with his wage, lied in wait for my grandfather along a river bank and beat
him to death with a sand bag.. leaving my grandmother to raise 7 children by
herself. The family dog came home after three days of my grandfather missing
and led the town sheriff to my grandfathers body. They never caught the man
that killed him But my grandmother never remarried and raised all those
children herself. Maybe someone else knows this story."

lii. Henry Blankenship, b. 1851; m. Nancy ?.

Notes for Henry Blankenship:
1. This line from Rodney Veitschegger

liii. John Turner Blankenship, b. Abt. 1852, NC; m. (1) Mary Caroline
Cutherson, October 29, 1868, Madison Co., North Carolina; b. Abt. 1843, NC;
d. 1900, Erwin, Unicoi Co., TN; m. (2) Mary Katherine Tipton, 1901, Yancey
Co., North Carolina.

Notes for John Turner Blankenship:
1. This line from Linda Gail Orozco
2. In 1901, John T. Blankenship married Katherine Tipton, who is the mother
of Nancy Lula Tipton , who married J.T. Blankenship's son Joesph Martin in
Unicoi Co., TN and also the mother of Carter Tipton who married Hannah
Blankenship, one of the daughters of John T. and Mary C. Blankenship.

Notes for Mary Caroline Cutherson:
1. On the head stone it indicates her name was Rachel C. not Mary C
2. I am still not sure of Mary Caroline's maiden name , so for now I will
list it as Cutherson. It could be Burleson, Culbertson or Cutherson
3. I have a Certified Certificate of Marriage for Register of Deeds in
Madison Co., NC that states J.T. Blankenship married M.C. Burleson. I am
beginning to think surnames were confused as they were passed down through
the generations. Maybe, Mary C. Burleson's mother's name was either
Cutherson or Culbertson.

More About Mary Caroline Cutherson:
Burial: Higgins Cemetery, Unicoi Co., TN

liv. Henry Blankenship, b. 1852; m. Clarinde Tucker, December 25, 1870,
Baker, Chilton Co., AL; b. 1854.

Notes for Henry Blankenship:
1. This line from Irma Roy < >
2. "Census Place: Township 9, Blue Pond, Cherokee, Alabama Source: FHL Film
1254006 National Archives Film T9-0006 Page 299B" Irma Roy <

lv. Borargard Blankenship, b. Abt. 1860; m. Morning ?.

Notes for Borargard Blankenship:
1. This line from Carolyn Adams

lvi. Robert M. Blankenship, b. Abt. 1860; m. Roxanna Grant.

Notes for Robert M. Blankenship:
1. This line from Valerie Blankenship Hohman

lvii. Matilda Blankenship, b. May 1862, Pike Co., KY; m. William Smith,
December 07, 1882, Pike Co., KY; b. January 1863, Pike Co., KY.
lviii. Abe Blankenship, b. Bef. 1865; m. Sarah Charles.
lix. Abraham Blankenship, b. Abt. 1865, Chesterfield Co., VA.

Notes for Abraham Blankenship:
1. This line from Robin Blankenship
2. He had brothers named George and John. Abraham Blankenship lived on a
farm in Chesterfield County, VA

lx. Sherman Blankenship, b. May 17, 1865; d. November 1934, Morgan Co., KY;
m. (1) Laura A. Conley; d. 1892; m. (2) Sarah Jane Cantrell.

Notes for Sherman Blankenship:
1. This line form Jack Colwell
2. Sherman list his parents as Henry and Melinda on his #2 Marriage
3. On this line Pam Kearns

lxi. Adam Blankenship, b. Bet. 1868 - 1872, Blackey, Buchanan Co., VA; d.
March 10, 1943, Blackey, Buchanan Co., VA; m. (1) Lovinia Cooper; b. 1876;
d. August 26, 1941; m. (2) Elizabeth Jane Wolford, February 06, 1890,
Buchanan Co., VA; b. 1874.

Notes for Adam Blankenship:
1. "6 Feb 1890 Adam Blankenship, age 18, s/o Mary Blankenship; married
Elizabeth Wolford, age 16; d/o Alfred and Mary Wolford." Peggy Keen

lxii. James Preston Blankenship, b. Abt. 1870; m. Patty Roberts.

Notes for James Preston Blankenship:
1. This line from Rodney Veitschegger

lxiii. John R. Blankenship, b. January 1870, MO; d. April 06, 1930,
Bloomfield, Davis Co., IA; m. Jennie Herbert, February 15, 1904, Grove Twp.,
Davis Co., IA; b. Abt. 1874, IA.
lxiv. Levi Blankenship, b. Abt. 1874; m. Sylvania Roberts, March 25, 1899,
McD; b. Abt. 1882.

Notes for Levi Blankenship:
1. This line from Rodney Veitschegger

lxv. Linko Blankenship, b. Abt. 1880; m. Nancy Cooper.

Notes for Linko Blankenship:
1. SOURCE Obituary of daughter Ollie in the Virginia Mountaineer, September
21, 2000 . from Phyllis Knusta < >

lxvi. Noah Blankenship, b. Abt. 1880.

Notes for Noah Blankenship:
1. This line from Tammy

lxvii. Ezekiel Blankenship, b. Abt. 1890.
lxviii. Harvey Daniel Blankenship, b. Abt. 1890; m. Beatrice Pearl Sutton.

Notes for Harvey Daniel Blankenship:
1. This line posted by Diane

lxix. Delmar Leroy Blankenship, Sr., b. Abt. 1894; d. Bef. 1918; m. Sallie
Christine Royal; b. July 02, 1895, Barnett Shoals, GA; d. December 02, 1969,
Macon, GA.

Notes for Delmar Leroy Blankenship, Sr.:
1. This line from Sally W. Jackson

More About Sallie Christine Royal:
Burial: Evergreen Cem., Bibb, Macon Co., GA

lxx. Chester Harbert Blankenship, b. June 30, 1908, French Camp, CA; d.
January 05, 1990, West Point, CA.

Notes for Chester Harbert Blankenship:
1. This line from Frances Blankenship

More About Chester Harbert Blankenship:
Social Security Number: 530-05-2498

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