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From: "Teresa (Terry) Davis" <>
Subject: Re: [BOARD-L] Asst NC
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 1998 11:51:09 -0500

I have no problem with Tim being named Asst. NC either. Bridgett, both of
us on studying those by-laws again!


At 08:12 PM 9/2/98 , you wrote:
>Kay has a point about the bylaws and what they state. I was
>wondering the same thing when Nancy suggested Tim. I like Tim,
>and wouldn't see a problem in bringing him on board, but guess we
>would need to get something set in "stone" so to speak.
>I would like to suggest that the wording be changed regarding the
>boards make-up concerning the NC and, if incapacitated, the
>replacement thereof. I would like to see that the person obtaining the
>2nd highest vote for NC be named Asst. NC (also w/o a vote on the
>Guess, I had better re-read the bylaws once more (Ha, should have
>them memorized -- but old age is setting in <G>) to find out how to
>get them amended.
>On 2 Sep 98, at 17:43, Kay Mason wrote:
>> I have no problem with Tim, he would be a great asset to the Board.. ..
>> but the Bylaws don't provide for an Asst. NC..
>> The only thing that they say is that IF something happens to the
>> NC, the Board may elect one of themselves to serve until an
>> election is held.
>> We can, however start to process to make an amendment to the
>> Bylaws to be voted upon during next year's election. And we could
>> ask Tim to be a non-voting member this year.
>> Kay
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