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From: Sunni <>
Subject: Re: List home page
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 01:43:06 -0700
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Okay, Cheryl, it's a deal. Consider yourself adopted. I'll bet there is a
connection somewhere, though I really haven't had much luck in untangling the
Cheshire Bleases beyond what family members have told me. I have a whole bunch
of LDS listings of Bleases in the area, but boy can't tell who connects with

With my other surnames I just collected any info I could find until suddenly
it all started falling together. It was very helpful though, to have either a
local history that mentioned famiily or some sort of genealogical sketch. I
wonder if anything like that has been written about the Bleases. I guess I
should ask Jim Blease, as he seems most knowledgeable about everything else.
Would love to get him on this list.

Cherryl wrote:

> Hi Sunny
> Well our Bleases come from Salford near Manchester(the little I know about
> them) which is maybe 15 miles or so from your Timperley If you need relies
> borrow us for a bit no one else seems to want us!! I seem to stand alone!!
> >From a lonley and Bleaseless Cherryl!
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> From: Sunni <>
> To: <>
> Date: 08 September 2000 07:35
> Subject: Re: List home page
> >One sort of new development in the world of genealogical lists is to
> >have a home page for the lists, that gives information about
> >subscribing, unsubscribing, etc, and also contains any information about
> >the surname or area the list encompasses.
> >
> >Would you like me to do that?
> >
> >I got to thinking as I was writing the last message...heck, I don't
> >really know where Bleases are. Guess they must be in Georgia, because I
> >have PML from Rootsweb (kind of a privilege thing where they forward
> >selected messasges to you containing surnames that you select) and I
> >selected BLEASE as one of my surnames. Sure enough, every message Mr.
> >Blease in Georgia sends out, I get a copy of. In fact, I also get copies
> >of the responses to those messages when people use his name. It's a good
> >thing he is quite an interesting, educated fellow.
> >
> >Well, I digress. I was just wondering--what parts of the world do your
> >Blease lines come from? Mine come from Timperley, Cheshire, England.
> >Because my father came over here directly from England and brought my
> >grandmother over later to join us, we don't have many relatives in the
> >U.S. We do have some in Australia, though, as a couple of my
> >grandmother's siblings emigrated there. I would love to hear from anyone
> >from those lines. Will have to get out my book and give you some names.
> >Maybe we'll match up.
> >Sunni Bloyd
> >
> >

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