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Subject: Re: [BLEVINS] Blevins-Armstrong- Childers
Date: Sat, 05 Apr 2008 22:38:29 -0400
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I do not have the information on Johns first wife Rhoda, but I have
found the following information which you may already have in your

The John Childers age 63 on the 1850 Pendleton County, Kentucky Census
was born 1787 Virginia. Pendleton County, Kentucky is a Northern
Kentucky County. I do not believe this is your John Childers.
This group matches the names you listed in your last message
1850 Knox County, Kentucky Census
There is a John Childers age 58, born 1791/92 North Carolina wife
Elizabeth age 50, born abt. 1800 North Carolina.
Children listed on Census in this home are: William M. Childers age 19
b. abt. 1831 NC., Alford Childers age 16, born abt. 1836 NC, Martha
Childers age 12, b. abt 1838 NC
Also found on the 1850 Knox County, Kentucky Census is brother to you
James Franklin, G.W. Childers, wife and family,

There is a marriage bond for James F. Childers age 54 second marriage,
born NC, father born NC, Mother born NC to Matilda Vannoy??? Age 37,
born Knox County, KY. Parent's state of birth not listed. Marriage date
May 27, 1872. Book E Page 118

Knox County, Kentucky Death Certificate for Matilda Childers age 93,
born Feb. 26, 1834 Kentucky-died August 21, 1927. Father is unknown, but
Mother listed as Susan Fox
born North Carolina. Certificate Number 18744

A Knox County, Kentucky Death Certificate for Carless Childers born Jan.
22 1876 died August 11, 1933, son of Frank Childers, born North Carolina
and Matilda June Fox born Kentucky. Carless is buried Childers
Cemetery. Certificate number 29701

On the 1850 Knox County, Kentucky Census there is a Susan Fox age 44
born NC.
Children; Lewis M. 22, b. KY., Matilda Fox age 15, b. KY., Nancy Fox
age 13, b. KY., William P. Fox age 8, b. KY.,
1860 Knox County, Kentucky Census Susan Fox age 54 b. NC. Matilda Fox
age 25 b. KY.,

1880 Knox County, Kentucky Census
James F. Childers 61, b. NC, Matilda 46, b. KY,
Children are all listed as Fox and Step-Children. George age 10, Ella
M. age 7, Carless L. age 5.
In the 1900, 1910, 1920 Knox County, Kentucky Census Matilda is a widow
living with son Carless and family.
Carolyn Wilson Dyer
Georgetown, Kentucky


>John Childers born 1791 was my ggg grandfather, son of John Childerford,
>apparently born 22 Mar. 1753. Leisa Vanhook shared information with me on 24
>Apr. 1999 from the John Childers Bible as below, (spellings as written)
>"John Childerford Book March 22, 1753
>John Childris 10-24-1791
>Rody Childers Oct. 8, 1790
>Henden Childris Sep. 14, 1812 (Leisa probably Hiram)
>George W. Childris March 1, 1817
>James Franklin Childris Apr. 1, 1818 (RLB my gg grandfather whose daughter
>m. Cicero Blevins)
>Mehulda Childris Feb. 17, 1821
>Holbert Childris Apr. 8, 1823
>Delila Childris Nov. 28, 1825
>Susan Jane Childris Dec. 17, 1828
>Emily Childris May 10, 1831
>(Leisa - John then married Elizabeth Smith, widow of John Smith - next 5
>names are likely children of Elizabeth's first marriage or of a son-in-law)
>William A. Barnett Apr. 19, 1827
>Mark Anderson Smith Aug. 27, 1822
>John Washington Smith Oct. 24, 1826
>Eliza Smith Jan. 15, 1829
>William Madten Smith Feb. 7, 1831
>(Leisa - children of John by second wife)
>Zeb Alford Childris Feb. 22, 1836
>Martha Childris Sep. 2, 1838
>Elias Childris Sep. 8, 1843 (Leisa - gravestone spells Childress)
>(Leisa) the next names are believed to be grandchildren and people who
>married into the family)
>James Harmon Childers Jan. 12, 1883
>Mary Martha Childers Jan. 22, 1883
>Vica Childers Dec. 29, 1876 (Leisa - wife of Linza Childers)
>Emby E. Childers Nov. 12, 1848
>David Sluder m. Eliza Smith Oct. 27, 1848
>John Milford Williams Oct. 16, 1857 (Leisa - son of Westly & Martha Williams)
>James Alford Williams May 12, 1862
>Elisabeth Abbit May 22, 1866
>Linza Childers May 22, 1870
>John Childers May 22, 1870
>James Barnett Feb. 8, 1845"
>RLB - Descendant Dr. Danny L. Miller reports that John Childers moved to KY
>and that after his son James Franklin Childers of Ashe County divorced his
>wife Susannah Sexton, he also moved to KY. My gg grandparents' Frank Childers
>and wife Susannah Sexton were in Ashe Co, NC in the 1850-1870 census. In the
>1880 census, Susannah is a head of family in Ashe County noted as divorced
>while Frank noted as James F. Childers age 61 and wife Matilda age 46 are in
>Knox Co, KY.
>John Childers born. 1791 was in the 1850 Pendleton Co, KY census as age 63
>b. VA with wife Eliza 55 b. TN
>Does anyone know the surname of John's first wife Rhoda?
>Ron Blevins
>In a message dated 4/5/2008 12:01:33 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
>I don't want you to think I am ignoring your post. I am just trying to
>digest the locals and dates.
>Given the natural migration, Warren Co. to Surry Co. to Ashe Co., NC to
>Harlan Co., KY we could have a clue here. But my ancestor Woodard P. KING was b.
>~1802 in NC. His mother Hexy CHILDRESS would have been born before 1787.
>And that year is stretching it. At best Hexy could be a sister of John
>Childers (b. 1791). Have we got any documentation on the ancestry of John
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>Subject: [BLEVINS] Help Me Harlan Co. Researchers
>Thanks for the message. My great grandparents of Ashe Co, NC were Cicero
>Blevins and wife Elizabeth Childers. Elizabeth was the d/o James Franklin
>"Frank" Childers (b.1818) and wife Susannah Sexton. Frank left his wife and moved
>to KY in the 1870's where he married again and had a second family. Frank
>was the son of John Childers (b. 1791) and wife Rhoda, and the grandson of
>John Childerford apparently born 22 Mar. 1753. This info comes from the John
>Childers Bible shared in an email dated 24 Apr. 1999 from Leisa Vanhook.
>Ron Blevins
>In a message dated 4/2/2008 10:36:54 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
>To most of you Harlan Co. BLEVINS the "Armstrong and Blevins - Back to
>Pittsylvania" post probably didn't get your blood pumping but it sure did
>mine. I have CHILDRESS and BLEVINS in Harlan Co. There are also numerous
>FARMER lines there, although I don't think I have any in my line. Well,
>CHILDRESS might not exactly be in Harlan but I descend from CHILDRESS.
>Maybe we can figure some of this out together.
>The widow of my direct Unknown BLEVINS ancestor, Kissiah Unknown BLEVINS,
>first appears in Harlan Co. in the 1840 census. We don't know if one of the
>male BLEVINS listed on earlier census' was her husband or not. My KING line
>first appears in Harlan Co. in 1850. Woodard P. KING is the son of Wood
>Woodard P. KING m. Elizabeth CAPPS in Warren Co., NC and moved to Surrey
>Co., NC by 1827. Migrating to Harlan Co. ca. 1844.
>So we have descendents of BLEVINS, CHILDRESS & FARMER coming together. This
>could be a sign of relatives migrating together if we could just figure it
>out. Surry Co., NC could be the key.
>Any help out there? Any ideas out there?
>Corinne Chadderdon
>Coeur d'Alene, ID
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>Subject: [BLEVINS] Armstrongs and Blevins - Back to Pittsylvania
>>PAGE 34: BOOK I: 158...WILL of WILLIAM ARMSTRONG, 29 March 1779...
>>WIFE CATHERINE gets negro man Boss.
>>Sons: JOHN and JAMES get 5 sheep each.
>>Son WILLIAM gets negro girl Agg, livestock, 150 acres adj my son HUGH
>> Son-in-law, JOHN CHILDERS* (Childress). My part of my brother JOHN
>> ARMSTRONG'S estate to be equally divided between JOHN CHILDRES, WILLIAM
>> Son-in-law JAMES SPENCER gets 5 sheep.
>>EXRS: JOHN CHILDERS (Childress), William Armstrong. SIT: James Meredith,
>> Marlin, Samuel Meredith. Prvd by James Meredith and W. Marlin. Recorded
>>February Court, 1782.
>>NOTE: JOHN CHILDRESS married first Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, daughter of
>> William
>>Armstrong of Surry Co, NC as shown above. After his first wife's death,
>>CHILDRESS married second, NANCY HICKMAN.
>>The Nashville TN Archives have CHILDRESS-HICKMAN histories which confirm
>>these marriages. See also, William Cabler Moore's CHILDRESS & HICKMAN &
>>NOTES, 1870.
>>Other important genealogical papers can be seen in the TN Archives in
>>Nashville such as Catherine Berry Pilcher AVERY, (1894-1984 PAPERS..from
>>ca1500-1971. Catherine was a descendant of JOHN CHILDRESS (Nashville, TN)
>>from his
>>MERRITT SCOTT PILCHER, Patsy's parents. Many of the families in her
>>include the earliest settlers in TN and VA...which date back to
>>the c1500. Her family and some of their connections are related to the
>> families who are descended from Capt William Hobson and Janette
>>of VA
>>and Nashville, TN of from which my husband (George) is a direct
>>descendant. I
>>hope to post more information on these papers which I found to be very
>> interesting and helpful with my research.
>>*As you can see, this WILL abstract has two spellings for JOHN's surname
>> and
>>was shown as CHILDERS and CHILDRES. I have copies of original documents
>>JOHN CHILDRESS b1735c VA and who left a 1810 WILL in Nashville, TN, his
>>was sometimes spelt as Childers, but mostly CHILDRES and CHILDRESS in
>> documents...According to these copies of original documents and the
>>Cabler Moore Childress-Hickman-Smith Notes...and other authorities...JOHN
>>the son of Henry CHILDERS JR. whose name was shown to be spelled several
>> or
>>more ways (Childers/Childres/Childress) and his wife Mary (FARMER).
>>MaryJean Childress Voegtlin
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