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Subject: Re: [BLEVINS] Blevins Reunion - July 10, 2011
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 22:04:05 -0400
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Les, You have to let loose of this one. We have Revolutionary War pension
papers for Hannah O that proves she is the wife of James not Nathan.

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I hope you enjoy the family reunion. Give everyone a hug and a handshake for

me OK? (smile)

I now have 141 entries for our ancestor Nathan Blevins b. ca 1763 in my
database and I thin you will be glad to know all are compatible with my
position that I too am a descendant of Nathan and his first wife Hannah O.

Here is entry #1

Henry & Montgomery County

1777 Richard, Jonathan, William, Daniel, Wiloboy, Nathan Blevins
Montgomery, VA Militia

(these men are most likely Richard #3 and twin Jonathan #1, William #4,
Daniel #2 and his son Nathan #1, and William #4's brother Willoughby)

Nathan was a son of Daniel Blevins #2 the father of Daniel Jr. b. ca 1753
and those two were known to be attempting to recover land in Westerly RI.

Ron Blevins; provides the following information about "Daniel Blevins" and
this author's conclusion is that Ron's discussion is about Daniel Blevins
Jr. born ca. 1753. Ron indicates Sarah Blevins is listed as age 96 in 1850 -

making her birth year about 1754, a very likely age of Daniel Jr.'s wife
since Daniel Jr.was born ca. 1753.

And as you know Ron provided the following pertaining to the family of
Daniel Blevins who the author believes is actually Daniel Blevins Jr. b. ca

Daniel Blevins b. ca. 1760's; d. ca. 1830's in Scott or Russell Co, Va;
married Sarah _____ . Daniel Blevins is listed in two census records - 1820

Scott Co, VA as over age 45 (thus born 1775 or before). Daniel's wife is
listed as over age 45 in the 1820 census. She is believed to be the same
Sarah Blevins listed in the 1850 census as age 96 and in the household of a
widow Lucy Blevins age 45.

And Ron also says;

Circumstantial evidence including given names of children and location in

relation to each other would seem to indicate that this Daniel Blevins was
part of a family group that included Wells Blevins b. ca. 1755-1760, Nathan
Blevins b. ca. 1763, James Blevins b. ca. 1770, and possibly Levi Blevins b.

ca. 1779.

Census Records for Daniel #2 & Nathan Blevins:

1810 Russell, VA Tax 1840 Russell Co, VA

Daniel Bleven Nathan Blevins 40-49
Levi Bleven 1 female 40-49
Nathan Blevin 7 children
Joseph Blevin
James Bevins
John Bevin

The Nathan in Russell Co., VA in 1840 is Nathan #2 a son of Daniel Jr.

Levi was born ca 1781 and was also a son of Daniel Jr.

Levi Blevins #1 (5th gen.) (Daniel Jr.-4, Daniel #2-3, William #2-2,
William #1-1) b. 1779 in Virginia. Levi m. (1) Mary ______? b. 1781 in Va.
Levi and Mary Blevins were involved in several land transactions in Ashe Co,

NC between 1803 and 1816.

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From: Vivian Markley
Sent: Thursday, June 23, 2011 5:21 PM
Subject: Re: [BLEVINS] Blevins Reunion - July 10, 2011

Hi all,

It looks like I will finally be coming to the reunion. Now for some plans.
I will be driving and have two options. First, I live in Springfield, Ohio,
am 62 yr old grandma and would be glad to bring anyone down that might like
to come but did not want to drive it themselves. I am very accustomed to
driving to Texas so this is a piece of cake. I also lived in Knoxville for
several years. My choice of route might depend on if anyone wants to hitch
a ride.
I will be leaving on Sat and most likely returning on Monday but could stay
longer( I can adjust to whatever). I will be staying in a hotel and could
share a room or we could do separate rooms or if you have a cousin, I could
drop someone off there.

The "eastern route" goes to West Virginia I64, I77 and I81 in Virginia, so
if you live off this route and want a ride, let me know.

The "western route" goes south on I75, south thru Ky and over to Va. Lots
of routes available according to where a person might live.

I am not worried about time and it would be fun to have a travel buddy. As
for coming home, I can also make adjustments there. If someone would like
to visit some of their ancestors old haunts on Monday or Tuesday or later to
go to some courthouses or libraries in KY, Tn, Va, or NC, I would be glad to
do the same but if you need to be home as soon as possible, that is fine. I
have visited some of these before but I always love to go back. Also, if
you have family that you never get to see that would be fine also. Don't be
afraid to ask. I just retired and I am enjoying not having any restraints
on my time after six kids and 14 grandkids. Hubby still works but he and
his Dad (just turned 90 and still plays 18 holes of golf) have plenty of
plans to keep him busy.

Ron mentioned that some of the guys stayed on longer last year to compare
notes but I am not sure if they are planning anything like this for this
year. Retirement is great!

Vivian Markley
Descendent of Nathan Blevins, Ashe Co NC

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