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From: Carolyn Wilson Dyer <>
Subject: [BLEVINS-L] Levi Blevins
Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2001 19:52:47 -0500

Would like to correct the information concerning the children of Levi
Blevins. I have researched this family and have documented information,
court documents, census, tax records, birth, deaths, marriages. I also
have up to 3 or 4 generation on some of his children.
Please be advised Rachel Blevins, Daniel Blevins, Ephraim, Elisha,
were not children of of Levi Blevins.
Listed below you will find those individuals whom I have placed in the
Levi Blevins family, and can document by sources I have collected.

Children of LEVI BLEVINS and MARY are:
2. i. NATHANIEL BLEVINS, b. 1805, Virginia; d. Bef. 1840, Lawrence
County, Kentucky.
3. ii. ABAGAIL BLEVINS, b. 1807, North Carolina.
4. iii. MARGARETT "PEGGY" BLEVINS, b. 1814, Virginia; d. Bet. 1855 -
5. iv. SAMUEL J. BLEVINS, b. 1816, Virginia; d. 1851, Johnson County,
6. v. JAMES BLEVINS, b. 1820, Kentucky.
7. vi. ZELPHENEY BLEVINS, b. 1822, VA; d. 1863, Johnson County,
8. vii. EMARETA "EMILY" BLEVINS, b. 1826, Preston Gap, Lawrence County,
Kentucky; d. 1880, Richardson, Lawrence County, Kentucky (Price
9. viii. ELLENOR "ELLEN" BLEVINS, b. 1829, Lawrence County, Kentucky.
NATHANIEL,BLEVINS (LEVI,, unknown, UNKNOWN1) 10,11,12 was born 1805
in Virginia, and died Before 1840 in Lawrence County, Kentucky13,14. He
married REBECCA WOOTEN BLEVINS January 31, 1824 in Floyd County,
Kentucky, daughter of SILAS WOOTEN and PHOEBE WORTH. She was born 1806
in Ohio, and died Aft. 1880.
3. ABAGAIL, BLEVINS (LEVI3, Unknown, UNKNOWN1), was born 1807 in North
Carolina. She married BENJAMIN PORTER,January ,, 1827 in Floyd County,
Kentucky, son of PATRIC PORTER and ELIZABETH PENDLETON. He was born
1809 in Virginia.

4. MARGARETT "PEGGY"4 BLEVINS (LEVI3, Unknown,, UNKNOWN1)15,15 was born
1814 in Virginia, and died Bet. 1855 - 1868. She married JAMES BAY
MOLLETT15 March 16, 1834 in Lawrence County, Kentucky, son of NATHAN
MOLLETT and THAMINSINA STAFFORD. He was born 1814 in Virginia.

18,19,20,21,22,23,23,24,25,26 was born 1816 in Virginia, and died 1851
in Johnson County, Kentucky. He married MARY MOLLETT26 Abt. 1839 in
Lawrence County, Kentucky, daughter of ELIAS MOLLETT and SARAH GIBSON.
She was born 1820 in Virginia.
6. JAMES4 BLEVINS (LEVI, unknown, UNKNOWN1) 26,27 was born 1820 in
Kentucky. He married ELIZABETH MOLLETT March 21, 1837 in Lawrence
County, Kentucky, daughter of ELIAS MOLLETT and SARAH GIBSON. She was
born 1821 in Virginia.

James Blevins b. 1821 Kentucky son of Levi Blevins and Mary.
Married Elizabeth Mollett b. Virginia, March 21, 1837. Both were within

17 years of age at time of marriage. Other members of the Levi Blevins
married into the Mollett Family. James Mollett married Margret, James
sister, living
in house # 454 Johnson County, Kentucky with Ben Porter and sister Abby
next door.
James Blevins and Elizabeth living in hours # 456. House # 457 John
Mollett and sister Zelphina,
Levi and Mary in house#458. David Mollett age 39 b. Virginia and
Wife n b. NC house # 460.

7. ZELPHENEY BLEVINS (LEVI, Unknown, UNKNOWN1)31,32 was born 1822 in
VA, and died 1863 in Johnson County, Kentucky. She married JOHN B.
MOLLETT 1841 in Lawrence County, Kentucky, son of ELIAS MOLLETT and
SARAH GIBSON. He was born 1822 in Virginia.
8. EMARETA "EMILY"BLEVINS (LEVI, Unknown., UNKNOWN1)40,41 was born
1826, Lawrence County, Kentucky, and died 1880 Lawrence County,
Kentucky (Price Cemetery). She married JAMES PRICE March 05, 1843 in
Lawrence Co., KY, son of RICHARD PRICE and ELIZABETH VANHOOSE. He was
born 1822 in Floyd County, Kentucky, and died March 05, 1909 in

9. ELLENOR "ELLEN" BLEVINS (LEVI, Unknown, UNKNOWN1) was born 1829 in
Lawrence County, Kentucky. She married STEPHEN WILLIAMSON February 21,
1850 in Lawrence County, Kentucky, son of ALDEN WILLIAMSON. He was born
Re: [BLEVINS-L] Elisha Blevins/Alsey Tackett
Fri, 21 Dec 2001 15:27:55 -0700

Fri, 21 Dec 2001 16:28:15 -0000
"Les Blevins" <>


Dear ?

Welcome to the group. I believe the concensus is that the Elisha Blevins

that married Alsey Tackett was born abt. 1794 a son of Levi Blevins who
a son of Daniel Jr. If you have further information indicating Elisha
was a
son of James born ca. 1751 I would like to know more about it.

Below I have pasted Owen Blevins' information on the Elisha that married

Alsey Tackett. I believe he has this correctly as he was carefully
researching the Blevins lines long ago.

Blevins, Elisha b. abt 1809 d. abt 1853 father Levi
Mother Mary_ _ _ ? m. Alsey
Tackett 7
Sep 1826 6

Below I have pasted this family. These include the Elisha and Ephriam
Ephraim) that have been mentioned recently as being sons of James
Blevins b.
1751, and I agree that they did live in close proximity to James and his

descendants over a long period of time. This may be due to their being
distantly related, rather than closely related.

Levi Blevins (5th gen.) (Daniel Jr.-4, Daniel #2-3, William #2-2,
#1-1) born abt. 1779 in Virginia. He m. Mary _____ ? b. 1781 in Va. Levi

Blevins lived in Scott Co. Va, and Lawrence and Johnson Co., Ky. He died

abt. 1855 - 1860 in Johnson Co., Ky.

Sixth gen. children of Levi and Mary Blevins have been reported as;

1. Nathan b. abt. 1804 in Lee Co., Virginia m. Rebecca Wooten
2. Ephraim b. abt. 1805 in Lee Co., Virginia m. Letitha Davidson
3. Rachel b. abt. 1807 in Lee Co., Virginia m. William Wilson
4. Elisha b. abt. 1809 in Lee Co., Virginia m. Alsey Tackett
5. Daniel b. abt. 1812 Scott Co., Va. m. Sara Cory
6. Mary b. 1814 Scott Co., Va. m. Joel Cerley 1838 Barry Mo.
7. Sarah b. 1816 Scott Co., Va. m. Daniel Collier 1855 Lawrence Co.,
8. Samuel b. 1818 Scott Co., Va. m Mary Mollett
9. James b. 1821 Lawrence Co., Ky m. Elizabeth Mollett 1838 Lawrence
10. Margaret b. 1825 Lawrence Co., Ky m. James Mollett 1834 Lawrence
11. Emily b. 1827 Lawrence Co., Ky m. James Price 1843 Lawrence Co., Ky

12. Ellen b. 1827 Lawrence Co., Ky m. Stephen Williamson 1850 Johnson
13. Thomas A. b. 1829 Lawrence Co., Ky m. Ruth Gibson 1846 Johnson Co.,

I hope this helps.

Les Blevins


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> The recent postings of William Blevins and James Blevins have been
> interesting. I descend from the line of Elisha Blevins and Alsey
> My understanding is that there is no proof of Elisha's parentage. The

> history from my side is that his father was James Blevins, whose
> Hannah married Hugo Boggs in Floyd Co Ky 9 Aug 1821. That said, a
> be made for William as well, such as the name of Elisha's children and

> location in proximity to William in the 1850 census. Discussion?
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