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Subject: [BLEVINS] Blevins-Asher
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 22:46:15 EST

Les, thanks to you, Rob and others who took the time to advise me of my
serious communications error in leaving out one key word in last night's message.
Blevins Asher born ca. 1800 was of course the son of Dillon Asher and wife
Nancy Davis, the grandson of William and Peggy (Blevins) Asher and the great
nephew of old Dillon Blevins. This family did use the name Blevins as a
given name. Blevins Asher's sister Mary "Pug" Asher married Henry Sizemore, and
they named a son Blevins Sizemore.

You may or may not be aware of the legend surrounding Peggy (Blevins)
Asher's son Dillon Asher (1774-1844). Clay County, KY legend has it that Dillon
Asher while married to Nancy Davis also fathered at least 5 children by her
sister Sally Davis as well as 12 additional children by sisters Elizabeth and
Sally Collett. Clay County court files do have a record of Dillon Asher being
charged with adultery by William Collett

I have the names of 11 children of Dillon and Nancy (Davis) Asher and of the
5 children he had with her sister Sally Davis. I do not have the names of
the 12 Asher-Collett children.

There is much information available on this family including:
History of Dillon Asher and His Family by Dillion H. Bingham
Eastern Cherokee Applications 45427 and 45428
Sizemore in Eastern Kentucky and unpublished manuscript by Jesse D. Wilson
Clay County, KY Ancestral News, October 1992 from Richard Carpenter
Thousandsticks newspaper article from 1938, story by Judge L. D. Lewis.

I am taking the liberty of pasting a little of my information on the William
and Peggy (Blevins) Asher family.

A 14. Margaret “Peggy Blevins2Asher (possibly John or William
Blevins Sr.1); born ca.1750; married William Asher (1747-1789), son of
William Asher Sr (1725-1791) and his wife ______Bean, William Sr. being the son of
Robert Asher (1690-1745) and his wife Jane Flournoy. William and Peggy
lived at Bean Station , Claiborne County, TN where William drowned in the Holston
River in 1789 while chasing deer. Information provided by Mrs. Bobbie Baker
in a 17 September,1986, letter included a document titled HISTORY OF
DILLION ASHER AND HIS FAMILY, by Dillion H. Bingham, Bell County, Judge-Attorney at
Law, Pineville, KY. indicates that William and Peggy’s son Dillon Asher was
a well known pioneer as the second white settler in Clay County, KY, and that
he was a friend of the Indian Red Bird. The Owen Blevins website lists
Peggy as a daughter of Col. William, but I have no documentation to support that
listing, nor do I have anything to disprove it. The one theory of Peggy's
family of which I am confident is that she was a sister of Dillon Blevins.
Excerpts from that document follow: “Dictated by Uncle Dillion W. Bingham,
great grandson of Dillion Asher... and who is the namesake of his great
granddaddy-Old Dillion Asher, and knows the genealogy of all the pioneer people of
the mountains of KY. AFFIDAVIT: This is the history of the Asher Family of
Bell and Harlan Counties (*RLB ‘of Kentucky’). It was dictated by D.W.
Bingham, son of Benjamin Bingham, son of Elijah Bingham, son of John A.
Bingham...and recorded by my mother, Sarah Bingham Moss, daughter of Capt. William
Bingham. This is my property. Ida Moss Phillips, Sept.13, 1953.”
“Dillion Asher was grandmother Sally Lane’s brother. Grandmother Asher’s
father was named Billy Asher and he was a full blood Frenchman. Her mother was
a Blevins, sister of Dillion Blevins, a Long Hunter and Mrs. Blevins was of
French descent, her name was Polly Blevins. Arry Asher who married Farris
Roberts, was the first white child born in Southeastern KY. She was Dillion
Asher’s daughter.....More history on Dillion Asher ---Dillion Asher, 18 years,
and Uncle Dillion Blevins started to go to Boone’s the way of
Straight Creek and Red Bird, and Dillion Asher stayed back with some peach seeds
and was planting them when old Dillion Blevins ran back and said, “Are you
going to make your home there?’ They started on and a gang of Cherokee Indians
got after them and they both got away from them, but returned to Richard Davis
’ home, stayed one night. Dillion Asher, ‘sparked’ one of Richard Davis’
daughters and married Nancy and located there. He stayed a couple of years
and after that
moved to the mouth of Straight Creek, and cleared bottom land where
Pineville sits now....There came a question of title to land between Asher and
Hogan....Next Fall he went to Red Bird and when he arrived he found the peach trees
were full of fruit. He built a house and settled down there...The house is
still standing on Red Bird River on Henry Ford’s land...Dillion Asher, second
man in Clay Co., John Gilbert, first man in Clay Co., he married Dillion Asher
’s cousin who was a Bowling.”
“Dillion Asher’s mother was a Blevins, sister of Old Dillion Blevins.
...Dillion Asher wrestled and had many fights with the Indians at the mouth of
Straight Creek, and killed several. Dillion Asher killed the last buffalo that
was killed in Kentucky, and he killed it when there were hundreds of buffalo
stampeded on Buffalo Hill on the Jackson D. Asher farm of Red Bird. Dillion
Asher’s sisters consisted of Sallie Lane who married Samuel Lane; Peggy
Asher who married a Sizemore...His other sister married a Bowling who lived on
Red Bird.
Sallie Asher Lane lived and owned ...Middlesboro, lived on Yellow Creek
where Middlesboro now sits, and this was all Virginia at that time...Dillion
Asher killed 14 black bear in the bottom where Pineville now sits, with a
flintlock in one day...Dillion Asher had a brother, Martin Asher, who lived on Red
Bird...His other sister married a Bunchland, lived in Tennessee. She was
captured by some Indians. They followed the Indians and killed two of them and
shot the third who got away. They tracked him by the blood a considerable
distance, and they rescued her and brought her back home. Dillion Asher, her
brother, was considerably younger than she was, got up a crowd of men, with
their flintlock guns and marched on the Indian town covered wigwam houses and
killed them. The Indians went to N.C. and that relieved the community
considerable, being much bothered by the Indians.”
The father of Dillion Asher was drowned in the Holston River while chasing
deer. He lived at Bean Station, Claiborne County, Tenn. William Asher was
drowned when his son, Dillion was about 12 years old.
Bobbie Baker
+A 141. John Asher b.1763
VA d.1835 (lived Bean Station,TN)
married Millie _________
+A 142. Robert Asher b.1766
d.1830’s (lived Laurel Co,KY)
married Susan Chestnut
A 143. Josiah ‘Joe Sire’ Asher b. ca. 1771 d.
1826 (lived Bourbon Co,KY)
+A 144. Dillon Asher b.5 Oct.1774 d.9
May 1844 (See above history)
married Nancy Davis
A 145. Martin Asher b. ca. 1775
married Rachel _______
A 146. Peggy Asher b. ca. 1779
married _______ McLemore (per Owen Blevins website)
+A 147. Sallie Asher b. ca. 1790
married Samuel Lane
+A 148. Mary “Polly” Asher b. 1783
married Levi Bowling
A 149. _______ Asher
married Buchand/Bunch


In a message dated 1/16/2007 10:22:53 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,


You are correct Mary Margaret "Peggy" Asher was Dillon's sister. Dillon was
b. in 1750 and Mary was born 1752.

I had not heard of William Blevins Asher before. Why do you suppose Dillon
Blevins named a son William B. Asher?

On the John Asher webpage you can find a
Blevins Asher listed as a son of Dillon Asher and Elizabeth Blevins but I
have not looked into that family..


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> Les, I am very familiar with this family. Mary Margaret "Peggy" Asher
> was
> the sister of Dillon Blevins born 1750. Dillon and first wife Nancy
> Davis
> named their first son William Blevins Asher b. ca. 1800 and he went by the
> name
> Blev Asher or Blevins Asher. You will also find the name Blevins
> Sizemore in
> Clay Co, KY.
> Ronj

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