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From: "Irma Evans" <>
Subject: Re: [BLEVINS] John B. Blevins 1803
Date: Sat, 9 Feb 2013 16:30:34 -0600
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Hello. This is Irma. Off the present subject, but somewhat relevant. I am
still trying to prove that the "Unknown Daughter" of Armstead Blevins
(Dillon/Ann) and Keturah Armstrong was Judith Blevins who married Chambers
Etter in Hempstead County in 1821 and moved to Texas. This Chambers Etter
was the brother of William Etter, editor of the newspaper in Old Washington,
Hempstead County, Arkansas. William had a son also named Chambers (Chamb)
who was a prominent soldier in the Civil War (Etter's Battery from Hempstead
County, Texas). So that makes some confusion as to names there.

I have a newspaper record of the marriage of Judith and Chambers. When I
mentioned this sometime ago, one of our friends had some idea or evidence
that this couldn't be true because of the birthdate of Unknown Blevins. She
is shown in family records as being born about 1802 in Carter County,
Tennessee or in Kentucky/Carter County, Kentucky.

Today while digging around in, I came across this "Sealing
record" as follows:

"daughter BLEVINS
[1169] [1170] [1171] [1172]
ABT 1802 - ____
a.. BIRTH: ABT 1802, KY?
d.. BAPTISM: ABT 1802
Father: Armstead BLEVINS
Mother: Keturah CARTER

Family 1 : Chambers ETTER
a.. MARRIAGE: 1821, Hempstead Co. AR

"The Printer's Devil" states that a sister of Hugh Armstrong Blevins (son of
Armstead & Keturah) married Chambers Etter. I still think this is Judith,
but this is all I know.

Newspaper report from Calhoun County, Texas records the death of a baby
(also named Chambers) born to Chambers Etter (not mentioning the name of his
wife) and his remarriage to a Susan Blair. I have confirmed this with his
descendants on that line.

A record from someone's chart received by email on 10/17/2006 shows John
Blevins, born about 1803 in Carter County, TN and died 05 May 1879,
Elizabethton, Carter County, Tennessee. He may be a "possible son", but he
occurs in different records.

I think Ron's idea of a previous marriage for Keturah Armstrong to a Carter
is interesting. Certainly my mother was not alone in listing Keturah Carter
as wife of Armstead Blevins. Wonder how far back that story goes?

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Subject: Re: [BLEVINS] John B. Blevins 1803

> Steve, great question. I am not aware of any documentation for the
> parents of John B Blevins. In fact in my own discussion paper on the
> Armstead Blevins family, I list the proven children of Armstead as (1)Hugh
> Armstrong Blevins, (2) Carter Blevins, (3) Dillon Blevins b. ca.
> 1796-1800, and (4) Keturah Blevins b. ca. 1814. I list John B Blevins as
> a "possible" son of Armstead and Keturah. I still wonder if Armstead's
> wife Keturah was previously married to a Carter. We do have proof that
> she was actually an Armstrong.
> Although I haven't tried to locate it tonight, my listing of John B
> Blevins as a possible son probably comes from a 15 Sep. 1985 letter from
> Carolyn Powers. Census records showing that John and Lydia had a daughter
> named Clary Blevins has long made be wonder about possible relationships.
> Obviously the given names of children such as Dillon, William , Daniel,
> etc. also gives rise to more specualtion, but not to any consensus.
> Ron
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> Subject: [BLEVINS] John B. Blevins 1803
> Ron,
> Is there any documentation that shows John B. Blevins 1803 Carter Co., TN
> who
> married Lydia Dugger, is the son of Armstead Blevins?
> Steve
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