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From: Sunni <>
Subject: Bloyds born in Texas 1926 - 1997
Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2000 14:39:15 -0700

The Texas Birth database is comprised of over 15 million name entries
from 1926-1997. Please note that names with an asterisk (*) seem to have
variable spelling. I have transcribed these names as they appear on the

JESSIE ROYDELL BLOYD, m, born 9/15/1927 in Lubbock County
Mother: Lorena Lindley
Father: J.E. Bloyd

BEULAH EVELYN BLOYD, f, born 4/4/1927 in Jefferson County
Mother: Willie Mildred Snowden
Father: Ted Bloyd

JOHN ALLEN BLOYD, m, born 11/4/1928 in Lamar County
Mother: Cora Ethel Long
Father: John Allen Bloyd

ELIZABETH ANNE BLOYD, f, born 2/4/1939 in Harris County
Mother: Willie Mildred Snowden
Father: Ted Bloyd

JOYCE MARIE BLOYD, f, born 11/27/1931 in Lubbock County
Mother: Lorine Lindley
Father: Jessie E.Bloyd

DORTHY JANE BLOYD, f, born 8/17/1932 in Jefferson County
Mother: Willie M. Snowden
Father: Ted Bloyd

JOY KATHERINE BLOYD, f, born 12/31/1932 in Terry County
Mother: *Willie Leona Ely
Father: Steve Jeff Bloyd

JOYCE EILEEN BLOYD, f, born 1/1/1935 in Terry County
Mother: *Minnie Leona Eley
Father: Steve Jefferson Bloyd

FRANCIS MARIE BLOYD, f, born 5/12/1936 in Dallas County
Mother: Margaret Cleta Cook
Father: Lenard C. Bloyd

DONALD STEVE BLOYD, m, born 9/10/1940 in Terry County
Mother: *Winnie Leona Ely
Father: Steve Jeff Bloyd

ROBERT EARL BLOYD, m, born 12/4/1943 in Jefferson County
Mother: Marjorie Sanford
Father: Charles Raymond Bloyd

DONALD EVAN BLOYD, m, born 9/10/1945 in Collin County
Mother: Bertha Alma Rambo
Father: J. Evan Bloyd

DAVID EDWIN BLOYD, m, born 12/30/1946 in Jefferson County
Mother: Marjorie Sanford
Father: Charles Raymond

LONEITA ALLIE BLOYD, f, born 8/15/1947 in Eastland County
Mother: Julia O. Sledge
Father: John S. Bloyd

JERRY WAYNE BLOYD, m, born 6/17/1948 in Hunt County
Mother: Ruby Bell Holloway
Father: William Tillman Bloyd

BETHRY ELLEN BLOYD, f, born 6/19/1948 in Lubbock County
Mother: Mary Anne Tucker
Father: Eldon Maxil Bloyd

JANDA GAIL BLOYD, f, born 9/8/1940 in Erath County
Mother: Dorothy June Bradley
Father: Jesse Roydell Bloyd

TED CARSON BLOYD, m, born 9/23/1949 in Harris County
Mother: Ruth Callie Carson
Father: Ted (No middle name) JR.

[Only this limited information is given out about people born after

GEORGE RICHARD BLOYD JR., m, born 2/17/1951 in Harris County

DAVID STANLEY BLOYD, m, born 3/15/1952 in Tarrant County

RUTH ANNE BLOYD, f, born 9/22/1952 in Harris County

RANDY CRIS BLOYD, m, born 11/30/1952 in Erath County

TIMOTHY ALLEN BLOYD, m, born 3/7/1953 in Harris County

MARK ANTHONY BLOYD, m, born 7/22/1953 in Tarrant County

PAUL MARTIN BLOYD, m, born 11/17/1953 in Jefferson County

ROGER LEE BLOYD, m, born 3/5/1955 in Bell County

JILL ANNA BLOYD, f, born 9/8/1955 in Harris County

GARY RANDELL BLOYD, m, born 1/3/1956 in Tarrant County

DWIGHT EDWARD BLOYD, m, born 6/17/1958 in Tarrant County

STEVEN WADE BLOYD, m, born 11/17/1960 in Gaines County

JANET KAY BLOYD, f, born 7/ 8/1963 in Yoakum County
KATHRYN ALINE BLOYD, f, born 7/29/1965 in Harris County

DAVID EDWIN BLOYD, JR, m, born 8/25/1966 in Jefferson County

PAMELA LYNN BLOYD, f, born 7/10/1967 in Yoakum County

KIMBERLY ANN BLOYD, f, born 1/8/1968 in Jefferson County
KELLY NADINE BLOYD, f, born 5/15/1969 in Tarrant County

DEREK ALEN BLOYD, m, born 8/29/1969 in Jefferson County

MARISSA BETH BLOYD, f, born 3/1/1972 in Val Verde County

SHANA MARIE BLOYD, f, born 10/19/1973 in Jefferson County

NEIL KEITH BLOYD, m, born 4/5/1974 in Hutchinson County

CHRISTOPHER SCOTT BLOYD, m, born 2/4/1975 in Kleberg County

JENNIFER JO ANN BLOYD, f, born 4/12/1975 in Travis County

PAUL MARTIN BLOYD JR., m, born 6/11/1975 in Jefferson County
KIMBERLY JO BLOYD, f, born 12/31/1975 in Hutchinson County

RUBIN EDWARD BLOYD, m, born 5/19/176 in Bell County

ANGELYN LEE BLOYD, f, born 1/26/1976 in Erath County BLOYD

JENNIFER NICOLE BLOYD, f, born 10/3/1976 in Harris County

TRAVIS CARSON BLOYD, m, born 10/26/1978 in Harris County

IVA NICOLE BLOYD, f, born 7/12/1979 in Jefferson County

TRENTON CODY BLOYD, m, born 5/ 1/1980 in Harris County

SAMANTHA SHEA BLOYD, f, born 2/5/1982 in Erath County

CHRISTIN RACHEL BLOYD, f, born 5/7/1982 in Jefferson County

DEREK EDWARD BLOYD, m, born 3/22/1983 in Tarrant County

ANDREA NICHOLE BLOYD, f., born 3/18/1984 in Tarrant County

JOSHUA THOMAS BLOYD, m, born 7/11/1984 in Tarrant County

DESIREE NICHOLE BLOYD, f, born 10/6/1985 in Bowie County

LYDIA KATE BLOYD, f, born 12/1/1986 in Bowie County

EMILY TERESA BLOYD, f, born 10/15/1987 in Tarrant County

JESSICA ELIZABETH BLOYD, f, born 11/27/1989 in Jefferson County

MATTHEW LANE BLOYD, m, born 6/10/1990 in Bowie County

ABIGAIL VIRGINIA BLOYD, f, born 2/18/1882 in Harris CountyBLOYD

ALEX R L BLOYD, m, born 7/31/1993 in Bowie County

LINDSEY MARIE BLOYD, f, born 11/17/1994 in Bowie County

MARCY BROOK BLOYD, f, born 6/6/1996 in Bowie

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