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Subject: [BLEVINS-L] Wiley and Rebecca BLEVINS (part2)
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 1999 21:32:36 EST

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I'm afraid I received your last post on my account on Prodigy which I
rarely use these days. In further posts, please use my AOL account and I will
try to reply as soon as I can. I'm not the best at responding to e-mails, so
you may have to occassionally prod me a little :) I do get quite a few
genealogy requests now and again and finding the time for a proper response is
sometimes hard to find.

Anyway, I have little substantial info on your BLEVINS family but what you
have given me seems to agree with the info I do have. Most of the information
I have gathered on your family comes from records in Carter and Unicoi Co. TN.

Here is a transcription of a couple of articles from "Carter County Tennessee
and its People 1796 - 1993"


"My grandfather, Caswell Jeremiah "Cad" BLEVINS was born 23 November 1872
in Limestone Cove, Unicoi, Tennessee. His first wife is believed to have been
Lula COBBLE and they had children Carsie BLEVINS and Fannie BLEVINS DAVIS. Cad
married a second time Alice May GARLAND (26 June 1878 - 19 May 1942), daughter
of Elisha L. GARLAND and Sarah Alice BELL of Carter County, Tennessee on 16
September 1906 in Unicoi County, Tennessee. Cad and Alice had four children;
Howard Walter (b. 20 November 1908), Elsie Christine (b. 11 February 1911),
Horace Maynard (b. 31 October 1918), and Sarah Elizabeth BLEVINS (b. 18 April

Caswell farmed most of his life and also spent many years working in the
car department of the Clinchfield Railroad in Erwin, Tennessee. At one point,
Cad and his wife Alice moved to Strawn, Illinois, near Chicago, where he
worked on a farm. They later returned to the BELL family homeplace in
Limestone Cove, Tennessee. In the 1930's, Cad and Alice divorced and Cad later
married Celia BLEVINS. Cad and Alice's youngest daughter, Sarah Elizabeth
BLEVINS, married Walter Jackson MORRIS (b. 16 January 1921) 28 March 1942 in
Limestone Cove, Tennessee.

Cad BLEVINS' ancestry can be traced back to William BLEVINS (b. c. 1800,
North Carolina) and Bridget GARLAND. William's parents are believed to be
Nathan BLEVINS and wife Hannah. Bridget GARLAND was the daughter of David
GARLAND, son of old Guthridge GARLAND and Bridget HAMPTON, and Sarah GARLAND,
was a daughter of Humphrey GARLAND and Elizabeth BLANKENSHIP.

William and Bridget had six children; Charles BLEVINS (b. 1821);
Elizabeth BLEVINS (b. 1825), married John GOUGE, Jr.; Swinfield BLEVINS (b.
1830), married Nancy Ann CARVER; Wiley BLEVINS (b. 1838), married Evaline
CARVER; David BLEVINS (b. 1825), married Helen WHITEHEAD; and John Wesley
BLEVINS (b. 1832), never married. William later married Mary "Polly" GOUGE.
Their son, James
BLEVINS (b. 1846) married Mary YOUNG. William died in 1855 in Carter County,
Tennessee. At the time of his death, William owned over 900 acres on Big and
Little Doe in Crab Orchard, Doe River District, Carter County, Tennessee.

Charles BLEVINS, eldest son of William and Bridget, and his first wife
Caroline had children William BLEVINS, Nancy BLEVINS, David BLEVINS, Elisha
BLEVINS, John W. BLEVINS, Mary BLEVINS, and Brownlow BLEVINS. Charles died
about 1880/87. Charles and Caroline's first son, William M. BLEVINS (b. 7
October 1845, Carter County, Tennessee), married Serena A. BRITT on 24 March
1870 in Carter
County, Tennessee. These are the parents of Caswell Jeremiah BLEVINS."

Submitted by Betty Morris Orfield <<address withheld>>


"William BLEVINS was born in North Carolina, probably Burke County, in
1800. In 1820, he married Bridget GARLAND, daughter of David and Sarah
GARLAND. Around 1835 William, Bridget and five children moved from near
Bakersville, Yancey County, N.C., to Carter County, TN. Bridget GARLAND
BLEVINS died after the 1840 census.

In 1845, William BLEVINS married second Mary "Polly" GOUGE, believed to
have been the daughter of John and Susannah GOUGE. In 1846, the only child of
this union, James BLEVINS, was born in Carter County. In the 1850 Carter
County census, William and Mary are listed with all their children except
Charles (b. 1821) who had married Caroline?, and Elizabeth (b. 1825) who had
married John GOUGE, Jr.

Of the remaining children, Swinfield BLEVINS (b. 1830) married Nancy Ann
CARVER in 1864; in 1865 Wiley (b. 1838) married Evaline CARVER; in 1870 David
BLEVINS (b. 1825) married Helen WHITEHEAD; John Wesley BLEVINS (b. 1832) never
married; and in 1867 James BLEVINS was wed to Mary YOUNG, daughter of
Greenberry YOUNG and Elizabeth MCKINNEY. James BLEVINS left Carter County in
the spring of 1866, and served in Company F., 3 N.C. Inf. USA. James BLEVINS
died in 1913 and was buried in the Green B. YOUNG Cemetery in Mitchell Co.

In 1855, William BLEVINS died in Carter County, TN and the division of
his estate began in 1856. His estate consisted of over 900 acres, all on the
Big and Little Doe Rivers and lying in Crab Orchard, Doe River District,
Carter County, TN. In 1858 Polly GOUGE BLEVINS remarried to Alexander JOHNSON,
probably in Carter County bu they later removed to Mitchell County, NC and had
four additional children.

The parents of William BLEVINS of Carter County are unproven. It is
believed that his mother's name was Hannah, and his father could have been
Nathaniel BLEVINS. We know of one brother, named Wiley BLEVINS (b. 1812), a
Baptist clergyman, who married Rebecca HONEYCUTT, probably in Yancey County,
NC and had nine children. Another Rebecca BLEVINS (b. 1807) was believed to
have been a
sister to William and Wiley BLEVINS. She married Charles GARLAND, a son of
David and Sarah GARLAND and a brother to Bridget, first wife of William,.
Charles and Rebecca GARLAND had 8 children.

Many BLEVINS in the Mitchell County, NC and neighboring Tennessee
counties can trace their roots from this BLEVINS line."

Submitted by Craig C. Emerson <<address withheld>>

Hope this helps,

Date:96-11-15 12:35:20 EST
From: (Steve Rosen)
11/ (Re: BLEVINS

From: (Steve Rosen)
Reply-to: (Steve Rosen)

Thanks so much for your response!

I noticed a few of discrepancies from your last few e-mails. Can you verify?

1.) In one reference it says John Wesley never married. In another it

John Wesley BLEVINS (b. 1832 NC)
sp-Mira BOWLEN (m. April 11, 1867 Carter Co. TN)

2.) Henry's birth is listed as 1888. Should it have been 1868?

Henry Brownlow BLEVINS (b. December 18, 1868? d. 1910)
sp-Loretta DUGGER (b. October 2, 1870 m. September 29, 1889 d. June

3.) Swinfield & Wiley are said to have married CARRIERs and another reference
says CARVERs.

Swinfield BLEVINS (b. 1830 NC - d. before 1870)
sp-Nancy Ann CARVER (b. 1840 m. March 31, 1864 Carter Co. TN)

Wiley BLEVINS (b. August 23, 1838 NC d. February 1, 1903)
sp-Evaline CARVER (b. October 23, 1849 m. February 15, 1865 Carter Co. TN
d. July 23, 1922)

4.) One reference states that William & Bridget had 6 children, but another
shows an additional child:

Mary BLEVINS (b. 1827)
sp-William GARLAND (m. January 27, 1855 Carter Co. TN)

5.) One reference states that Charles & Caroline were married about 1848, but
their first child was born in 1845)

Charles S. BLEVINS (b. 1821 NC d. February 3, 1887)
sp-Caroline (b. 1830 m. about 1848)
-William M. BLEVINS (b. October 7, 1845 - d. May 6, 1915)
sp-Serena Anna BRITT (b. 1847 m. March 24, 1870 Carter Co. TN)

Thanks for the info!

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Date:96-11-15 01:02:34 EST
11/: No Subject


I believe this is the BLEVINS family you are searching for:

William M. BLEVINS (Oct 7 1845 - May 6 1915) married to Serena Anna BRITT (abt
1847 - ) on Mar 24 1870 in Carter Co. TN

children I know of (up until 1880 census):

1. Charles (c. 1871 - )
m. Belle COBBLE (per your info)
2. Caswell Jeremiah "Cad" (Nov 23 1872 - Jun 28 1948)
1m. Lula COBBLE
on Apr 21 1895 in Unicoi Co. TN
2m. Alice May GARLAND (Jun 26 1878 - May 19 1941)
on Sep 16 1906 in Unicoi Co. TN
3m. Celia Bell BLEVINS
on Mar 2 1911? (can't be right, has to be in the 1930's)
3. John A. (c. 1876 - )
4. Viney C. (c. 1877 - )

William M. BLEVINS is the son of Charles S. BLEVINS (c. 1821 - Feb 3 1887) and
Caroline (c. 1830 - ) who were married about 1848.

children I know of:

1. William M. (Oct 7 1845 - May 6 1915)
m. Serena Anna BRITT (c. 1847 - )
on Mar 24 1870 in Carter Co. TN
2. Nancy (Mar 1 1848 - )
3. David (Oct 8 1849 - )
1m. Nancy (c. 1864 - ) about 1877
2m. Sarah EDARDS (Jan 1872 - )
on Apr 22 1887 in Carter Co. TN
4. Elisha (Apr 23 1853 - Jun 12 1942)
m. Mary STREET (Nov 19 1854 - Dec 7 1930)
on Apr 23 1882 in Carter Co. TN
5. John W. (May 30 1855 - Dec 11 1926)
m. Mary WRIGHT (Dec 1866 - 1944)
on Feb 19 1880 in Carter Co. TN
6. Mary (c. 1861 - )
7. Henry Brownlow (Dec 18 1888 - 1910)
m. Loretta DUGGER (Oct 2 1870 - Jun 29 1959)
on Sep 29 1889

Charles BLEVINS is probably the son of William BLEVINS (c. 1800 - c. 1855) and
Bridget "Biddy" GARLAND (Jun 25 1805 - bef. 1850) who were married Aug 9 1822?

children that I know of:

1. Charles S. (c. 1821- Feb 3 1887)
1m. Caroline (c. 1830 - ) about 1848
2m. Sarah (c. 1830 - )
2. David (c. 1825 - )
m. Helen "Hiley" WHITEHEAD (c. 1819 - )
on Aug 14 1870 in Carter Co. TN
3. Elizabeth (c. 1825 - )
m. John GOUGE, Jr.
4. Mary (c. 1827 - )
m. William GARLAND
on Jan 27 1855 in Carter Co. TN
5. Swinfield (c. 1830 - bef. 1870)
m. Nancy Ann CARRIER (c. 1840 - )
on Mar 31 1864 in Carter Co. TN
6. Wesley (c. 1832 - )
m. Mira BOWLEN
on Apr 11 1867 in Carter Co. TN
7. Wiley (Aug 23 1838 - Feb 1 1903)
m. Evaline CARRIER (Oct 23 1849 - Jul 23 1922)
on Feb 15 1865 in Carter Co. TN

William BLEVINS is possibly the son of a Nathan BLEVINS and Hannah?
Bridget GARLAND is the daughter of David GARLAND (c. 1778 - ) and Sarah
GARLAND (c. 1778 - ) who were married about 1800.

David GARLAND is the son of Guthridge GARLAND (c. 1753 - 1848) and Bridget
HAMPTON (c. 1757 - )

Sarah GARLAND is the daughter of Humphrey GARLAND and Elizabeth BLANKENSHIP

Hope this helps,

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