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From: Arlene Nickell <>
Subject: Re: [BLANKENSHIP] Re: Blankenships in Civil War
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 11:17:49 -0400
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Hi, thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I don't have the pension record. All I have been able to find on the net is what was on the link that lonewolf provided.

Tammy Blankenship wrote:

> ok Arlene, yes units combined on a regular basis....when a Battalion goes into a battle, they combine other units etc. to make up for the loss of men, to make one Battalion. As far as desertion...a lot of times they didn't get along in thier units, and during a battle find kin folk, and head back with them and turn up in that unit. Sometimes they would get lost or go into a hospital, and after they were better, catch up to thier unit later. Confusion was the mainstay. Records were terrible, and most units had just one captain that could read and write, the soldiers were mainly farmers and disease and malnutrician were prevalent.
> As being parolled, it meant he either was at Appomattox at the end, or he was Pow and took the oath, and then let go at the end of the war.
> Do you have his pension record?
> TT
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> OK... Now I am more confused than ever. I hope someone can help me out with this. I knew that my ancestor had been in the civil war,
> and I knew what unit he was with. My info matches the site info for the most part. However when I click on the link for his Virginia
> unit, it takes me to a Kentucky unit. When I went to the list of soldiers from the second state, his name comes up as being in the
> Virginia unit.
> Is it possible that these unit combined at some point?
> Another question is that it states he deserted in Sept. of 1863 was on the rolls in Dec. 1863 and was paroled in June 1865. Can anyone
> tell me if I can confirm this someplace and maybe point me in the right direction?
> I would really appreciate ANY help on this.
> Arlene
> wrote:
> > Is it possible to get a copy / listing of all blankenships in the civil war
> > ........ Ron
> >
> > This long URL below is the list of Blankenships in the Civil
> > War, both sides. There are 276 listed but I'm sure there are more. If you
> > can't access let me know......Frank
> >
> >;
> > se=sse.dll&f1=Blankenship&f2=&f6=&f12=&f14=&Title=Civil+War+Research+DB&
> > advqt=%2Fsearch%2Frectype%2Fmilitary%2Fcwrd%2Fmain.htm&DatabaseID=3737&
> > databasename=hdssoldiers&server=data&searchengine=sse.dll&type=P&ti=0&
> > submit423=Search
> >
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