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From: Nancy Trice <>
Subject: Re: [BOARD-L] [Fwd: FW: USGenWeb Archives - KS]
Date: Thu, 03 Sep 1998 14:59:22 -0500

Let me know if Linda agrees to come back on the list so I can sub her.

At 02:42 PM 9/3/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I have fwd this to Linda and would definately like for her to be in on this
>discussion since this letter addresses some issues that involve her.
>She could better give details than me fwding them to you.
>At 02:08 PM 9/3/1998 -0700, you wrote:
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>>I really didn't want to dump this on the Board while we're so busy, but
>>I got this yesterday so I'm forwarding it now.
>>We are going to have to resolve this issue soon. It's going to require
>>Jan to do a lot of mediating & maybe we will need Linda to temporarily
>>come back on in order to answer questions. I would also request that we
>>ask Karen to take a potty break <g> while we discuss this since it
>>directly concerns Rootsweb.
>>Tell me when you are ready to discuss it because I have several points
>>to bring up and I need to forward the supporting emails I have
>>recieved. Then I have a resolution proposal that seems to have the
>>support of the KS CC's.
>>Maureen Reed
>>Michael T. & Maureen K. Reed Olathe, KS
>>"Do as I say, not as I do" is a hypocrite.
>>"Do as I say, not as I did" is a teacher. - Dr. Laura Schlessinger
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>>From: "Kenneth G. Thomas" <>
>>To: "Maureen Reed" <>
>>Subject: FW: USGenWeb Archives - KS
>>Date: Wed, 2 Sep 1998 02:07:12 -0500
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>>As my CC Rep, I'm sending this to you as an unresolved complaint of the
>>'powers that be' in the USGenWeb Archives.
>>As I explained to Linda Lewis, I haven't gotten that much stuff submitted
>>during the time period that I had the duty of monitoring and uploading data
>>for the Kansas TOC in the USGenWeb Archives.
>>I had heard the concerns voiced by many concerning Rootsweb and the tactics
>>going on to acquire data, along with other things I had heard, I took a
>>course of action that when a file was submitted to me, I personally
>>responded to the person asking where they would like me to post their file,
>>the KSGenWeb Archives or the USGenWeb Archives, or both places. Most
>>everybody wanted them in both places, although there were a couple of
>>holdouts for the KSGenWeb archives. I will always honor a request by a
>>One contributor had sent many files in Word 97 format with pictures imbedded
>>in them, as you know this takes time to reformat to get them to display
>>Over the past three month timeframe, I had at least three instances were the
>>password had been changed on a whim. I would get a message from Linda
>>asking if I need help or just asking if I got her message, these messages
>>repeated for two - three days, then magically the password would be changed.
>>With Outlook 98 I can preview my messages without opening them, so when I
>>see messages as trivial as these were, they are marked with a lower
>>priority, so I won't waste my time with them. Then go back and try to get
>>these files corrected for uploading and display. Then when everything was
>>right, go to FTP in an low and behold the password has been changed yet
>>In the June 17 episode, the Kansas TOC Index page was changed...all links
>>had been erased, and she (Linda) had added her name.
>>I checked the links after repairing the index page and all seemed okay,
>>After returning from two weeks vacation, I receive a message from a
>>contributor about where there files had went, these files had been there
>>since before I assumed the duty. I checked, and approximately 70% of the
>>links on the county pages had disappeared.
>>I then spent the next 2 1/2 weeks correcting this mess, and resizing the
>>pages to enable them to load quicker.
>>Then on the afternoon of the 26th of August I receive the attached message,
>>informing me that I haven't been doing enough submissions and was being
>>replaced. She cites numerous complaints, I'm certain that with my name and
>>address on these pages and the fact that they would have submitted them to
>>me in the first place they would have contacted me instead of tracking her
>>e-mail address down through all these USGenWeb pages.
>>Since being replaced the two new people have posted quite abit in one county
>>in particular, files they claimed that I never posted...these files where
>>never sent to me.
>>It is real difficult to accomplish this job when you're having to put up
>>with the 'childish games' that some insist on playing.
>>I would truly like to reassume the duty of this Kansas TOC, although without
>>the hindrances that I endured before. I would continue to ask the
>>contributors where they would prefer their data posted and honor their
>>request as before.
>>I also would like to add my voice to those that would like to see the
>>USGenWeb archives allow links back to the state/county sites where lots of
>>data yet remains.
>>Kenneth Thomas
>>Warrensburg, MO
>>Missouri, South Dakota, Iowa, Texas, Indiana and West Virginia.
>>Native Kansan,... and Proud of it!!
>>Neosho Co., KSGenWeb Coordinator,
>>Pawnee Co., KSGenWeb Coordinator,
>>KSGenWeb Archives/Library Coordinator,
>>OKGenWeb Page Evaluation Support Team,
>>Kansas Gunfighters,
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>>From: Linda Russell Lewis [mailto:]
>>Sent: Wednesday, August 26, 1998 15:18
>>To: ;
>>Cc: ; ;
>>Subject: USGenWeb Archives - KS
>>Hi Kenny,
>>We've noticed that hardly any files have been uploaded to the KS
>>directory of the USGenWeb Archives in the last several months.
>>/ks/ Archives Total
>>Feb - 4168 528 megs
>>Mar - 4216 588 megs
>>May - 4680
>>June - 4658
>>July - 5199
>>Present - 5265 841 megs
>>Several file submitters have told me that files they have sent to you
>>have not been uploaded to the Archives.
>>I know you are busy with the KS Archives at Blue Skyways, and probably
>>have your hands full there. So, it's probably best all around if someone
>>else handles the KS files for the USGenWeb Archives.
>>Thanks so much for stepping in when Maureen resigned. I really
>>appreciate whatever time you spent on the KS directory of the USGenWeb
>>We will now have two volunteers, Terasa Hodges and Kay Mason. Both of
>>them research in KS and are very familiar with the state. They will
>>create new pages as tocs.
>>Thanks again,

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