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Subject: [BLEVINS] Col. William Blevins
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 00:27:37 EDT

Actually, I am more inclined to believe Capt. William Blevins and Col.
William Blevins are one and the same person. The rank of Col. seems to be a
natural progression from Capt. and I also believe this to be a rank acquired in the
local militia and not simply an honorary title. I also think the odds are
very slim that one William Blevins be a Captain and a completely different
William Blevins be a Colonel.

Second, I am firmly convinced that William Blevins, the Elder and Agnes are
the parents of Col. William Blevins who married Ann (Morrell?) and not
vice-versa. At this point, I don't think there is any evidence for another William
Blevins, father to William Blevins, the Elder.

The reasons are as follows:

1. On May 10 1771 in Pittsylvania Co. VA, George Lumkin and Mary his
wife sold 300 acres for 160 lbs. to William Blevins, 'the youngest Son of
William Blevins the Elder'. Both George Lumkin and Mary Lumkin signed their marks.
On Aug 29 1771, 'William Blevins Son of William Blevins and Ann his wife'
sold the same 300 acres back to George Lumkin for 100 lbs. (for less money I
might add). Both William Blevins, Junr and Ann Blevins signed their marks.
Therefore, the wife of William Blevins, Jr. is Ann and he is quite clearly the son
of William Blevins, the Elder. I would also hazard a guess that William and
Ann may have recently married.

2. On Sep 19 1765 in Halifax Co. VA, William Blevins and Agathey, his
wife sold 125 acres for 50 lbs. to Thomas Waltens (perhaps Walters or maybe
Walden/Walling?). The original land patent for this tract of land was granted to
William Blevins on Mar 10 1756 in Lunenburg Co. VA. Somehow, the land must
have came back in their possession by 1777. On Feb 17 1777 in Henry Co. VA,
William Blevins, Senr sold the same 125 acres for 110 lbs. to Philip Thomas.
William Blevins signed his mark and 'Agnes the wife of the said William, being
Privily examined, as the Law directe, Relinquished her Right of Dower'.
Therefore, William and Agatha Blevins must be considerably older but by how much.

3. On Oct 28 1745, Entry Record Book I (now in Pittsylvania Co. VA)
lists William Blivens with the intent to patent 400 acres on Little Cherrystone
Creek between Burton and Wallings Line (surveyed by R. W.). On Oct 29 1745,
Elisha Walling is listed with an intent to patent 400 acres on both sides of
Gt. Cherrystone Creek (surveyed by J. T.). This is earliest record I have found
of both William Blevins and Elisha Walling being in this area. William
Blevins is first listed on the 1749 tax list for Lunenberg Co. VA. If this is the
same William Blevins, the Elder then he must have been born between 1720-1725
at the latest.

4. The 1758 militia list of Abram Maury lists both William Blevins and
William Blevins, Jr. which I presume are the same father and son. That would make
William Blevins, Jr. have been born between 1735-40 at the latest. If William
Blevins, Jr. is the youngest son then that would make William Blevins, Sr.
probably 30 years older at the very least or between 1705-1710.

5. Capt. William Blevins is on the 1767 tithable list for Pittsylvania Co.
VA taken by Peter Copland along with Dawl and Peter which I assume to be 2
slaves. A little further down is Little William Blevins which is an odd
sobriquet. No other person is listed as 'Little'. If he were William Blevins, Jr.
then I would have assumed 'Jr.' or 'Jun.' would have been used like everywhere
else on the list.

6. Col. William Blevins and Ann seem to have moved from Pittsylvania Co.
VA to Sullivan Co. TN between 1771 and 1775 (possibly shortly after the land
sale in 1771). William Blevins, Senr and Agatha seem to still be in Henry Co.
VA by 1777. On Mar 19 1775, William Blevins signed the Watauga Purchase
along with John Sevier (later Governor of Franklin (1785-88) and Tennessee
(1796-1809)). That would make him a very influential person in that colony by 1775
and quite likely a leader of the local militia.

7. On Aug 9 1787, William Blevins was granted 312 acres on the Holston
River by the State of North Carolina. On July 10, 1788, William Blevins was
granted 1120 acres. On Nov 17 1796, William Blevins was granted 200 acres on
Iron Mountain (although this could very well be William R. Blevins (c1774 -
cDec 28 1854)).

8. On Oct 18 1805, 'William Blevins Commonly called Colonel' of Sullivan
Co. TN was deceased. Several heirs of John Blevins, son of John Blevins
'heir by marriage' of William Blevins for $300 relinquish to John Blevins, son of
William Blevins any interest in the estate 'now in the possession of Ann
Blevins widow of the sd William Blevins desceased'. On Jan 2 1812, Gatewood
Blevins descended from and heir to William Blevins, commonly called Colonel, late
of Sullivan Co. TN for $50 relinquishes to John Blevins, son of the said
William Blevins any interest in the estate 'now in possession of Ann Blevins
widow of the said William Blevins deceased'. Ann Blevins is still living in Jan
23 1818, when James Loveless and wife Nancy Loveless relinquish interest in
the estate to John Blevins, son of William Blevins.

On the basis of this evidence and a typical lifespan of 65-70 years, I
would place William Blevins, the Elder (c1710 - c1780) along with Agnes
(Walden?) his wife and Col. William Blevins (c1735 - c1805) along with Ann
(Morrell?) his wife (c1750 - c1820).



I guess we all have our theories.

My theory is that; William #1 b. ca 1691 was known as "Old Bill" his son was
William #2 b. ca 1718 who married Ann and was known as variously as "Devil
Will",, "Captain William" and "William the elder" ----- his son was William
#3 b. ca 1735 who married Agnes and was known as "the youngest son of
William the elder" in the 1771 Indenture.

We also have; Daniel #1 b. ca 1710 whose eldest son was William #3 b. ca
1742 and who was known variously as "Little William" and "Col." William

And some or all of the above liked to hang out in the woods and hunt for a

Les Blevins

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> Rob/Les: Many researchers have referred to Capt. William Blevins,
> certainly
> a different individual from Col. William Blevins. I have long theorized
> (with no proof) that your position that Capt. William was the father of
> Col.
> William is probably correct. I have also theorized that Capt. William
> was the
> longhunter William Blevins. Multiple records of the long hunters differ
> somewhat in their discussion of the long hunters. A few of those
> references that
> identify William include info shown below: (I don't have access to my
> chronology records at the moment and the info shown below comes from
> someone else,
> which I have not confirmed.)
> 1. In the year of 1761, as soon as the state of affairs with the Cherokees
> and Catawbas would permit hunting in the wilderness, Elisha Walden and
> party of
> 18 men, made up of his friends and neighbors, formed themselves into a
> company for the purpose of taking a "long hunt"....Walden..........had
> married
> Miss Blevin, the daughter of a neighbor Will Blevins, a noted
> hunter.........History of Pittsylvania Co, VA by Maud Carter Clement,
> p.89.
> 2. 1761 - Following the Cherokee surrender in April, Elisha Wallen headed
> a
> party of long hunters, among which was his father-in-law William Blevins,
> John and James Blevins. They hunted for 18 months in the Powell and
> Clinch
> Valleys and well into Kentucky using the Cumberland Gap. The party named
> landmarks, including rediscovering and renaming Coones Gap as Cumberland
> Gap. Draper
> 4, p. 76.
> 3. Elisha Wallen, Jack and William Blevins were listed as members of the
> Wallen Co., of Long Hunters who went on the first "long hunt" and
> established
> the hunting camp in Powell's Valley. Draper Manuscripts? 7 Vol. 7.
> 4. In 1763..Elisha Wallen and William Blevins went on their second long
> hunt. Daniel Boone of the Yadkin Valley and his company accompanied them
> as far
> as the site of Abingdon, VA where they parted company. Wallen and
> Blevins
> hunted into Kentucky that year. Draper4, 20.
> 5. 1758 - Privates John Sr. and Jr.and William Sr. and Jr. and James
> Blevins
> mustered in Col. Abram Maury's Company of the Halifax Co, VA Militia.
> Ron Blevins
> In a message dated 10/12/2006 2:57:05 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
> Les,
> The only reference I know of to a "Capt." William Blevins was on the 1767
> Pittsylvania County First List of Tithables compiled by Justice of the
> Peace
> Peter Copland. The Copland list (which was one of 14 different lists in
> 1767)
> also included "Little William Blevins".
> Captain William and Little William were listed separately (and 13 names
> apart) from each other but on the same list. Based on my reading of
> Virginia Tax
> law from the period, the fact that Little William was listed separately
> implies that he maintained his own household and was over the age of 21
> at the
> time.
> My current theory is that Captain William was the father of Little
> William.
> Captain William was the man who would later be known as William the Elder
> (married to Agnes). Little William Blevins was the man who would later
> be
> known as Colonel William Blevins (married to Ann). I believe this theory
> is held
> by others as well.
> Some deed transfer of the time provide valuable insights:
> On September 19, 1765, William Blevins and Agathey, his wife, of Halifax
> Co.
> conveyed to Thomas Wallens for 50 pounds (125 acres). Corner of Randolphs
> &
> Co. Halifax Co. (Deed Book #2 1759-1766).
> There were two 1771 deed transfers between a William Blevins and George
> Lumpkin. The first specifically identifies this William Blevins as being
> the
> "youngest son of William Blevins the elder". The second specifically
> identifies
> this William's wife as being named Ann and once again calls him son of
> William Blevins.
> All three of these deeds involved land in what is now Henry County VA
> Rob
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> William #4 b. abt 1742 was as known as "Col. William". He married Ann
> Morrell in the 1760s. William #4 died in Sullivan Co., Tenn. about 1805,
> his
> wife surviving him by several years. I have no record of him being
> referred
> to as Capt.
> "Col." being a higher rank than "Capt." was used a lot less frequently
> and
> generally had to be earned through higher dedication or service to a
> particular cause. Capt. was often used more as an "affectionately" used
> rank
> to indicate an informal appointment or rank among men even when no
> military
> use was intended.
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> Subject: Re: [BLEVINS] [BLEVINS-L] Stupid question
>>I was looking thru old notes...and well, I STILL am
>> unclear on this "excellent' question! Does anyone know
>> the answer? Thanks.
>> --- Vivian Markley <> wrote:
>>> Is Col William Blevins and Capt William Blevins
>>> different people?
>>> Vivian
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